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    Errors or omissions should be reported to the Bureau of Steam Engineering, Navy Department, Washington, D. C.

Wireless Telegraph Stations of the World.
Shore Stations of the United States Navy.
Vessels of the United States Navy.
Stations of the United States Army.
Revenue Cutters.
Vessel of Department of Commerce and Labor.
Steamships, Tugs, Yachts, Etc.
Alphabetical List of Call Letters.


Name and location of station.Call
Range in
in kilo-
Wave length
in meters.
Character of station.

Eastport, Me.WQ400-1,0005800-1,500Commercial.
Cape Elizabeth, Me.NAB---41,000Government (Navy).
Fort Levitt, Me.FV---1---Government (Army).
Portsmouth, N. H. (navy yard).NAC---21,000Government (Navy).
Amesbury, Mass.HY---2---Experimental.
Cambridge, Mass. (Harvard University).------1---      Do.
Fort Andrews, Mass.FC---1---Government (Army).
Brant Rock, Mass.FBO---7½ and
Chatham, Mass.AU---5480Commercial.
Chelsea, Mass.MU---------Experimental.
Boston, Mass. (board of trade).FBN---5Variable.      Do.
Boston, Mass. (navy yard).NAD---51,000Government (Navy).
Cape Cod, Highland Light, Mass.NAE---51,000      Do.
Cape Cod, South Wellfleet, Mass.MSW---------Commercial.
Cape Cod, Mass.MCC---351,500      Do.
Siasconsett, Mass.MSC---2350      Do.
Quincy, Mass.BH400-1,0002550      Do.
Quincy, Mass. (Fore River Shipbuilding Co.)------------Private.
Nantucket Shoals Lightship.NLA---2400Government (Navy).
Newport, R. I. (torpedo station).NAF---51,000      Do.
Providence, R. I. (Narragansett Hotel).HG---------Commercial
Point Judith, R. I.PJ---2325      Do.
Wilsons Point, Conn.WN---3400      Do.
New London, Conn.WS---5480      Do.
Sea Gate, N. Y.MSE------350      Do.
Sagaponack, N. Y.MSK---2350      Do.
Fire Island, N. Y.NAG---71,000Government (Navy).
New York, N. Y. (42 Broadway).NY180-5002350-1,000Commercial.
New York, N. Y. (111 Broadway).TWT------425      Do.
New York, N. Y. (Hotel Plaza).P---------      Do.
New York, N. Y. (Wanamaker's).MHI---------Private.
New York, N. Y. (Herald ship-news
office, the Battery).
OHX---2640      Do.
New York, N. Y.FNK---23,000Experimental.
Brooklyn, N. Y. (navy yard).NAH---151,000Government (Navy).
Coney Island, N. Y.DF3002750Commercial.
Fort H. G. Wright, N. Y.FW---1---Government (Army).
Fort Totten, N. Y.FT---1---      Do.
Fort Wood, N. Y.FD---3---      Do.
Fort Hancock, N. J.FN---1---      Do.
Bayonne, N. J.WD150-300---600Commercial.
Atlantic City, N. J.AX300-6002700      Do.
Cape May, N. J.MCY---------      Do.
Camden, N. J.BS150-5002550      Do.
Philadelphia, Pa. (Wanamaker's).MHE---------Private.
Philadelphia, Pa. (Bellevue-Stratford).BS---2550Commercial.
Philadelphia, Pa. (navy yard).NAI---31,000Government (Navy).
Cape Henlopen, Del.NAJ---21,000      Do
Sparrows Point, Md.B3505750Commercial.
Annapolis, Md. (Naval Academy).NAK---21,000Government (Navy).
Washington, D. C. (navy yard).NAL---51,000      Do.
Washington, D. C.QK---2---Experimental.
Washington, D. C. (Mills Building).SC---3---Government (Army).
Washington, D. C. (Bureau of Standards).BS---2---      Do.
Arlington, Va.1NAV---100---Government (Navy).
Fort Monroe, Va.FO---1---Government (Army).
Fort Monroe, Va. (Coast Artillery School).1CAS---2---      Do.
Norfolk, Va.NF1502580Commercial.
Norfolk, Va. (navy yard).NAM---51,000Government (Navy).
Virginia Beach, Va.MSY---------Commercial.
Beaufort, N. C.NAN---51,000Government. (Navy).
Diamond Shoals Lightship.NLB---1400      Do.
Cape Hatteras, N. C.HA450-1,0005600Commercial.
Charleston, S. C. (navy yard).NAO---51,000Government (Navy).
Frying Pan Shoals Lightship.NLC---2400      Do.
Savannah, Ga.SV150-6002600Commercial.
Jacksonville, Fla.JX150-3002600Commercial.
St. Augustine, Fla.NAP---21,000Government (Navy).
Jupiter, Fla.NAQ---51,000      Do.
Palm Beach, Fla.MBS---------Commercial.
Fernandina, Fla.MSF---------      Do.
Knights Key, Fla.KY2002350      Do.
Key West, Fla. (naval station).NAR---25 and
1,000-2,000Government (Navy).
Tampa, Fla.PD500-1,5005600Commercial.
Pensacola, Fla. (navy station).NAS---51,000Government (Navy).
Mobile, Ala.MB---2400Commercial.
Fort Morgan, Ala.FM1002350      Do.
New Orleans, La. (Grunewald Hotel).HK300-5005500      Do.
New Orleans, La.HB7005 and
New Orleans, La. (naval station).NAT---51,000Government (Navy).
Burrwood, Southwest Pass, La.SW75250Private.
Grand Island, La.GW450-1,00021,000Commercial.
Port Arthur, Tex.RU2002450      Do.
      Do.MXI---------      Do.
Galveston, Tex.GV200-4002450      Do.
Fort Sam Houston, Tex.2SA---10---Government (Army).
1 Under construction.    2 Projected.
Fort Leavenworth, Kans.FL---3---      Do
Fort Riley, Kans.FZ---3---      Do.
Fort Omaha, Nebr.FS---3---      Do.
Buffalo, N. Y.BF752Variable.Commercial.
      Do.CB---15900      Do.
Erie, Pa.CI---5---      Do.
Ashtabula, Ohio.CO---5500      Do.
Cleveland, Ohio.CX1502Variable.      Do.
      Do.CN---101,000      Do.
Toledo, Ohio.CT---5---      Do.
Detroit, Mich.DR1502Variable.      Do.
Detroit, Mich. (Detroit Journal).CJL---5Variable.Commercial.
Detroit, Mich.CW---5750      Do.
Port Huron, Mich.CH---10850      Do.
Bay City, Mich.CY---5750      Do.
Saginaw, Mich.CAN---5500      Do.
Mackinac Island, Mich.HQ1002Variable.      Do.
Ludington, Mich.HX1502Variable.      Do.
Harbor Beach, Mich.BN---2Variable.      Do.
Isle Royal, Mich.RO---2Variable.      Do.
Grand Haven, Mich.GH1002Variable.      Do.
Benton Harbor, Mich.BH1002Variable.      Do.
Chicago, Ill. (Congress Hotel).GO150-2002Variable.      Do.
Chicago, Ill.CG---900      Do.
Milwaukee, Wis.CM---900      Do.
      Do.MK2005Variable.      Do.
Manitowoc, Wis.MW1502Variable.      Do.
Waupaca, Wis.PA---2---Private and commercial.
Scandinavia, Wis.SC---1---      Do.
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.CJ---151,000Commercial.
      Do.SH2505Variable.      Do.
Marquette, Mich.CQ---900      Do.
Frankfort, Mich.FK1502Variable.      Do.
Manistique, Mich.AS1502Variable.      Do.
Calumet, Mich.CM1502Variable.      Do.
Duluth, Minn.DM---5Variable.      Do.
      Do.CD---Variable.      Do.
Grand Marais, Minn.GM1502Variable.      Do.
Friday Harbor, Wash.PD---2---Commecial.
Seattle, Wash. (University Grounds).PA---21,500      Do.
Seattle, Wash.S2---5500      Do.
Seattle, Wash. (Seattle Gas
Engine Machinery Co.).
Roche Harbor, Wash. (Seattle Gas
Engine Machinery Co.).
RH---4---      Do.
Bremerton, Wash. (Puget
Sound Navy Yard).
NPC---51,000Government (Navy).
Tacoma, Wash.T2---2400Commercial.
Tatoosh Island, Wash.NPD---51,000Government (Navy).
North Head, Ilwaco, Wash.NPE---101,000      Do.
Fort Worden, Wash.FX---1---Government (Army).
Astoria, Oreg.PC2002425Commercial.
Marshfield, Oreg.PX---2---      Do.
Fort Stevens, Oreg.FJ---1---      Do.
Cape Blanco, Denmark, Oreg.NPF---51,000Government (Navy).
Eureka, Cal.PM---5425Commercial.
Table Bluff, Loleta, Cal.NPG---51,000Government (Navy).
Farallon Islands, Cal.NPI---51,000      Do.
San Francisco, Cal.PH---10600Commercial.
San Francisco, Cal. (Phelan Building).SF---5480      Do.
San Francisco, Cal. (The Presidio).PS---1---Government (Army).
Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco,
Cal. (Naval training station).
NPJ---2600Government. (Navy).
Mare Island, Cal. (navy yard).NPH---51,000      Do
San Luis Obispo, Cal.DN---2100Commercial.
Point Arguello, Surf, Cal.NPK---31,000Government (Navy).
San Pedro, Cal.PJ---5425Commercial.
Los Angeles, Cal. (Examiner).PJ---2425      Do.
Los Angeles, Cal.G2---2500      Do.
Avalon, Catalina Island, Cal.A2---1500      Do.
      Do.PI---2425      Do.
Point Loma, San Diego, Cal.NPL---51,000Government (Navy).
Pribilof Islands.NPQ---31,000      Do.
Unalaska.NPR---51,000      Do.
Unalga Island.1NPV---101,000      Do.
Kodiak.NPS---31,000      Do.
