Michigan State Gazette, March, 1906, page 2:


Speeches,  Music  and  Drama  Successfully  Transmitted  Across  the  State.

    For several months considerable experimenting has been done with the idea of perfecting or at least improving that class of telephone service which Parisians have christened the "Theatrophone" but which is known in Michigan as the "Televent." While the results secured to date have been very gratifying, the service is still far from what it will be made in the near future.
    For the past month, Church services and Vaudeville performances have been successfully transmitted to Grand Rapids, but by far the greatest feat was performed on the evening of February 19th, when Mr. Taft, the Secretary of War and Congressman Adam Bede addressed the Detroit Board of Commerce in the Banquet Hall of the Cadillac Hotel. Transmitters had been mounted in favorable locations near the speaker's table and a special loop was run to the editorial rooms of the Grand Rapids Herald. As soon as the speech making commenced, the service was connected with a through Grand Rapids toll circuit and reporters and stenographers, sitting at their desks in the Herald offices, transcribed Mr. Taft's speech ad verbatim and made a complete report of the affair, without augmenting the article in any way by the use of press reports. So clear was the transmission that it is questionable whether the gentlemen in Grand Rapids did not hear the words of the speakers even better than of those who attended the banquet but were unable to get close to the speaker's table.