(British) Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications (Class 40, Electric Telegraphs and Telephones: Period--A.D. 1889-92.) , 1898, page 139:


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A.D.  1892

23,023.  Felberman, L., [Administrator of Puskas, T.]. Dec. 14.

    Telephone systems.--Relates to a system of transmitting from one transmitter to a number of receivers simultaneously. A transmitter T is arranged in circuit with a battery B and the primary c of an induction coil V, the secondary c1 of which is in circuit with the primary coils p of a number of induction coils H1, H2, &c. The secondary coils s of these induction coils are connected to the receivers. The transmitter may be in circuit with a number of induction coils, or the series of induction coils may be variously grouped. In one arrangement, several receiver lines are connected to one secondary coil.
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