Cordova.NPA---101,000      Do.
Sitka.NPB---201,000      Do.
Circle City.FK---3---Government (Army).
Fort Egbert.FG---5---      Do.
Fairbanks.FB---5---      Do.
Fort Gibbon.FG---10---      Do.
Fort St. Michael.FM---3---      Do.
Kotlik.FE---1---      Do.
Nome.FD---10---      Do.
Nulato.FU---10---      Do.
Petersburg.FP---1---      Do.
Wrangell.FW---1---      Do.
Juneau.DU---2---      Do.
Karluk.HA---5---      Do.
Kogginung.HB---2---      Do.
Chignik.HC---2---      Do.
Nushagak.HF---2---      Do.
Clarks Point.HG---2---      Do.
Nak Nek.HT---5---      Do.
1 Projected.
Oran.TOF------600      Do.
Fort d'Eau.UFO380---600      Do.
Port Blair.---350---Variable.      Do.
Table Island.ROI275---300, 600      Do.
Antarctic, The Adelie Land.MAL---------Dr. Mawson's South Pole Expedition.
Ano Neuvo, New Years Island.WAN275------Government.
Buenos Aires. (Darsena Norte).WBA275---600-1,000Government.
Buenos Aires (Campo de Mayo).CM100---350      Do.
Buenos Aires (Naval School).---125------      Do.
Cabo San Pio.SP500------      Do.
Cabo Virgines, Straits of Magellan.WCV275------      Do.
Faro Mogotes.FM---------      Do.
Formosa.WFA275------      Do.
Isla Leonco.LO---------      Do.
Isla Pinguin.PI---------      Do.
Lightship Recalada at mouth of La Plata.RC100---350-450      Do.
Monte Entrance.MC275------      Do.
Puerto Militar, Bahia Blanca.WPM275------      Do.
Punta Delgada.PD275------      Do.
Rio Grande.RG275------      Do.
Rio Santiago.WRS275------      Do.
San Martin.SM---------      Do.
Usuaia, Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego.WUH275------      Do.
Cape York, North Queensland.1---350------      Do.
Fremantle, West Australia.1POF325-6502600      Do.
Goode Island, North Queensland.1---50------      Do.
Port Moresby, Papua.1---350------Government.
Sydney, N. S. W. (Hotel Australia).AAA325-6502600Commercial.
Sydney, N. S. W. (Pennant Hills).POP1,25030600Government.
Thursday Island, North Queensland.1---50------      Do.
1 Projected.
Aussig.---63---300      Do.
Carlobago.HC63---300      Do.
Cattaro (Castelneuvo).LRC1,000High power.Variable.      Do.
Fiume.HF375---300-2,000      Do.
Leopoldsau.---------Variable.Government (Army).
Lissa.---375---Variable.Government (P. & T. Admn.).
Lussin.LU65---350Government (Navy).
Musil.MU60---350Government (Navy).
Pola.LRP270---600      Do.
Sebenico.LRS270---300, 600      Do.
Teplitz.---125---Variable.      Do.
Vienna.---200---Variable.      Do.
      Do.---200---Variable.      Do.
Zengg.HZ300---300      Do.
Corro.COR65---300, 600Government.
Fayal.FAL135---300, 600      Do.
Flores.FLO135---300, 600      Do.
Santa Maria.STM65---300, 600      Do.
San Miguel (Ponta Delgado).SMG65---300, 600      Do.
Amaralina, Bahia.AML425---600, 100,
Babylonia, Rio de Janeiro.BYN100---300      Do.
Cruzeiro do Sol.---850------Government.
Florianopolis, Santa Cathatina (1).---450---600      Do.
Fernando de Narona.FNR200-500---600, 1,800Commercial.
Isla das Cobras.ICL1001.5300      Do.
Isla Grande.------------Commercial.
Luiz de Carcarers.---230------Government.
Monte Serrat.SRT400---375Commercial.
Olinda, Pernambuco.OLD275---600      Do.
Para.---400------      Do.
Porto Vello.------------      Do.
Ponta do Ismael.------------      Do.
Ponta Negra.PNA25½300      Do.
Raza Island.RZA100---300      Do.
Rijo.RJI---------      Do.
Rio Branco.ROC------600      Do.
Rio de Janeiro.ULB---5---Commercial.
Rio Grande (1).---800---600      Do.
Santa Cruz.------------Commercial.
San Thome (1).---------600      Do.
Senna Madureira.SMD800---600      Do.
Villegaigon.FVG25½300      Do.
1 Projected.
Demarara, Georgetown.DMA430---600Government.
Belize (1).UCF---------Commercial.
1 Projected.
Diamond Island.ROD275---300, 500, 600Government.
Port Blair.ROP275---400, 800      Do.
Rangoon.------------      Do.
Victoria Point.ROV275---300, 600, 700      Do.
Indian Harbor, Labrador.MNR---------Government.
Domino Island, Labrador.MDO150---220      Do.
American Tickle, Labrador.MAT---------      Do.
Venison Island, Labrador.MVI150---220      Do.
Battle Harbor, Labrador.MBH150---220      Do.
Chateau Bay, Labrador.MCB---------      Do.
Belle Isle, Newfoundland.MBI230---600      Do.
Point Rich, Nova Scotia.MCH230---600      Do.
Cape Ray, Newfoundland.MCR270---600, 1,600      Do.
Cape Race, Newfoundland.MCE350---600, 1,600      Do.
Harrington, Quebec.MWR135---300      Do.
Heath Point, Anticosti Island, Quebec.MHP230---600      Do.
Grindstone, Magdalen Islands, Quebec.MUD135---600      Do.
Fame Point, Quebec.MFP230---600      Do.
Clarke City, Seven Islands, Quebec.MCK230---600      Do.
Father Point, Quebec.MUA230---600      Do.
Grosse Isle, Quebec.MGI100---300      Do.
Quebec, Quebec.Q100---300      Do.
Three Rivers, Quebec.MUC135---600Commercial.
Montreal, Quebec.MTL190---600      Do.
North Sydney, Nova Scotia.MND135---300      Do.
Cape Breton, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.GB---------Government.
Pictou, Nova Scotia.MUB100---300      Do.
Camperdown, Halifax, Nova Scotia.MHX230---600Commercial.
Sable Island, Nova Scotia.MSD300---600Government.
Cape Sable, Nova Scotia.MSB230---600      Do.
St. John, Partridge Island, New Brunswick.MSJ230---600      Do.
Port Arthur, Ontario.MUG350---600      Do.
St. Thomas, Ontario.CST---5400Commercial.
Prince Rupert, B. C.PRD250---600Government.
Dead Tree Point, Charlotte Island, B. C.CAD225---600      Do.
Ikeda Head, Charlotte Island, B. C.DKD250---600      Do.
Triangle Island, Charlotte Island, B. C.TLD350---600      Do.
Cape Lazo, Vancouver, B. C.SKD175---600      Do.
Estevan, Vancouver, B. C.USD100---600      Do.
Point Grey, B. C.PGD100---600      Do.
Pachena, B. C.KPD250---600      Do.
Victoria, B. C.VSD200---600      Do.
Las Palmas.MPE---------      Do.
Teneriffe.MTE---------      Do.
Capetown.1CTN185---600      Do.
1 Projected.
St. Vincent.1------------      Do.
1 Projected.
Yap.KJA275------      Do.
Juan Fernandez.1------------Government.
Las Salinas.WLS10------      Do.
Punta Arenas.1------------      Do.
Telcahuano.WTA------600, 700,
Valparaiso (naval station).WEN25------      Do.
Valparaiso (Playa Ancha).WFT275---400, 700      Do.
1 Projected.
Canton.---65------Chinese Government.
Chu weu.---65------      Do.
Hoihow.---65------      Do.
Kongmoon.---65------      Do.
Peking (Italian embassy).PK------300Italian Government.
Shanghai.SNG---------Chinese Government.
Tai Lien Wan.---80---300Japanese Government.
Tientsin.TN------300Italian Government.
Tsingtau, Kiaotschou.KTS100---300German Government.
Cocos Islands.MKI---------Commercial.
Santa Marta.1UCJ---------Commercial.
1 Projected.
Boca del Colorado.CB200---400Commercial.
Port Limon.X4005700      Do.
Bayamo.------4---      Do.
Camaguey.C1,500101,600      Do.
Cape San Antonio.UJ7002 and 251,900Commercial.
Cape Criso.CO---2600Government.
Guantanamo.NAW---51,000United States Navy.
Havana (Morro Castle).M1,50021,600Government.
Havana (Vedado).HV200-4002450Commercial.
Nueva Gerona, Isle of Pines.P3002800Government.
Pinar del Rio.RS4005500      Do.
Santa Clara.DA60010600      Do.
Santiago de Cuba.SN1,000201,600      Do.
Blaavands Huk.BH30---200      Do.
Copenhagen.GRA215---300, 600      Do.
Drogden.DN15---300      Do.
Gjedser Havn.GJ25---250Government.
Gjedser Reef Lightship.N25---250      Do.
Graadyb Lightship.GD30---200      Do.
Horns Reef lightship.HR30---200      Do.
Wyl Reef Lightship.VL30---200Government.
Cheribon.CB125---600      Do.
Pare Pare.---70------      Do.
Radjave.---70------      Do.
Sabang, Sumatra.1SAB------300, 600      Do.
1 Projected.
Bonaire.BNR100---600      Do.
Williamstad, Curacao.CHC270---600      Do.
Isla de Puna.1---125------      Do.
1 Projected.
Gulf of Suez.1---------------
Island of Sheduan.---------------
Port Said.LPD---------Lloyds.
Port Tewfik.LPK---------      Do.
1 Projected.
Suva.SVA------300, 450, 600British Government.
Taveuni.TAV350---300, 450, 600      Do.
Boulogne.UBL300---300Public service.
Brest Arsenel.IBF---------Government.
Brest, Kerlaer.TQF375-1,100---600Public service.
Cape Griz-Nez.------------      Do.
