In the fall of 1906, the S. S. Hamburg, one of the large passenger ships of the Hamburg-American Line, carried over 1,500 passengers and crew from the Mediterranean to New York. (Also along were a live horse and camel in the ship's gymnasium). The Hamburg had recently been equipped with a Marconi Wireless radio transmitter, leased from that company and staffed by Marconi operators. This meant that, while steaming across the Atlantic, the ship now had extensive communication with the outside world, to a degree undreamed of just a few years earlier.

During this trip, the Hamburg crew published eight editions of "The Atlantic Daily News", an eight-page daily newspaper. Each issue carried two or three pages of advertising, plus a few pages of humor and light reading. But the most recent addition, again due to radio, appeared on each front page -- up-to-date news summaries, which had been broadcast overnight (in telegraphic code) by a powerful Marconi land station. (The news for the first six issues came from the Marconi station at Poldhu, England, while the last two came from the Marconi station located at South Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, as the ship approached the U.S. coast.) In addition, as reported in the paper, you could now send messages to passengers on other radio-equipped ships passing nearby, and also to nearby shore stations, in order to give persons a day or two advance notice of your pending arrival.

In 1906, the marvelous innovation of radio communication was still generally restricted to the largest passenger vessels. Most other ships were still cut off from the outside world as soon as land disappeared over the horizon. Thus, the October 31st edition reported the deaths of more than 800 Japanese on fishing vessels, caught unawares by the approach of a typhoon. But in the coming years, the adoption of radio by nearly all ocean vessels would make tragedies like these much rarer, saving thousands of lives.

Scattered throughout these issues are references to various ship and land radio stations. The
August 1, 1907 edition of "Wireless Telegraph Stations of the World" lists most of the radio stations in operation at the time the Hamburg made its transatlantic trip.

Below are the front pages from each of the eight issues printed aboard the Hamburg from October 29, 1906 to November 7, 1906, as it made its way westward across the Atlantic Ocean:

Atlantic  Daily  News

Daily Newspaper containing the latest Marconimessages from the shore, reports of occurrences on board, feuilletons etc.
Hamburg=Amerika  Linie.
Issued everyday and distributed among the passengers of the Hamburg - American Line, free of charge.

=== For  terms  of  advertisements  apply  to  Hamburg=American  Line,   Dept.  "Atlantic  Daily  News",  Hamburg. ===

 S. S.  "Hamburg"No.  1Monday,  October,  29th  1906 
    The passengers of the 1st and 2nd class are requested not to throw money or eatables to the steerage passengers, thereby creating disturbance and annoyance.
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Poldhu.

Russian  Terrorists.
    ST. PETERSBURG, Oct., 28th.  The capital was yesterday the scene of a daring robbery perpetrated in the heart of the city. -- A Government van conveying the receipts of the Customs, accompanied by a strong escort was held up by Terrorists two bombs being hurled at the vehicle.
    A terrific explosion ensued but without many fatalities many of the escort and bystanders being wounded. One of the bomb-throwers was killed.
    The robbers were successful in securing booty to the extent of $ 193.000.
Additions  Russian  Navy.
    CRONSTADT, Oct., 28th.  It is authoritatively stated, that the Russian Government has decided on the construction of two powerful ironclads presumably to be of a type similar to the "Dreadnought". They are to be over 20.000 tons each powerfully armed.
Marlborough  Separation

    LONDON, Oct., 28th.  It is stated in high social circles of the Metropolis that the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough have signed a deed of separation on the ground of incompatibility. The Duchess will retain the charge of the children until they are of the age for schooling.
New  San  Francisco.

    LONDON, Oct., 28th.  The Mayor of San Francisco in an interview yesterday declared that the new city when completed will be the finest in the world. -- Skyscrapers will not be permitted to be erected. He considered that the earthquake served a good purpose as old San Francisco was constructed on insufficient foundations and it has been the means of obliterating sections, which were intolerable in a modern city.
Moroccan  Trouble.

    MADRID, Oct. 28th.  The situation of affairs are again assuming a threatening aspect.
    French and Spanish warships have been despatched to Moroccan waters.
    If found necessary forces will be landed.
Emperor  William  applauds  Roosevelt.
    BERLIN, Oct. 28th.  The Kaiser yesterday attended a lecture delivered by Professor Burgess of Columbia University.
    At the conclusion of the lecture His Majesty called for three cheers for President Roosevelt saying in the course of his speech that the President was the incarnation of all the good qualities of his people.
Local  News.

