This article's reference to "S. H. Wiscom" appears to actually have been S. H. Whisner.
Sacramento Bee, February 10, 1912, page 14:

Sit  at  Home,  Hear  Opera,  Plan  of  New  Company

    If the Central California Telephone Herald Company, for which articles of incorporation were filed yesterday in the office of the Secretary of State, gets into operation, Sacramento people will not have to attend concerts and musical comedies, recitals, or even the open-air band concerts in Summer in order to hear the music and singing.
    This company is organized, not for the purpose of transmitting messages from one individual to another, but serving all its subscribers at the same time. A telephone with this company would be connected with the Opera House, and the subscriber sitting at his fireside could enjoy the opera.
    All this and more, too, is promised by the corporation, which is a Sacramento concern, with C. J. Ward, F. W. Bresse and S. H. Wiscom as Directors and incorporators. The capital stock is $300,000, the principal place of business is Sacramento, and the paid-up capital is $200.