Cape Hague.------------      Do.
Cherbourg.TCF375-1,100---600      Do.
Cros-de-Cagnes.UNI160---300      Do.
Dieppe.DP50---400      Do.
Dunkerque.TDF375-1,100---600      Do.
Lorient.TLF375-1,000---600      Do.
Ouessant.UOS375---600      Do.
Paris (Eiffel Tower).FL---------Government.
Porquerolles.UPQ100---300Public Service.
Port Vendres.IVF---------Government.
Rochefort.TRF375-1,100---600Public service.
St. Marie de la Mer.USM375---600      Do.
Toulon, Ecole.ITF---------Government.
Toulon, Mourillon.TNF---------      Do.
Arcona.KAC65---600Government (Navy).
Berlin.------------Government (post office).
Berlin (Tempelhofer Ufer).TU100---500-800Private, experimental.
Berlin.OW65---Variable.Government (Army).
Borkum.KBM95---300Government (post office).
Bremerhaven, Lloyd Hall.KBH160---300North German Lloyd.
Britz.BR65---350Private, experimental.
Brunsbuttelkoog.KBR100---300Government (canal department).
Bulk.KBK100---100Government (Navy).
Charlottenburg.CG100---Variable.Private, experimental.
Coblenz-on-Rhein.---65---Variable.Government (Army).
Cothen.---65---Variable.Technical High School.
Cuxhaven.KCX100---300Government (Navy).
Darmstadt.---------Variable.Technical High School.
Dresden.---------Variable.      Do.
Emden.---------100Government (post office).
Flensburg.---90---Variable.Government (Navy).
Frankfort-on-Oder.---90---Variable.Government (Army).
Helgoland.KHG100---600Government (Navy).
Karlsruhe, Baden.---65---Variable.Government (Army).
Kiel Werft.---65---Variable.Government (Navy).
Kiel (torpedo station).TVK90---Variable.      Do.
Lightship Adlergrund.FAG55---300Government.
Lightship Amrunbank.FAF25---600      Do.
Lightship Borkum Reef.FBR65---300      Do.
Lightship Eider.FIF35---600      Do.
Lightship Elbe I.FEF35---300      Do.
Lightship Ouder Jade.FAU55---300      Do.
Lightship Wesser.FWF35---300      Do.
Mannheim.------------Private, experimental.
Messul.---------Variable.Technical High School.
Nauen.NAU2,000---2,000Private, experimental.
Nonendamm.NO100---500-800      Do.
Norddeich.KND325---600Government (post-office).
Rixhoft.RRX125---350Government (Navy).
Schoneburg.---20------Government (post-office).
Strassburg.------------Government (Army).
Wilhelmshaven Werff.MW65---350Government (Navy).
Muansa.MU325---Variable.      Do.
Windmill Hill.SMP90---Variable.British Admiralty.
Aberdeen.QVB---------British Admiralty.
Alderney.QDH---------      Do.
Bolt Head.GBA85---600Post office.
Caister.GCS65---300Post office.
Cleethorpes.RJD---------British Admiralty.
Corkbeg.RJF---------      Do.
Culver Cliff.RQN---------British Admiralty.
Dover.RQW---------      Do.
Easington.1------------      Do.
Felixstowe.SCQ---------      Do.
Hartland Point.------------      Do.
Heysham.HBR130---400Midland Ry. Co.
Horsea.SPC---------British Admiralty.
Hull.------------      Do.
Ipswich.TBN---------British Admiralty.
Lightship Cross Sand.TA5---230Trinity House.
Lightship East Goodwin.TE10---230      Do.
Lightship South Goodwin.TS12---230      Do.
Lightship Gull.TG6---230      Do.
Lightship Tongue.TT6---230      Do.
Lightship Sunk.TK25---230      Do.
Liverpool (Seaforth).GLV65---300Post office.
Lizard, The.GLD65---300      Do.
London (Whitehall).QBM---------British Admiralty.
New Haven.RNH65---300Railway company.
Niton.GNI65---300Post office.
North Foreland.GNF------300      Do.
Parkeston Quay.PQL100---450, 600Railway company.
Pembroke.THD---------British Admiralty.
Porthcuno, Cornwall.PK90------      Do.
Portland Bill.TKQ---------British Admiralty.
Portland.TWQ---------      Do.
Port Patrick.TLK---------      Do.
Rame Head.TMP------340      Do.
Rosyth.TQM---------      Do.
Scilly Islands.TVP------300British Admiralty.
Sheerness.VFM---------      Do.
Shoeburyness.BY---------      Do.
Withernsea.MWS------Variable.Post office.
Butt of Lewis, Scotland.BTL110---Variable.Lloyds.
Flannon Isle, Scotland.FNL------Variable.      Do.
Fraserburgh, Scotland.MFH---------Commercial.
Dunnet Head, Scotland.---110------Lloyds.
Loch Boisdale, Scotland.LSG100---300Post office.
Machrihanish Bay, Scotland.FLK---High power.---Experimental.
Peterhead, Scotland.---------Variable.Lloyds.
Tobermory Island, Scotland.THM100---300Post office.
Tory Island, Scotland.---110------Lloyds.
Wick Bay, Scotland.------------Government.
Clifden, Ireland.CDN---High power.4,500Commercial.
Crookhaven, Ireland.GCK215------Post office.
Fastnet, Ireland.FNT------100Lloyds.
Inistrahull, Ireland.IH---------      Do.
Malin Head, Ireland.GMH65---300Post-office.
Rosslare, Ireland.GRL65---300      Do.
1 Projected.
Porto Barrios.UQC---------Commercial.
Honolulu.NPM---2450United States Navy.
Kawaikae, Hawaii.KA---2300Commercial.
Kuanakakai, Molokai.AM---½300      Do.
Lahaina, Maui.LH---1300      Do.
Nawiliwili, Kauai.NW---½300      Do.
Swan Island.US50010750      Do.
Cape d'Aguilar (Island East).HK---------British Admiralty.
Bombay.BYR300---300, 600      Do.
Calcutta.ROC325---300, 600      Do.
Mergui.ROG275---670      Do.
Sandheads.ROS160---300, 600      Do.
Brave.MBW160---700-750      Do.
Giumbo.MGO160---700-750      Do.
Itala.MIT160---300      Do.
Lugh.MLU160---300      Do.
Merka.MEK160---300      Do.
Mogadiscio.MGD160---300      Do.
Asinara, Sardinia.MAS------Variable.Government.
Bari.MSC160---300      Do.
Cagliari.MPO160---1,200      Do.
Cape Mele, Liguria.MCM160---75, 300      Do.
Capo Sperone, Sardinia.MPN160---75, 300      Do.
Coltano.---------1,200      Do.
Cozzo, Spadaro, Cape Passaro, Sicily.MCZ160---75, 300      Do.
Fort Spuria, Messina.MFS160---75, 300      Do.
Isola Chiesa, Maddalena.MBV325---75, 300Sicilian railways.
Messina.M25---50Sicilian Railways.
Monte Capuccini, Ancona.MMP160---75, 300Government.
Monte Mario, Rome.MRM------Variable.      Do.
Monte San Guilano.MMP160---75, 300      Do.
Naples.MNS245---75, 1,200      Do.
Palmeria, Spezia.MPM245---700, 1,200      Do.
Palmero.MPP245---700, 1,200      Do.
Ponza Island.MPS160---75, 300      Do.
Reggio.R25---50Sicilian Railways.
San Giovanni.V50---50Government.
San Guiliano di Trapani.MMS160---75, 300      Do.
Santa Maria di Leuca.MSL160---75, 300      Do.
Taranto.MTO275---1,100, 1,500      Do.
Terre Piloti di Malamocco.MTP---------      Do.
Venice (arsenal).MZV160---75, 300      Do.
Viesti, Mount Gargano.MVT160---75, 300      Do.
Choshi, Simosa.JCS650-1,000---300Government.
Fukuyama, Toshima.1---250---300      Do.
Fukuye Island, Goto.1---250---300      Do.
Hachijo Island.1---250---300      Do.
Kawashirimisaki, Negato.1---250---300      Do.
Kinkazan, Rikuzen.1---250---300      Do.
Murotozaki, Awa.1---250---300      Do.
Oshima, Kii.1---250---300      Do.
Ose Saki, Goto Islands.JOS650-1,100---300      Do.
Otchishi.JOI650-1,100---300      Do.
Saruyamazaki, Noto.1---250---300      Do.
Satanomisaki, Osumi.1---250---300      Do.
Shiomizaki, Kii.JSM650-1,100---300      Do.
Shiriyazaki, Mutsu.1---250---300      Do.
Tsunoshima.JTS650-1,100---300      Do.
1 Projected.
Mokpo.------------      Do.
Port Hamilton.------------      Do.
Thaian.1---250---300      Do.
1 Projected.
West of La Valetta.TBS---------British Admiralty.
Guam.NPN---3300United States Navy.
Bacochibampo.HR80---480Public service.
Campeche.---500------Government (Army).
Cerritos de Sinaloa.XEY180---600, 1600Public service.
Coposal.---500------      Do.
Islas Tres Marias.---500------      Do.
Payo Obispo.PG40------      Do.
Santa Jose del Cabo.XSJ180---600, 1600Public service.
Santa Rosalia de la Baja.XRH80---480Government.
Veracruz.---500------Public service.
Ceuta.------------      Do.
Le Crois.DL---------      Do.
Melilla.MEL125---Variable.      Do.
Mogador.TYP100---600      Do.
Rabat.------------      Do.
Tangier.TWP---------      Do.
Inhaca, Delagoa Bay.1---------------
Rubea Point, Delagoa Bay.1---------------
1 Projected.
Durban.DBN250---300, 600Post-office.
Amsterdam (navy yard).ASD---------Government.
Haaks Lightship.HKS65---400      Do.
Helder.HDR---------      Do.
Hoek van Holland.HOK50---300, 450, 600      Do.
Maas Lightship.LMS15---400      Do.