    Yesterday and the last 24 hours the "Hamburg" was in communication with the Italian land-station at Capo Sperone-Sardinia. Also with the White Star steamer "Republic" from New York.
    The Republic experienced very fine weather chiefly easterly winds.
    Today Communication is expected with Gibraltar early.
    Under favorable conditions the "Hamburg" will arrive at the Rock about noon.
Long  Distance  News.
    In order to prevent any misunderstanding Passengers are hereby informed, that these telegrams are received by direct wireless communication with England and not through the medium of passing ships.

 S. S.  "Hamburg" No.  2 Tuesday,  October,  30th  1906 
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Poldhu.

Koepenicker  Discovered.

    BERLIN, Oct. 29th.  A special telegram to the "Hamburg" informs us of the unravelling of the Koepenicker mystery.
    This clever personification of a German officer which so completely mystified the Mayor of Koepenick and the company of soldiers, who assisted in the robbery has finally been runned to earth.
    This smart impersonator has been identified as a clerk. -- The police found in his possession all the stolen money with the exception of 400 Marks already spent.
    He has not been up to the present subjected to the preliminary examinations owing to his indisposition. At present he is confined in gaol and as soon as convalescent further evidence of interest will be forthcoming.
Hottentot  Guerilla.

    BERLIN, Oct. 29th.  The following information has been received by the Colonial Office with regard to the situation of affairs in German West Africa.
Headquarters  Windhoek.

    A punitive force under the command of Captain Siebert was fiercely attacked on the 23rd inst by a strong band of Hottentots. After an engagement lasting one hour the enemy were driven off leaving on the field 4 dead and 10 wounded.
    During the afternoon the Hottentots again returned in force and assailed the German forces with vigor for three hours. They were finally driven of without loss to the German detachment.
American  Train  disaster.

    ATLANTIC CITY, Oct. 29th.  Yesterday a terrible accident occurred on the Electric Railroad connecting Atlantic City with the mainland.
     Two cars were immediately precipated into the water the occupants of which were mainly drowned.
    Up to the present 44 bodies have been recovered but it is quite possible that fifty more persons have lost their lives, their bodies still being under water entangled in the submerged wreckage.
    The loss of life would have been much in excess of that already stated had it not been that the third car hung suspended for some moments in mid air giving its passengers sufficent time to make their exit.
Russian  disorders  continue.
    ST. PETERSBURG, Oct., 29th.  Although it is stated that the Russian Government has secured the whip hand of the Revolutionary movement continual lawlessnesses are being repeated throughout the dominions of the Czar. At Sevastopol the Chief of the Secret Police has been assassinated.
    His murderer was caught redhanded and summarily executed.
Local  News.
    Yesterday the Hamburg was in communication with the land station at Gibraltar.
    Communication is expected on Wednesday with the Hamburg-American Line steamer "Moltke", which left New York on the 23rd inst.
    Passengers desirous of despatching telegrams by means of this installation should hand in their despatches early Wednesday.
    Rates to all parts of the world may be obtained on application.
Gentlemen9.30-11.00  a.m.
 3.00-4.00  p.m.
Ladies . .11.00-12.30  a.m.
 4.00-5.00  p.m.
    Good exercise may be obtained on the camel and horse. These animals are quite docile and free from all vicious habits.
    A qualified instructor is always in attendance.

 S. S.  "Hamburg"No.  3Wednesday,  October,  31th  1906 
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Poldhu.

Atlantic  City  disaster.
ATLANTIC CITY, Oct. 30th.  Further details are now to hand of this unfortunate occurrence.
    An electric tram consisting of three cars heavily laden with passengers dashed through an opening on the trestle bridge.
    The survivors of the disaster relate harrowing accounts of the last struggles of their fellow passengers.
    So sudden did the accident occur, that they were caught like rats in a trap and drowned immediately. Those who escaped owe their salvation to the breaking of the windows of the cars.
Recent  Japanese  Typhoon.

    TOKIO, Oct. 30th.  From estimates now gathered in from different parts of the island it is certain that over 800 Japanese fishermen lost their lives in the storm, which swept the coast of Japan.
San  Francisco  Schools.

    SAN FRANCISCO, Oct., 30th.  The subject of the exclusion of Japanese from the Public Educational schools has raised a considerable controversy.
    It is stated in the city, that they were never excluded but it has been deemed necessary up to the present to separate the Oriental from the White children.
Illness  Christian-Scientist  Leader.

