The Resources for Social Service of Newark, New Jersey, 1912 edition, page 222:
  5 cents a day  New  Jersey
Telephone  Herald  Company
The  Twentieth  Century  Newspaper
(No ink, no paper, no presses)

       The news talked to you over a private wire.
       No charge for the instruments, which will be installed in whatever room in your home you direct, and the service will cost only
Five  Cents  a  Day
       It is immaterial whether you have a telephone or not, as there is no connection between the systems.
       IT  OUGHT to be in YOUR  HOME for yourself and your children.
       IT  OUGHT to be in every PUBLIC  INSTITUTION.
       Charitable-minded people are continually doing something to alleviate the suffering of the afflicted. Institutions for the poor and unfortunate give little enjoyment to their inmates because the ways of providing pleasure for them are few. The NEW  JERSEY  TELEPHONE  HERALD  COMPANY  with its news and amusement service fulfils this purpose.
       HERE is an opportunity for SOME  ONE to be a practical philanthropist, and also a pioneer in a new charity. Provide an endowment fund to pay for our service for the inmates of some charitable institution. Those who would enjoy its benefits would be grateful to the generous donor, and he would have the satisfaction of having helped the sick and afflicted by adding a little pleasure to their existence.
5 cents a day       IF  YOU want to be one of the pioneers in this new field of charity, come to our office, and find out more about this unique service. We will be glad to explain it to you at any time. Our offices are in the Essex Building (second floor), Clinton Street, Newark, N. J.
Telephone, Market 5740.