Scheveningen.SCH325---800Public Service.
Awanui, Doubtless Bay.1---1,250301,600Government.
Bluff.1---1,250301,600      Do.
Christchurch.1---325-6502600      Do.
Gisborne.1---325-6502600      Do.
Macquarie Island.MQI325-6502400Dr. Mawson's South Pole Expedition.
Wellington.1WN325-6502600      Do.
      Do.1NZW250---100      Do.
1 Projected.
Rama.UE---2500      Do.
Flekkero.FLK225---600Public Service.
Rost.RST30---600Public service.
Tjomo.TMO225---600      Do.
Varo.------------      Do.
Boca del Toro.B2502500Commercial.
Colon.RMF150-3002400      Do.
      Do.NAX---251,400United States Navy.
Porto Bello.NAY---5600      Do.
Jask.JKR275---300, 600Public service.
Lima.------------      Do.
Masisea.---135------      Do.
Orellana.---125------      Do.
Requena.---125------      Do.
San Ramon.1------------      Do.
1 Projected.
Cavite.NPO---21,000United States Navy.
Corregidor Island.FH---10---United States Army.
Fort Drumm.PIB---1
---      Do.
Fort Frank.PIA---1
---      Do.
Fort William McKinley.PID---¾---      Do.
Fort Wint.PIC---1---      Do.
Jolo.FS---3425Insular government.
Malabang.FA---3425      Do.
Manila.PN---1---United States Army.
Olongapo.NPT---51,000United States Navy.
Zamboanga.FM---3425Insular government.
San Juan.NAU---51,000United States Navy.
Cascaes, near Lisbon.---40---540Government.
Constanza (tunnel).KST270---600      Do.
Galarasi.1---125------      Do.
Giurgi.1---125------      Do.
Sulina.1---125------      Do.
1 Projected.
Aschur-Ada.---700------      Do.
Baikalsee.------------      Do.
Baku.---1,000------      Do.
Bogekar.---------Variable.      Do.
Charbin.------------      Do.
Gango.---65---Variable.      Do.
Hapsal.---125---360      Do.
Helsingfors.BGF120---360      Do.
Kherson.---120------      Do.
Kronstadt (Fort Menschikoff).PPZ190---360      Do.
Kronstadt (Minenschule).---125---360      Do.
Lekhte.BLH65---300      Do.
Libau.BLW30---360      Do.
Marisham.------------      Do.
Nicolaiwsk.NKP245---300, 600      Do.
Nicolaistadt.BNCh65---300      Do.
Ochta.---65------      Do.
Otschakon.---125------      Do.
Parkalaudd.---65---300      Do.
Peterhof.---25---360      Do.
Preste.BPS120---360      Do.
Reval.BRW125---360      Do.
Sevastopol.BSP120---360      Do.
St. Petersburg (navy general staff).BTP------1,200      Do.
St. Petersburg (army station).---65------      Do.
St. Petersburg (military school).---125------      Do.
St. Petersburg (Luft-Schifferpark).------------      Do.
Vindau.---120---360      Do.
Wiborg.WB------1,200      Do.
Zarskoje-Sele.---85------      Do.
Santo Domingo City.SD---20Variable.      Do.
Cape Manuel.---------------
Cape Verde.---------------
Dakar.DRA160---300Public Service.
Rufisque.RFA500---600, 1,200      Do.
1 Projected.
Petropavlovsk.PRK250---300, 600      Do.
Vladivostok.BWT------360      Do.
      Do.MW------1,200      Do.
Baleric Islands.MBK---------      Do.
Barcelona.MBY---------      Do.
Cadiz.MCP---------      Do.
Cape Finisterre.1------------      Do.
Cape Gata.MGP---------      Do.
Cape San Antonio Minorca.1------------      Do.
Chamartin.CH30---Variable.      Do.
Coruna.CO20---350      Do
Ferrol.FE20---350      Do.
Guadalajara.GU30---600Academy of Engineers.
Monorca Island.1------------Government.
San Antonio.1------------      Do.
Vilano.MVG---------      Do.
1 Projected.
Farosund Gotland.---------350Government.
Goteborg.GSG------1600, 21000-
Karlskrona.GSK300---600      Do.
Stockholm.---125---350      Do.
Vacholm.---125---350      Do.
1 Receiving.            2 Sending.
Scheidegg-Stockli.---35---Variable.Government (Army).
South Coast.TOG85---600Government.
Phu-lion.---95------      Do.
High Post.HP---------Commercial.
North Post.NPG85---600Government.
Port of Spain.PS------600      Do.
Bizerta.TZF---------French Government.
Guslemish.---470---Variable.      Do.
Medina.1------------      Do
Patara.---500---780      Do.
Yambo.1------------      Do.
1 Projected.
Montevideo.MVD270---450, 600, 800Commercial.
Punta del Este.MMO540---600, 1,700      Do.
Coche.1------------      Do.
Cumana.1------------      Do.
Isla de Margarita.1------------      Do.
La Guaira.1------------      Do.
Puerto Cabello.1------------      Do.
1 Projected.
Zanzibar.ZAR85---600      Do.


Name of station.Call letters.Power in
in meters.
Cape Elizabeth, Me.NAB41,000
Portsmouth, N. H. (navy yard).NAC21,000
Boston, Mass. (navy yard).NAD51,000
Cape Cod, North Truro, Mass.NAE51,000
Nantucket Shoals lightship.NLA2400
Newport, R. I. (torpedo station).NAF51,000
Fire Island, N. Y.NAG71,000
Brooklyn, N. Y. (navy yard).NAH151,000
Philadelphia, Pa. (navy yard).NAI31,000
Cape Henlopen, Lewes, Del.NAJ21,000
Annapolis, Md. (Naval Academy).NAK21,000
Washington, D. C. (navy yard).NAL51,000
Arlington, Va.1NAV100---
Norfolk, Va. (navy yard).NAM51,000
Diamond Shoals lightship.NLB1400
Beaufort, N. C.NAN51,000
Charleston, S. C. (navy yard).NAO51,000
Frying Pan Shoals lightship.NLC2400
St. Augustine, Fla.NAP21,000
Jupiter, Fla.NAQ51,000
Key West, Fla. (naval station).NAR25 and 21,000-
Pensacola, Fla. (navy station).NAS51,000
New Orleans, La. (naval station).NAT51,000
San Juan, P. R. (naval station).NAU51,000
Guantanamo, Cuba (naval station).NAW351,000
Colon, Isthmian Canal Zone.NAX25 and 21,400
Porto Bello, Isthmian Canal Zone.NAY5600
Pribilof Islands, Alaska.NPQ31,000
Unalaska, Alaska.NPR51,000
Unalga Island, Alaska.1NPV101,000
Kodiak, Alaska.NPS31,000
Cordova, Alaska.NPA101,000
Sitka, Alaska.NPB51,000
Puget Sound, Wash. (navy yard).NPC51,000
Tatoosh Island, Wash.NPD51,000
North Head, Ilwaco, Wash.NPE101,000
Cape Blanco, Denmark, Oreg.NPF51,000
Table Bluff, Loleta, Cal.NPG51,000
Mare Island, Cal. (navy yard).NPH51,000
Farallon Islands, Cal.NPI51,000
Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco, Cal.NPJ2600
Point Arguello, Surf, Cal.NPK31,000
Point Loma, San Diego, Cal.NPL51,000
Honolulu, Hawaii. (naval station).NPM2450
Guam, Marianas. (naval station).NPN3300
Cavite, P. I. (naval station).NPO21,000
Olongapo, P. I. (naval station).2NPT51,000
1 Projected.            2 Under construction.


Call letters.Name of ship.Wave
length in
Power in
NBGAileen (Rhode Island Naval Militia).300---
NDIChicago (Massachusetts Naval Militia).6002
NELDe Long.------
NENDes Moines.6002
NERDon Juan de Austria (Michigan Naval Militia).6001
NESDorothea (Ohio Naval Militia).3001
NEUDubuque (Illinois Naval Militia).6001
NEVDu Pont.------
NFJEssex (Ohio Naval Militia).3001
NFQFish Hawk.------
NGEGeneral Alava.------
NGIGloucester (New York Naval Militia).3002
NGKGopher (Minnesota Naval Militia).3001
NGWHawk (New York Militia).3001
NHWIsla de Cuba (Maryland Naval Militia).3002
NHXIsla de Luzan.------
NJIMachias (Connecticut Naval Militia).6002
NJOMarblehead (California Naval Militia).600---
NMENew Hampshire.6005
NMFNew Jersey.6003
NMGNew Orleans.600
NMHNewport (New York nautical school ship).600---
NMKNew York.------
NMNNorth Carolina.6005
NMONorth Dakota.6005
NOBOzark (District of Columbia Naval Militia).3002
NOPPaul Jones.6001
NRCRanger (Massachusetts nautical school ship).600---
NRFReina Mercedes.------
NRIRhode Island.600
NSDSandoval (New York Naval Militia).3001
NSESan Francisco.600---
NSWSouth Carolina.6005
NSXSouth Dakota.6003
NTFSt. Louis.6003
NUNTonopah (New Jersey Naval Militia).3002
NWGWest Virginia.6002
NWNWolverine (Pennsylvania Naval Militia).3001
NXCYantic (Michigan Naval Militia).3001


Name of station.Call
Power in
Whether open to public service.
Fort Levett, Me.FV1Not open to public service.
Fort Andrews, Mass.FC1      Do.
Fort H. G. Wright, N. Y.FW1      Do.
Fort Totten, N. Y.FT¾      Do.
Fort Wood, N. Y.FD3      Do.
Fort Hancock, N. J.FN1      Do.
Washington, D. C. (Signal Corps Laboratory).SC3      Do.
Washington, D. C. (Bureau of Standards).BS2      Do.
Fort Monroe, Va.FO1      Do.
Fort Monroe, Va. (Coast Artillery School).1CAS2      Do.
Fort Sam Houston, Tex.2SA10      Do.