    CHRISTIANIA, Oct. 30th.  lt is stated that the well-known Mrs. Eddy of Christian Scientist fame is lying seriously ill in this city.
    According to reports she is suffering from the insidious disease of cancer, and is being secretly visited by a cancer specialist.
Cuban  Affairs.

    HAVANA, Oct. 30th.  Investigations now completed by an American Official into the financial conditions of Cuba give evidence of an adverse balance amounting to 4,000,000 dollars.
    The estimates given show Liabilities $ 31,000,000 and Assets $ 27,000,000.
Marlborough  Separation.

    LONDON, Oct., 30th.  The Duke of Marlborough's solicitor denies the report of a separation deed signed by the Duke and Duchess, stating that there is no foundation for the rumor.
Red  Eagle  Decoration.
BERLIN, Oct. 30th.  Emperor William has conferred the Imperial German Order of the Red Eagle on the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Local  News.

    Lost a gold brooch in the shape of a peacock's feather. If found kindly hand to Chief Steward.
    Its fair owner will doubtless be "tickled to death" if recovered.
The  "Hamburg's"  Family.
1st Class. . . . . . . 50
2nd   ". . . . . . . 146
Steerage. . . . . . . . . 1107
Crew. . . . . . . . . . .  263
 Total   1566

    Some of the family felt strangely moved yesterday. Many at mealtimes were called away on urgent business or had forgotten something in their staterooms.

    The Baggage-room of the first and second class is open from 10-12 o'clock a. m. daily. Persons desirous of opening their baggage should apply to the Second Steward who is the Baggage Master.

 S. S.  "Hamburg"No.  4Thursday,  November,  1st  1906 
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Poldhu.

French  Submarine  disaster.

    BISERTA, Oct., 31st.  The French submarine boat "Lutin", which sunk to the bottom of the harbor whilst manoeuvring has at last been brought to the surface by the Danish salvage steamer.
    The official inquiry into the cause of the disaster is now proceeding.
Dutch  Indies  War.
    BARAPU, Oct., 30th.  The native Chief Puang(?) together with 900 of his followers has been captured in the island of Celebes. East Indies by the Dutch troops.
English  Education  Bill.
    LONDON, Oct., 31st.  The House of Lords yesterday started on a detailed discussion of the Government's Education Bill.
    The Upper House presented a crowded appearance. The largest attendance of Peers since the rejection of the Gladstonian Home Rule Bill.
    Exciting debates are expected.
Irish  Leader  attacks  Government.
    LONDON, Oct., 31st.  Mr. Redmond leader of the Irish Nationalist Party in the House of Commons bitterly attacked the Liberal Government. A heated discussion took place over the failure of the Government to reinstate evicted tenants.
    Mr. Bryce Chief Secretary for Ireland maintained that the Government had done its best to carry out the work.
Russian  Gold  Mines.
    MOSCOW, Oct. 31st.  A syndicate of British capitalists have acquired gold mines at Ekaterinsburg in the Ural Mountains.
More  Russian  Disorders.
    ST. PETERSBURG, Oct., 31st.  At a meeting of 4000 Russian students in this city a resolution was passed declaring that a peaceful solution of affairs was hopeless. They urged that all should make universal efforts to overthrow the present regime of despotism.
Rapine  Rampant.
    A band of thirty armed robbers attacked two mail coaches on the road leading to Kazan. They were successful in overpowering the
escort and afterwards decamped carrying with them booty to the extent of 23,000 roubles.
    At Odessa the situation has become threatening.
    Yesterday being the anniversary of the Manifesto of October 30th disorders were expected.
    The Government took elaborate precautions. The city presents a martial aspect, and the streets are swarming with troops.
Local  News.

After  the  Bazaar,

    Our  passenger's  quandary!
    Evidently through hurrying to secure a bargain on Monday night a male purchaser now bewails the fact that he does not know whether he has secured a table cloth or a bed cover.
The  Azores.

    To morrow during the early hours of the morning our ship will be speeding along the shores of San Miguel the largest of these Portuguese Islands.
    Those whose energies permit of their remaining up will doubtless be gratified by a beautiful view by moonlight.

 S. S.  "Hamburg"No.  5Friday,  November,  2nd  1906 
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Poldhu.

Women  Suffragists.

    BERLIN, Nov. 1st.  The German women suffragists of this city have started their campaign to obtain the suffrage. They have formed amongst themselves a committee to direct their projects.
Steamers  in  Collision.

    DOVER, Nov. 1st.  As the result of a collision during misty weather off the "Goodwins" the German steamship "Hermann" has been sunk.
    23 of the crew were drowned.
Fishing  Strike.

