Electrical Review and Western Electrician, December 10, 1910, page 1192:

Canvassing by Telephone.

    A paper bearing this title, which was presented at the recent meeting of the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies by T. J. Jones, describes a method of increasing revenue from existing customers of an electric light and power company and of obtaining new customers through the creation of first interest by the use of the telephone.
    A list of all prospective customers compiled from the telephone directory is made up and classified according to location and further divided into business and residence prospects. Regarding time of calling it is suggested that the evening between 8 and 9 is preferable, owing to the fact that the head of the house is generally in at that time and a sufficient length of time has elapsed after the evening meal. A special card on which the name and address of the prospect and the results of the call should be entered is recommended to the solicitor covering the territory in which the prospective customer is located.
    Approaching a man or woman by telephone should be done as tactfully as soliciting in person. The author of the method states that in the city where this method is used the following conversation has been permanently adopted:
    "This is Mr. _______, local representative of the _______ Company. We are making a canvass of your street, have recently added Mr. _______ to our lines, and desire to know whether you care to consider electric service similar to that of your neighbor."
    The results reported indicate that this method has been highly successful and plans are being made to "cover" a much larger number of prospective customers by telephone.