Fort Leavenworth, Kans.FL3      Do.
Fort Riley, Kans.FZ3      Do.
Fort Omaha, Nebr.FS3      Do.
Fort Worden, Wash.FX1      Do.
Fort Stevens, Oreg.FJ1      Do.
San Francisco, Cal. (Presidio).PS1      Do.
1 Under construction.    2 Projected.
Circle City.FK3Open to public service.
Fairbanks.FB5      Do.
Fort Egbert.FQ5      Do.
Fort Gibbon.FG10      Do.
Fort St. Michael.FM3      Do.
Kotlik.FE1      Do.
Nome.FD10      Do.
Nulato.FU10      Do.
Petersburg.FP1      Do.
Wrangell.FW1      Do.
Corregidor Island.FH10Not open to public service.
Fort Drumm.PIB1
Fort Frank.PIA1
Fort William McKinley.PID¾      Do.
Fort Wint.PIC1      Do.
Manila.PN1      Do.
Buford.ATB2Open to public service.
Cook.ATC2      Do.
Dix.ATD2      Do.
Kilpatrick.ATK2      Do.
Liscum.ATM2      Do.
Logan.ATL3      Do.
Sheridan.ATS3      Do.
Sherman.ATR3      Do.
Sumner.ATH3      Do.
Thomas.ATU3      Do.
Warren.ATW2      Do.
Burnside.BS3Not open to public service.
Field.FA2      Do.
Joseph Henry.FR2      Do.
Not open to public service.
Capt. Rowell.RW1
Gen. A. M. Randol.OR1
Gen. Harvey Brown.HB½      Do.
Gen. R. B. Ayers.FY1
James Fornance.ASF1
Reno.X½      Do.


Name of ship.Call letter.Power in
Wave length
in meters.


Name of station.Call
Power in
Kukui (lighthouse tender).LHA2


Name of ship.Name of owner.Range in
in kilo-
Wave length
in meters.
KDA. G. Lindsay.Pacific American Fish Co.5001350
OPA. W. Perry.Plant Line.2001300
MWAAaro.Wilson Line.320---300, 600
UFFAbangarez.United Fruit Co.4002500
ABDAberdeen.Canadian government.190---300
MHFAbdel Kader.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
A2Acapulca.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.---------
UJAAcre.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.3002440
DAHAdeline.Hugo Stinnes Line.300---300, 450, 600
XDAdirondack.Hudson River Day Line.---------
DADAdler.German steamer.250---300, 450, 600
DALAdmiral.German-East African Line.------300, 450, 600
UVAdmiral Dewey.American Mail S. S. Co.3002425
UWAdmiral Farragut.      do.3002425
ASAdmiral Sampson.Alaska S. S. Co.3002425
UGAdmiral Schley.American Mail S. S. Co.3002425
DTPAdmiral von Tarpitz.North German Lloyd.250---300
DAWAdolf Woermann.Woermann Line.600---300, 450, 600
MHCAdriatic.White Star Line.160---110, 300
MVAdvance.Panama R. R. Co.3001345
MIHAdventure.Harvey & Co.---------
MFUAeneas.Alfred Holt & Co.450---300, 600
MYCAfric.White Star Line.450---300, 600
MEVAfrica.Empreze National de Navacao.300---300, 450, 600
MFMAidan.Booth S. S. Co.---------
MZEAkabo.Elder Dempster Line.---------
YAKAki Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
XGAlabama.Baltimore Steam Packet Co.1501350
ABAlabama.Goodrich Transit Co.1001Variable.
UJYAlagoas.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501400
HDAlameda.Oceanic S. S. Co.3002350
AJAlamo.Mallory S. S. Co.3001414
XKAlaska.The Fisheries Co.100---300
DABAlbinginia.Hamburg-American Atlas Line.---------
DXWAlexander Woermann.Woermann Line.325---300, 450, 600
METAlfonse XIII.Transatlantica Espanola S. S. Co.2502300
RAGAlgerie.French steamer.270---300, 600
VGAlgonquin.Clyde S. S. Co.2001415
MULAlice.Austro-American Line.250---300
DAYAlleghani.Hamburg-American Atlas Line.215---300, 450, 600
Q5Alleghany.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
DAMAllemania.Hamburg-American Atlas Line.---------
MAAllianca.Panama R. R. Co.3002414
BWAlliance.North Pacific S. S. Co.1501425
UFNAlmirante.United Fruit Co.4002500
DAAAltai.Hamburg-American Atlas Line.---------
ZQAltamaha.Brunswick S. S. Co.3501400
MAVAlva.Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co.1001Variable.
MBZAmazon.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.170---300, 600
MDRAmbrose.Booth Line.250---300, 600
AMAmerica.Booth Transportation Co.1001Variable.
TACAmerica Maru.Oriental S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
DDRAmerika.Hamburg-American Line.80---300
AMHAmphitrate.Greek Royal Yacht.---------
PQAAmsterdam.Great Eastern Ry. Co.150---300, 450
MFWAnchises.Alfred Holt & Co.250---300, 600
MSAncon.Panama R. R. Co.3002400
MOAAncona.Societa di Navigazione Italia.4305300, 600
MIUAndorinha.Yeoward Bros.250---300, 600
A3Ann Arbor car ferry No. 3.Ann Arbor R. R. Co.1001Variable.
A4Ann Arbor car ferry No. 4.      do.1001Variable.
A5Ann Arbor car ferry No. 5.      do.1001Variable.
DAIAnnie.Hugo Stinnes Line.160---300, 450, 600
MDKAnselm.Booth Line.250---300, 600
WPAntilla.Ward Line.2001445
KAAntilles.Southern Pacific Co.2501410
MJLAntillian.Leyland Line.250---300, 600
MEZAntonio Lopez.Transatlantica Espanola S. S. Co.2702300
MAYAntony.Booth Line.85---110, 300
HARAntrim.Midland Ry. Co.130---300, 400
MGAAorangi.Union S. S. Co. of New Zealand.3002450
VAApache.Clyde S. S. Co.2001389
MMZArabia.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300
MFCArabic.White Star Line.160---110, 300
MBNAragon.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.170---300, 600
MBGAraguaya.      do.170---300, 600
VBArapahoe.Clyde S. S. Co.2001389
MWEArawa.Shaw Savill & Albion Co.250---300, 600
MUGArgentina.Austro-American Line.250---300
MVAArgentina.La Veloce Line.2705300, 600
UVArgyll.Union Oil Co. of California.3002250
HCArizona.Goodrich Transit Co.---------
XAArizona.The Fisheries Co.100---300
MQGArmadale Castle.Union Castle Line.135---300, 600
KYArundell.Crawford Transportation Co.1001Variable.
MFVAsconius.Alfred Holt & Co.250---300, 600
GMAscunsion.Standard Oil Co.3002400
RKBAshtabula.Pennsylvania & Ontario Transportation Co.1001Variable.
WTAsia.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.5001---
MKLAsian.Leyland Line.250---300, 600
MOOAssaye.Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
GSAstral.Standard Oil Co.2001260
MBBAsturias.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.170---300
MDUAtahualpa.Iquitos S. S. Co.450---300, 600
MATAtalanta (private yacht).George Gould.---2---
UFMAtenas.United Fruit Co.4002500
MBAAthenia.Donaldson Line.250---300, 600
MWNAthenic.White Star Line.250---300, 600
MTIAthinai.Hellenic Transatlantic Line.250---300
OKAAtlanta.Austro-American Line.325---300
MVLAtlantian.Leyland Line.250---300, 600
GNAtlas.Standard Oil Co.3002400
AMHAtmah (private yacht).Baron Edmond de Rothschild.55---300
RNAAtrato.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.300---600
MFTAugustine.Booth S. S. Co.250---300, 600
DABAugustus B. Wolvin.Acme S. S. Co.---------
MBOAvon.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.170---300, 600
YAWAwa Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1100---300
UJOAxopock.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.---------
UJDAymore.      do.---------
X2Aztec.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.---------
BACBacchante (private yacht).Henri Menier.160---300, 600
UJGBahai.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2502400
MKQBallarat.Peninsular & Oriental Line.------300, 600
MIZBalmeo.Pionillos Line.---------
MYZBalmes.Spanish steamer.270---300, 450, 600
MPWBalmoral Castle.Union Castle Line.160---300, 600
MBCBaltic.White Star Line.85---110, 300
DKSBarbarossa.North German Lloyd.160---300, 600
BRCBarcelo.Spansh steamer.200---300, 600
MKSBarcelona.Pinillos Line.270---300, 600
DBABarcelona.Hamburg-American Line.215---300, 450, 600
DDJBatavia.      do.160---300, 600
BBSBatavier II.Batavier Line.135---300, 500
BBTBatavier III.      do.135---300, 500
BBFBatavier IV.      do.135---300, 500
BBVBatavier V.      do.135---300, 500
UBOBayardo.Wilson Line.8002600
WDBear.San Franciso & Portland S. S. Co.3002400
WBBeaver.      do.3002400
MEYBeira.Empreza Nacional de Navagacao.160---300, 450, 600
RDBelfast.Eastern S. S. Co.2001360
MIEBeladventure.Harvey & Co.---------
MBQBen-my-Chree.Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.65---300
MKRBendigo.Peninsular & Oriental S. S. Co.250---300, 600
RNXBerbice.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.5002600
DBEBerengar.Roland Line.325---300, 450, 600
QHBerkshire.Merchant & Miners Line.2501400
DKBBerlin.North German Lloyd.215---110, 300, 600
BABermudian.Quebec S. S. Line.5502485
P9Bertha.Alaska Coast Co.3001250
DBDBerthold.German steamer.65---300, 600
UBMBerwindmoor.Havana Coal Co.2502300, 600
UBVBerwindvale.      do.2502300, 600
DBFBirkenfels.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
SBABirma.Russian East Asiatic S. S. Co.450---500
DDBBlucher.Hamburg-American Line.160---300
MELBohemian.Leyland Line.160---300, 600
MOBBologna.Societa di Navigazione Italia.160---300, 600
AABBombala.Howard Smith & Co.---------
MIBBonadventure.Harvey & Co.---------
MZBBornu.Bowing Line.250---300
BNBoston.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
MYTBoston.Dominion Atlantic Ry. and S. S. Co.---------
DBGBrandenburg.North German Lloyd.215---300, 450, 600
MVBBrasile.La Veloce Line.270---300, 600
UJKBrazil.Lloyd Brazilerio S. S. Co.2501400
AZBrazos.Mallory S. S. Co.3501562
EKBreakwater.Portland & Coos Bay S. S. Co.3001225
DBRBremen.North German Lloyd.105---300, 450, 600
DBUBreslau.      do.215---300, 450, 600
MGTBritish Sun.British Sun Co.100---300, 600
MQJBriton.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
BRBruce.Reid Newfoundland Line.250---300
PQBBrussels.Great Eastern Ry. Co.100---300
MBUBruxellesville.Cie Belce Maritime de Congo.160---300, 450, 600
MCTBuccaneer.India Rubber Gutta Percha Telegraph Works Co.100---300, 600
P7Buckman.Alaska Pacific S. S. Co.3001350
MJQBuenos Aires.Transatlantica Espanola.2502300
ULOBuffalo.Wilson Line.8002Variable.
