Electrical Review, November 22, 1899, page 336:

Telephone News .....and Comment

A  Wireless  Telegraphy  Newspaper.

    Mr. Marconi, who was a passenger on the steamship St. Paul, which reached Southampton on November 15, installed aboard the ship a set of his wireless telegraphy apparatus with which he communicated to the signal station at The Needles when the vessel was forty-five miles away, as follows: "All aboard well; everything satisfactory." Mr. Marconi asked the signal station at The Needles for the latest Transvaal war news when the St. Paul was sixty six miles away. As the voyage neared its end, Mr. Marconi published a paper on the St. Paul which he called the Transatlantic Times. It contained all the news he received from The Needles in response to his wireless telegraph inquiries. The news included a summary of the South African situation and a story regarding the loss of the U. S. S. Charleston off the coast of Luzon. The paper was sold for $1 a copy, and the money was donated to the Seamen's Fund. A passenger, when the steamer was forty miles from shore, sent a wireless telegram arranging for a supper party in London on his arrival. Other passengers also availed themselves of this method of communication. On the arrival of the St. Paul at Southampton, six of Mr. Marconi's assistants took another ship and sailed for Cape Town, where they will start for the scene of the war to operate wireless telegraph instruments already on the ground. It is reported that the new British battle ship Canopus will be fitted out with wireless telegraph apparatus.
November 15, 1899 issue of the S.S. Saint Paul The Transatlantic Times, (reprinted in Radio Pioneers 1945, page 25):
November 15, 1899 issue of the S.S. Saint Paul 'The Transatlantic Times'