The Cosmopolitan, May, 1902, page 120:
Wireless  Telegraphy  from
an  Automobile.
Mr. Marconi, as a guest of the Automobile Club of America at its annual banquet in the Waldorf-Astoria on March 7th, told a story that interested his hearers. "I have," he said, "a heavy steam motor-car selected for the purpose of experimenting with the possibilities of wireless telegraphy in military manoeuvers. The car was fitted with my apparatus at Thorneycrofts in England, and I found that while touring the country I could talk with my base at a distance of thirty miles. This was the limit I found possible, and I believe the auto-car, equipped with wireless apparatus, will be of practical military service. The system is a handy thing for automobiles in general. I had a breakdown in England and was able to send a wireless message to my base asking that dinner he kept hot. On another trip I thought two English policemen were after me and I was able to notify friends to be ready to bail me out if the bobbies should catch up with me."