DDGBulgaria.Hamburg-American Line.160---300, 600
DBWBulow.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
JBBunker Hill.Maine S. S. Co.2001500
DBMBurgomaster.German East African Line.---------
MZUBurutu.Elder Dempster Line.---------
TBYBuyo Maru.Oriental S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
UVXByron.Lamport & Holt Line.5002521
DCFC. F. Tietgen.Scandinavian-American Line.2152300, 450, 600
XCC. W. Morse.Hudson River Night Line.---------
BRFCabanal.Spanish steamer.200---300, 600
BVCabrillo.Wilmington Trans. Co.3001250
MCSCadiz.Pinillos Line.270---300, 450, 600
MSZCaesarea.London & South Western Ry.245---300, 600
MAJCalabria.Anchor Line.450---300, 600
MNUCaledonia.Peninsula & Oriental S. S. Co.250---300, 600
MAICaledonia.Anchor Line.85---110, 300
MCICalifornia.      do.85---110, 300
MWHCalifornia.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.200---300, 600
MWLCalifornian.Leyland Line.250---300, 600
MHGCalifornie.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
RNCalvin Austin.Eastern S. S. Co.2001350
UCOCalypso.Wilson Line.3001300, 600
WUCamaguey.Ward Line.2001483
MCGCambria.Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Co.100---300, 600
KSDCambria.London & North Western Ry. Co.170---300, 600
RCCamden.Eastern S. S. Co.2001360
DHCCamerones.Hamburg-South American Line.---------
MIOCameronia.Anchor Line.---------
MCACampania.Cunard Line.85---110, 300
MRHCampania.Navigazione Generale Italiana.250---300
MCFCanada.Dominion Line.85---110, 300
CTDCanada.Canadian government.100---300
SCDCanada Maru.Osaka Mercantile S. S. Co.650---300
MGLCanadian.Leland Line.135---300, 600
MPCCanopic.White Star Line.170---300, 600
DCACap Arcona.Hamburg-South American Line.105---300, 450, 600
DCBCap Blanco.      do.105---300, 450, 600
DCNCap Finisterre.      do.105---300, 450, 600
DCOCap Ortegal.      do.105---300, 450, 600
DCRCap Roca.      do.105---300, 450, 600
DCECap Verde.      do.105---300, 450, 600
DCVCap Vilano.      do.105---300, 450, 600
GBCapt. A. F. Lucas.Standard Oil Co.3002425
DBCaracas.Red "D" Line.3001450
MHJCaravelle.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
MOWCarisbrook Castle.Union Castle S. S. Co.250---300, 600
NCCarlos.J. Homer Fritsch Co.3001350
MAACarmania.Cunard Line.85---110, 300
NCCarolina.Goodrich Transit Co.1001Variable.
CBCarolina.New York & Porto Rico S. S. Co.3001505
MSOCaroline.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
NRCaronada.Pollard S. S. Co.3001350
MRACaronia.Cunard Line.85---110, 300
MPACarpathia.      do.85---110, 300
UFJCarrillo.United Fruit Co.---2700
UFGCartago.      do.4002500
MSUCarthage.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
MHNCarthaginian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
MEDCassandra.Donaldson S. S. Line.250---300, 600
DCCCassel.North German Lloyd.215---300, 450, 600
MISCatalina.Pihillos Line.3001350
UJVCeara.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.3501400
MDACearense.Booth Line.245---300, 600
MDCCedric.White Star Line.85---110, 300
TBCeiba.Independent S. S. Co.3002400
UEACeiba.Emerald S. S. Co.160---300, 600
MLCCeltic.White Star Line.85---110, 300
SDCentralia.Pollard S. S. Co.3001350
MHLCestrian.Leyland Line.135---300, 600
MCOChaco.Argentine Government.250---300
KCChalmette.Pollard S. S. Co.3001350
NVCharles S. Nelson.Charles Nelson Co.3001275
MMICharles Roux.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
CLSCharlois.American Petroleum Co.---½---
FOChattahoochee.Ocean S. S. Co.3501400
NAChehalis.Sudden & Christenson.3001350
PQHChelmsford.Great Eastern Ry. Co.215---300, 400, 600
DCZChemnitz.North German Lloyd.200------
VKCherokee.Clyde S. S. Co.2001356
HNChester W. Chapin.New England Navigation Co.350425
ABChicago.Chlopeck Fish Co.3001200
HOChicago.Goodrich Transit Co.1001Variable.
MLYChicago.Cie Générale Transatlantique.250---300
SCCChicago Maru.Osaka Mercantile S. S. Co.650---300
MCIChili.Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co.1001Variable.
WAChina.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.3005450
MMUChina.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300, 600
BHChippewa.Inland Navigation Co.---425
TCYChiyo Maru.Oriental S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
MDDChristopher.Booth Line.250---300, 600
KCChristopher Columbus.Goodrich Transit Co.1001Variable.
DDCCincinnati.Hamburg-American Line.215---110, 300, 600
MVMCitta di Milano.Société de Navigazione Italia.300---300
MVPCitti di Torino.      do.300---300
CACity of Alpena.Detroit and Cleveland Navigation Co.---4---
FBCity of Atlanta.Ocean S. S. Co.3001430
FJCity of Augusta.      do.3001490
XOCity of Baltimore.Chesapeake Line.1501350
AQCity of Benton Harbor.Graham & Morton Line.1001Variable.
CFCity of Buffalo.Cleveland & Buffalo Transportation Co.1001Variable.
PQCity of Chicago.Graham & Morton Line.1001Variable.
COCity of Cleveland.Detroit & Cleveland S. S. Co.3501400
FACity of Columbus.Ocean S. S. Co.3001430
CDCity of Detroit.Detroit & Cleveland S. S. Co.1001Variable.
CPCity of Erie.Cleveland & Buffalo Transportation Co.1001Variable.
GFCity of Everett.Standard Oil Co.2001450
WECity of Lowell.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
FCCity of Macon.Ocean S. S. Co.3001410
FDCity of Memphis.      do.3001415
FYCity of Montgomery.      do.3001459
XNCity of Norfolk.Chesapeake Line.1501350
M2City of Panama.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.---------
R2City of Para.      do.---------
XACity of Philadelphia.Wilmington S. S. Co.1001300
GQCity of Pueblo.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3001400
JCCity of Racine.Goodrich Transit Co.---------
FHCity of Savannah.Ocean S. S. Co.3001442
CGCity of St. Ignace.Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co.1001Variable.
FXCity of St. Louis.Ocean S. S. Co.3001414
GACity of Seattle.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3001225
BXCity of South Haven.Chicago-South Haven S. S. Co.1001Variable.
S2City of Sydney.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.---------
QCity of Taunton.New England Navigation Co.---½---
GYCity of Topeka.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.---1500
WQCity of Traverse.Graham & Morton Line.100Variable.
XBCity of Wilmington.Wilmington S. S. Co.1001500
DCLClara Blumenfeldt.Blumenfeldt Line.------300, 450, 600
DCSClare.Hugo Stinnes Line.160---300, 450, 600
MDBClement.Booth Line.250---110, 300, 600
DDVCleveland.Hamburg-American Line.250---300, 600
RNKClyde.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.3002600
CACoamo.New York & Porto Rico S. S. Co.3001445
DCGCoburg.North German Lloyd.215---300, 450, 600
PQOColchester.Great Eastern Ry. Co.100---300
P4Col. E. L. Drake.Standard Oil Co.3002400
MXColon.Panama R. R. Co.3002506
MCLColonia.Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Co.170---300
MXLColonian.Leyland S. S. Co.250---300, 345, 600
AFColorado.Mallory S. S. Co.3501350
XCColumbia.Chesapeake Line.1501350
OKCColumbia.Austro-American Line.325---300, 365, 600
MOIColumbia.Anchor Line.85---110, 300
AMComal.      do.3001410
VCComanche.Clyde S. S. Co.2001410
CWCommonwealth.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
KDComus.Southern Pacific S. S. Co.2501450
ACConcho.Mallory S. S. Co.3001389
AFConcord.Colonial Navigation Co.---------
MYSConde Wilfredo.Pinillos Line.270---300
MCUConnaught.City of Dublin Steam Packet Co.250---300
AACCooma.Howard Smith & Co.---------
PQCCopenhagen.Great Eastern Ry. Co.150---300, 450
UDCCoppename.Royal West India Mail.3002390
DRCCorcovado.Hamburg-American Line.---------
MAGCordova.Lloyd Italiano Line.270---300, 600
MKNCorinthian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
MWTCorinthic.White Star Line.250---300, 600
MFJCormorant.Western Telegraph Co.135---300, 600
NRCoronado.Pollard S. S. Co.---------
MCNCorsican.Allan Line.85---110, 300
HOCorwin.Western Alaska S. S. Co.3001200
GKCottage City.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.250425
KRCreole.Southern Pacific Co.2501506
QZCretan.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
MRCCretic.White Star Line.170---300
MDCristobal.Panama R. R. Co.3002414
GCCuracao.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3001275
MJUCurityba.Munson S. S. Line.---2---
CVCurrier.Cuba Distilling Co.3002576
MGCCymric.White Star Line.85---300
DGKD. G. Kerr.Pittsburg S. S. Co.1001Variable.