    HAMBURG, Nov. 1st.  The strike of the crews employed on the Hamburg fishing smacks has been now settled.
San  Franciscan  Schools.

    SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 1st.  The question of the exclusion of Japanese children from the public schools here has caused apparently no small amount of difficulty
between the American and Japanese Governments. Presumably on the representations of Tokio the U. S. Government has decided to despatch Metcalfe to San Francisco to inquire into the true state of affairs.
    This action on the part of American Government has caused the greatest satisfaction to be felt in Japan.
    The acute stage of the situation is now considered to be past.
Disastrous  Fire  at  Cologne.

    COLOGNE, Nov. 1st.  A serious fire broke out in this city.
    The commencement took place in a large automobile factory and assumed serious proportions. A large area was soon envelopped and destroyed before the fire brigades obtained control of the blazing buildings.
Art  Museum  Düsseldorf

    DÜSSELDORF, October, 31st.  Yesterday was witnessed the ceremony of inauguration the new building constructed for the purpose of displaying German art and industrial works.
Prince  Wilhelm's  Matriculation.

    BONN, Oct., 31st.  Yesterday the Kaiser's youngest son Prince August Wilhelm successfully took his Matriculation degree at the University here.
Local  News.

Seasick: "Say I've been feeling awfully blue."
Christian Scientist: "Ah you only imagine it."
Seasick: "I guess not. - I have inside information."
Third Party (Who occupied lower berth in stateroom): "Yes, and I had outside information."


    It is proposed to hold a Charity Concert on board in aid of the Widows and Orphans Fund.
    Those who are willing to assist in making this entertainment a success will kindly hand in their names to the Editor.

 S. S.  "Hamburg"No.  6Saturday,  November,  3rd  1906 
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Poldhu.

Phillippines  New  Government.

    WASHINGTON, Nov., 2nd.  In accordance with promises already made President Roosevelt has issued orders for the inauguration of a Local Government for the Phillippines.
    The Assembly, which will be opened early next spring will take over the legislative powers from The Phillippines Commission.
    This Commission consists of several American Officials and two Filipinos under the Presidency of the Governor, General James Smith.
    Much discussion is arising as to whether the Phillippine Islands are yet ripe for the introduction of such a form of Government. Much opposition is expected locally.
Hearst  Libels.

    NEW YORK, Nov. 2nd.  The city is now thoroughly engrossed in the forthcoming state elections.
    A great sensation has been caused by the statement that the total amount of damages for libels which have been entered in the lists against Mr. Hearst and his papers amount to the sum of 7,000,000 dollars.
Buffalo  Bill  Snowbound.

    ST. LOUIS, Nov., 2nd.  Much anxiety has been expressed for Buffalo Bill and his party who have been isolated in the Big Horne Mountains.
    A heavy blizzard raged throughout the state of Dakota, with the result that they were cut off from communication from the 26th to the 30th when fears were dispelled by message which announced the safety of the whole party.
Steel  Trust  Constructs  Model  City.

    PITTSBURG, Nov. 2nd.  It has been announced that the United States Steel Trust Corporation has under consideration the construction of a model city at Gary Indiana named after the present head of the Trust.
    The plans include the erection of a plant the estimated cost ol which will amount to 75,000,000 dollars.
Congo  Rubber  Exploitation.

    BRUSSELS, Nov., 2nd.  It is stated that an American Group of financiers who have been negotiating with King Leopold and the
Belgian Government have secured valuable concessions for exploiting in the Congo Free State extensive rubber plantations.
Local  News.


    The Concert previously announced will take place in the 1st class dining saloon on Monday next at 9 p. m. sharp.
    The Chair will be taken by The Right Reverend Bishop McFaul.

    A green veil. -- Can we not raise the veil and restore it to its owner. -- Or is someone green with envy???

    Sounds resembling squeals that issue from "Busted Bagpipes" when flattened by a steam roller were heard in the vicinity of No. 12 last night. This person need not hand in his name for the concert.

    Owing to a shortage of Bulletins there will be no publication of "The Daily News" on Sunday.

 S. S.  "Hamburg"No.  7Tuesday,  November,  6th  1906 
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Cape Cod.

Reported  Huge  Famine  China.

    SHANGHAI, Nov. 5th.  According to reports received from missionaries who have been recently visiting the central part of China over 10,000,000 Chinese are fairly starving on account of famine.
French  Budget  1907.