DACDacia.Roumanian steamer.270---600
MBMDanube.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.250---300, 600
MNIDelhi.Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
MKGDelta.      do.250---300, 600
MGKDemosthenes.Aberdeen Line.---------
MDEDenis.Booth Line.250---300, 600
ADDenver.Mallory S. S. Co.3001462
MYBDerbyshire.Bibby Line.---------
DERDerflinger.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
DDEDeutschland.German Antarctic Expedition.270---300, 450, 600
MOUDevanha.Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
MDLDevonian.Leyland Line.135---300, 600
NLDiamond Head.The Tyee Co.3002300
UHDDictator.Bluefields S. S. Co.3002400
DTDDiedrich.German steamer.55---300, 600
AUDolphin.Alaska S. S. Co.3001300
MDFDominion.Dominion Line.55---110, 300
HDGDonegal.Midland Ry. Co.150---300, 400
MNHDongola.Peninsular & Oriental Line.150---300, 600
ATDora.Alaska S. S. Co.3001200
QDDorchester.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
DBBDorothy B. Barrett.G. G. Deering Co.2001---
CDDorothy Bradford.Cape Cod S. S. Co.---------
MQMDover Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
PQDDresden.Great Eastern Ry. Co.150---300, 450
MKODrumcraig.Astral Shipping Co.---------
DRDDruid.Canadian Government.100---300
MHODuc de Bragance.Cie Gen. Transatlantique.---------
MAODuca d'Aosta.Navigazione Generale Italiana.4255300, 600
MADDuca Degli Abruzzi.      do.4255300, 600
MAEDuca di Genova.      do.4255300, 600
GZDDuitschland.Maatsch Seeland.---------
MQODunluce Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MPQDunvegan Castle.      do.250---300, 600
MQNDurham Castle.      do.250---300, 600
CMNE. A. S. Clarke.Cleveland S. S. Co.---2---
FME. G. Crosby.Crosby Transportation Co.---------
RGDEarl Gray.Canadian Government.200---300
OSEastern States.Detroit & Buffalo S. S. Co.1001Variable.
ADEastland.Eastland Navigation Co.1001Variable.
ESEaston.Booth Transportation Co.1001Variable.
MQEEdinburgh Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
DEHEdmund.Hugo Stinnes Line.160---300, 450, 600
MMGEgypt.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300, 600
DEIEisenach.North German Lloyd.200---300, 450, 600
MEElectra.Private yacht.100¼240
MEEElectra.Eastern Telegraph Cable Co.250---300, 600
DEWElenore Woermann.Woermann Line.275---300
MBTElisabethville.Cie Belce Maritime de Congo.160---300, 450, 600
DEBElkab.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
UFAEllis.United Fruit Co.2502300
MZIElmina.Elder Dempster Line.250---300, 600
ENEl Norte.Southern Pacific Co.---1---
MRHElysia.Anchor Line.100---300, 600
SEEEmpress.South Eastern & Chatham Ry. Co.80---150, 300
MPBEmpress of Britain.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.85---110, 300
MPGEmpress of China.      do.170---300, 600
MPIEmpress of India.      do.170---300, 600
MPLEmpress of Ireland.      do.85---110, 300
MPJEmpress of Japan.      do.170---300, 600
MEQEmpress Queen.Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.65---300
GZEEngeland.Maatsch Seeland.---------
P1Enterprise.Matson Navigation Co.3002350
UHWEsconidido.Bluefields S. S. Co.3002400
USKEskimo.Wilson Line.3001600
MSMEspagne.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
RSNEspagne.French steamer.160---300, 600
UFLEsparta.United Fruit Co.4002650
WZEsperanza.Ward Line.2001423
QEEssex.Merchants & Miners Line.2501450
SEAEsthonie.Russian-East Asiatic S. S. Co.350---300
MHQEugene Periere.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
MUUEugenia.Austro-American Line.---------
MVEEuropa.La Veloce Line.4305300, 600
KOExcelsior.Southern Pacific S. S. Co.2501514
FBSF. B. SquireJenkins S. S. Co.---------
MZKFalaba.Elder Dempster Line.250---300, 600
GFFalcon.Charles Nelson Lumber Co.3001250
N2Fearless.Tacoma Tug & Barge Co.---1300
IDFearless.Tyee Co.3001200
DFLField Marshall.German-East African Line.325---300, 450, 600
RFFifield.Higgins & Co.---1500
NFFifield.A. F. Eastbrook Co.3001350
MFFinance.Panama R. R. Co.200---350
MFDFinland.Red Star Line.160---120, 300, 600
MTKFlorence (private yacht).J. C. Eaton.---------
UJWFlorianapolis.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.---------
MAVFlorida.Lloyd Italiano Line.250---300, 600
XFFlorida.Baltimore Steam Packet Co.1501350
MSRFloride.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
MZLFlorizel.Bowring Line.170300, 600
STFFoam.Steam trawl.---------
RFSFormosa.French steamer.270---300, 600
STFort Bragg.Higgins & Co.1------
RFRFrance.French steamer.270---300, 600
OKFFrancesca.Austro-American Line.325---300, 365, 600
MDGFrancis.Booth Line.250---300, 600
UFOFrancisco.Wilson Line.4002600
MEAFranconia.Cunard Line.250---300, 600
DANFrank H. Peavey.Peavey S. S. Co.---------
DHNFrank T. Heffelfinger.      do.---------
DFTFrankfort.North German Lloyd.210300, 450, 600
DFBFred B. Wells.Peavey S. S. Co.---------
QKFredrick.Merchant & Miners Line.2501400
DKDFriederich der Grosse.North German Lloyd.160---300, 600
MKFFrisia.Koninklijke-Hollandsche Lloyd.135---300, 600
DFHFritz.Hugo Stinnes Line.75---300, 450, 600
MFIFurnessia.Anchor Line.85---110, 300
DFBFurst Bismarck.Hamburg-American Line.325---300, 450, 600
MQUGaika.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MQRGaleka.      do.250---300, 600
MQTGalician.      do.250---300, 600
UGOGalileo.Wilson Line.8002600
MPYGalway Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
DGAGanelon.Roland Line.325---300, 400, 600
MQPGarth Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MQVGascon.      do.250---300, 600
DGLGeneral.German-East African Line.325---300, 450, 600
AYGeo. W. Elder.North Pacific S. S. Co.3001250
DUFGeo. W. Peavey.Peavey S. S. Co.---------
DKNGeorge Washington.North German Lloyd.215---100, 300, 600
GCGeorgia.Goodrich Transit Co.1001Variable.
MQSGerman.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MGEGermania.Fabre Line.250---300, 600
DGWGertrude Woermann.Woermann Line.325---300, 450, 600
DGIGiessen.North German Lloyd.215---300, 450, 600
QYGloucester.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
MQZGloucester Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MYGGloucestershire.Bibby Line.250---300, 600
DGUGneisenau.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
DGNGoeben.      do.325---300, 450, 600
MRQGoentoer.Rotterdam Lloyd.160---300, 450, 600
B3Goliah.Puget Sound Tugboat Co.3001200
MQWGoorkha.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MQYGoth.      do.250---300, 600
DGTGotha.North German Lloyd.215---300, 450, 600
MHDGothland.Red Star Line.160---300, 600
GVGovernor.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3002450
RBGovernor Cobb.Eastern S. S. Co.2001400
RVGovernor Dingley.      do.2001385
UJNGoyas.Lloyd Brazilerio S. S. Co.2502430
DDWGraf Waldersee.Hamburg-American Line.160---300
MRNGrampian.Allan Line.85---110, 300
HVGrant.San Juan Fish Co.3001200
MQQGrantully Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
QGGrecian.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
MFYGrenada.Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co.---2---
DGHGrete.Hugo Stinnes Line.100---300, 450, 600
MZOGromtala.Adelaide S. S. Co.---------
DKGGrosser Kurfurst.North German Lloyd.215---300, 600
DGOGrosser von Oldenburg.North German Sea Cable Co.160---300, 600
MNGGrotius.Nederland S. S. Co.250---300, 450, 600
MLAGuadeloupe.Cie Générale Transatlantique.100---300, 600
UMGuantanamoWard Line.3001580
MWMGuatemala.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.225---300, 600
MQDGuelph.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MPZGuilford Castle.Union Castle S. S. Line.225---300, 600
BGGuinea.Quebec S. S. Co.3001416
CYGypsy III.Private yacht.---------
DBOH. P. Bope.Wolvin Line.1001Variable.