    PARIS, Nov., 5th.  Considerable excitement reigns throughout France over the announcement of the Minister for Finance, that the forthcoming budget for 1907 will show a deficit of 175,000,000 francs.
    Much astonishment is expressed throughout Europe at the large amount of deficit.
Roosevelt  returns  from  shooting.

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 5th.  President has returned to White House from Virginia where he has been game shooting.
    Amongst his bag was one wild turkey.
Illinois  Central  Railroad  Meeting.

    NEW YORK, Nov. 5th.  It has been authoritatively learned that Mr. Stuyvesant Fish will not accept the control of the election of the President for the Illinois Central Railroad. The Board of Directors meeting takes place on Wednesday next when it is confidently stated that Mr. Harriman's wishes will be carried out. It is understood in railroad and financial circles that Stuyvesand Fish will put up a vigorous contest for the property control at the meeting of stock holders next year. The general opinion is that Vice President Harnahan will in all probability be elected President of the Road.
Election  Weather  Forecasts.

    WASHINGTON, Nov., 5th.  The Weather Bureau here has issued the following forecasts.
    Generally fair weather will be experienced during the state election day throughout the Eastern half of the country, also in the Middle Western and South Western States.
    Rain is now falling in some parts of the Western States.
Thaw  Murder  Case.

    NEW YORK, Nov., 5th.  It is believed the trial of Harry K. Thaw for the murder of Stanford White,
may not take place until the 1st of January. -- Thaw who is now confined in the "Tombs" is desirous of beginning the trial as soon as possible.
New  York  Weather.

    NEW YORK, Nov. 5th.  Fair weather is being experienced with a moderate temperature. Forecast for Tuesday light to fresh. Northerly winds becoming variable.
Local  News.

Marconi  Station.

    Tomorrow communication is expected with the American shore station at Siasconsett, Mass. -- Passengers desirous of sending despatches should hand in their telegrams before noon tomorrow.

    Passengers desiring to purchase some memento of the "Hamburg" will find a large selection on board under the charge of the "Second Steward", also at the "Barber's Shop".

    Owing to inclement weather the Concert has been postponed until tomorrow night.

 S. S.  "Hamburg"No.  8Wednesday,  November,  7th  1906 
Wireless  News
received by Special Marconigrams direct from Cape Cod.

Heavy  Storms.

    HALIFAX, Nov., 6th.  During Sunday and Monday a severe gale has been blowing causing considerable damage and many wrecks on the coast of the maritime provinces. The Schooner "Torridon" of North Sydney coal laden has gone ashore on Meiniors Island and become a total loss. Four of the crew are missing.
Russian  Rapine.

    MOSCOW, Nov., 6th.  A band of masked robbers made a raid on the "Loukiinoff" Monastery during Sunday night. -- The monks offered resistance with the result, that the Abbot General and the Prior of the Monastery were killed.
    The marauders looted the building despoiling the chapel of its sacred objects and eventually made good their escape succeeding in carrying away with them a large sum of money.
Mexican  Fraud  Case.

    MEXICO CITY, November, 6th.  Mr. J. E. Starr Hunt has been acquitted of the charge of fraud brought against him in connection
with the settlement of the affairs of the International Bank and Trust Company.
    This Company failed in 1903.
    In connection with this case charges arose and were preferred against Ambassador Thompson.
United  States  Elections.

    NEW YORK, Nov. 7th.  Weather conditions throughout New York and other Eastern States have been perfect. In the extreme Western States stormy weather prevails.
    In New York State and the city the voting has been very heavy.
    Both Republicans and Democrats claim election by large majorities -- Vote large in most sections of the country -- Fortytwo States elect members to Congress and twentytwo elect Governors.
    The elections are proceeding very quietly throughout the country.
    President Roosevelt voted at Oyster Bay and afterwards returned to Washington.
Republican wins Hughes elected 30,000 Plurality.
New  York  Weather.

    NEW YORK, Nov., 6th.  Fair weather continues today forecast for Wednesday partly cloudy with fresh northerly winds.
Local  News.

Marconi  Station.

    Today the "Hamburg" has been in communication with the shore-station at Siasconsett Mass. and the Cunard Steamship "Caronia" outward bound from New York.
    Tomorrow communication is expected with Sagaponack, Long Island. Telegrams may be despatched to all parts. Ten words to New York $ 2,25, address and signature not counted.

    This entertainment will take place immediately after the finish of the Captain's Dinner.
Arrival  New  York.

    Under favorable conditions the ship is expected to arrive at the Company's pier at Hoboken about eight o'clock tomorrow evening.
-- AU REVOIR! --