CMRH. S. Houlden.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
MPVHaakon VII.Nordenfelske Co.160---300, 450, 600
DHAHaimon.Roland Line.325---300, 450, 600
OXHalifax.Plant Line.2001350
DDHHamburg.Hamburg-American Line.160---300
OAHamilton.Old Dominion Line.2001500
HNHanalie.Independent S. S. Co.3001300
DHVHanover.North German Lloyd.210300, 450, 600
DHGHapsburg.Hamburg-American Line.325---300, 450, 600
CHAHarmonic.Northern Navigation Co.---4---
RHHarvard.Pacific Navigation Co.3002400
HYHatuey.Cuban revenue cutter.---------
WHHavana.Ward Line.2001517
MJHHaverford.American Line.135---300, 600
DHHHeinrich.Hugo Stinnes Line.100---300, 450, 600
DHBHelene Blumenfeld.Blumenfeld Line.190---300, 350
DHOHellig Olav.Scandinavian-American Line.2152300, 450, 600
DHEHeluan.German steamer.275---300, 450, 600
XAHendrick Hudson.Hudson River Day Line.---------
DHWHenny Woermann.Woermann Line.300---300, 450, 600
UFHHeredia.United Fruit Co.4002500
MYAHerefordshire.Bibby Line.---------
UHFHerman Frasch.Union Sulphur Co.2001559
BPHermosa.Wilmington Transportation Co.3001275
MSNHesperian.Allan Line.100---110, 300
KSCHibernia.London & Northwestern Ry.175---300, 600
UHBHighland Brae.H. & W. Nelson Co.2152300, 600
UHCHighland Collie.      do.2152300, 600
UHGHighland Glen.      do.2152300, 600
UHIHighland Pipe.      do.2152300, 600
UHLHighland Laddie.      do.2152300, 600
UHKHighland Loch.      do.2152300, 600
UHPHighland Pride.      do.2152300, 600
UHRHighland Rover.      do.2152300, 600
UHSHighland Scot.      do.2152300, 600
UHWHighland Warrior.      do.2152300, 600
DHIHilde.Hugo Stinnes Line.100---300, 450, 600
MDPHillary.Booth Line.250---300, 600
MDMHildebrand.      do.250---300, 600
P2Hilonian.Matson Navigation Co.3002400
MNYHimalaya.Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
DHNHohenstauffen.Hamburg-American Line.325---300, 450, 600
HOHohenzollern.Private yacht.---------
DHRHolger.Holland Line.160---300, 450, 600
NQHolland.Graham & Morton Line.1001Variable.
MKHHollandia.Koninklijke-Hollandsche Lloyd.135---300, 600
DHLHolstein.Roland Line.325---300, 450, 600
THNHong Kong Maru.Oriental S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
NWHonolulan.American-Hawaiian S. S. Co.3002400
QJHoward.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
ULAHuallaga.Peruvian Dock & S. S. Co.500---
MDVHuayna.Booth Line.250---300, 600
MDHHubert.      do.250---300, 600
MHSHudson.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
CMAHugh Kennedy.Buffalo & Susquehanna S. S. Co.---3600
HXHumboldt.Humboldt S. S. Co.3001275
VNHuron.Clyde S. S. Co.2001379
CHNHuronic.Northern Navigation Co.---4---
BTHyades.Matson Navigation Co.3001300
UHGI. D. Fletcher.Coast Transit Co.2001384
RQI. J. Merritt.Merritt & Chapman Wrecking Co.---1---
UIOIdaho.Wilson Line.8002600
RIFIle-de-France.French steamer.160---300, 600
YNIllinois.Northern Michigan Transportation Co.1001Variable.
UHCImperator.Bluefields S. S. Co.3002400
DIRImperator.Stettiner S. S. Co.80---300, 450, 600
ITRImperatul Traian.Roumanian steamer.270---600
YIBInaba Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
MIDInanda.Aderdeen Line.85---110, 300
MMYIndia.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300, 600
Q1Indian.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
SCIndiana.Goodrich Transit Co.1001Variable.
MAKIndiana.Lloyd Italiano Line.270---300, 600
BIIndianapolis.Inland Navigation Co.---425
MIKInkosi.Aderdeen Line.85---110, 300
MIPIntaba.      do.250---300, 600
SEIInvicta.Southeastern & Chatham Ry. Co.80---150, 300
MILIolanda (private yacht).Morton F. Plant.250---300
MINIonian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
MWIIonic.White Star Line.250---300, 600
DCIowa.Goodrich Transit Co.1001Variable.
MEIIroquois.Anglo-American Oil Co.851110, 330
VFIroquois.Clyde S. S. Co.2001414
BGIroquois.Inland Navigation Co.3001200
MVCItalia.La Veloce Line.270---300, 600
MARItalia.Anchor Line.225---300, 600
QIItasca.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
MIAIvernia.Cunard Line.85---300
YIYIyo Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
UJXIxis.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.---------
SCJ. B. Stetson.Hicks Hauptman Lumber Co.---1---
SCFJ. F. Tietgen.Scandinavian-American Line.250---450
CMJJ. J. Albright.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
CMUJ. J. McWilliams.John Mitchell.---3---
BRBJ. J. Sister.Spanish steamer.200---300, 600
XNJ. L. Lawrence.The Fisheries Co.100---300
QFJ. M. Guffey.J. M. Guffey Petroleum Co.2001350
NUJ. S. Chanslor.Associated Transportation Co.3002350
AJAJade (pilot steamer).German Government.80---300, 600
DJCJames C. Wallace.Acme S. S. Co.---------
DAMJames H. Hoyt.Pittsburgh S. S. Co.1001Variable.
DJRJames H. Reed.      do.1001Variable.
CMHJames Gayley.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
JWJames Whalen.Canadian Towing & Wrecking Co.---------
OCJamestown.Old Dominion Line.2001330
JBLJan Bredel.Belgian Government.55---120
UJFJavarz.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.---------
ODJefferson.Old Dominion Line.2001550
HMJefferson.Alaska S. S. Co.3001200
UJAJohan Bryde.Johan Bryde Whaling Co.3002600
BJJohn J. Barlum.Postal S. S. Co.---------
MEFJohn Pender.Eastern Telegraph Co.135---300, 600
BIJoseph Pulitzer.Portland Pilot Boat.50½100
CMBJoseph Sellewood.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
TVJoseph Vacarro.Independent S.  S. Co.3002400
XWJoseph Wharton.The Fisheries Co.100---300
QNJuanita.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
CJAJuanita.Anchor Line.---4---
HJJulia.Herrera S. S. Co.2001350
UJRJupiter.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501400
YKGKaga Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1,000---300
DKMKaiser Wilhelm II.North German Lloyd.215---300, 600
DKWKaiser Wilhelm der Grosse.      do.215---300, 600
DDAKaiserin Augusta Victoria.Hamburg-American Line.160---300
YKMKamakura Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
DUNKamerun.Hamburg-American Line.200---300, 450, 600
AXKansas City.San Francisco & Portland.180---300
AANKanowna.Australasian United Steam Navigation Co.---------
MZJKarina.Elder Dempster Line.250---300, 600
MTJKarina (private yacht).Robert E. Todd.---2---
MVYKaroola.Macilwraith & Maceacharn.---------
SKTKasado Maru.Osaka Mercantile S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
MRKKawi.Rotterdam Lloyd.160---300, 450, 600
OKYKayo Maru.K. Oaki.650, 1,100---300
MQFKenilworth Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
QLKershaw.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
SKKilburn.C. P. Doe & Co.---1---
MQKKildonan Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MQLKinfauns Castle.      do.250---300, 600
KGHKing Harold.Norwegian steamer.65---300
SORKing Oscar II.Scandinavian-American Line.250---450
DHKingfisher.New England Fish Co.3001200
DIKingsway (yacht).Pacific Coal & Transportation Co.---------
KSMKismet.Raymond Hoagland.------400
NIKlamath.Chas. R. McCormick & Co.3002400
DSTKleist.North German Lloyd.270---300, 450, 600
DKCKohn.      do.270---300, 450, 600
DKOKonig Albert.      do.160---300
DFRKonig Friedrich August.Hamburg-American Line.160---300, 450, 600
MNWKonig, Willem I.Nederland S. S. Co.160---300, 450, 600
DDKKonig Wilhelm II.Hamburg-American Line.160---300, 400, 600
MNTKonig Willem III.Nederland S. S. Co.160---300, 400, 600
MNLKonigen der Nederladen.      do.160---300, 450, 600
DKLKonigen Luise.North German Lloyd.160---300, 600
SZRKonigin Regentes.Holland steamer.135---300, 500
SZWKonigin Wilhelmina.      do.135---300, 500
MZPKoombana.Adelaide S. S. Co.---------
WKKorea.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.3005400
BNKorona.Quebec S. S. Co.3001563
DPZKronprinz.German East African Line.325---300, 450, 600
DKPKronprinz Wilhelm.North German Lloyd.225---300, 600
DKAKronprinzessin Cecile.      do.215---300, 600
DCIKronprinzessin Cecile.Hamburg-American Line.325---300, 450, 600
MKDKroonland.Red Star Line.160---300, 600
UWBKumeric.Bank Line.3002450
NSKvichak.Alaska Packers S. S. Co.3002275
AAKKyarra.Australasian United Steam Navigation Co.---------
MLBLa Bretagne.Cie Générale Transatlantique.250---300, 600
MLULa Champagne.      do.250---300
LFLLa Flandre.Belgium Government.55---120
MLGLa Gascoyne.Cie Générale Transatlantique.250---300
MLLLa Lorraine.      do.250---300
MWVLa Marsa.Compagnie de Nav. Maxte.160---300, 600
MLRLa Navarre.Cie Générale Transatlantique.250---300, 600
MLPLa Provence.      do.250---300, 600
RPDLa Rapide.Belgium Government.55---120
MLSLa Savoie.Cie Générale Transatlantique.250---300, 600
AILa Touche.Alaska S. S. Co.2501250
MLTLa Touraine.Cie Générale Transatlantique.250---300, 600
LRDLady Laurier.Canadian government.150---300
MJVLagazpi.Transatlantica Espanola S. S. Co.---2---
CMSLagonda.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
MLNLake Champlain.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.85---110, 300
MLELake Erie.      do.85---110, 300
MLMLake Manitoba.      do.85---110, 300
MLHLake Michigan.      do.85---110, 300
APLampasas.Mallory S. S. Co.3001440
MDSLanfranc.Booth Line.250---300, 600
UDLansing.Union S. S. Co. of California.3002400
MJDLapland.Red Star Line.160120, 300, 600
QALarimer.J. M. Guffey Petroleum Co.2001350
MURLaura.Austro-American Line.251---300
MICLaurentic.White Star Line.170---300
MAZL'Avenir.Belgian Government.---------
MRZLazio.Navigazione Générale Italiana.160---300, 600
L2Leelanaw.California & Atlantic S. S. Co.---------
MYLLeicestershire.Bibby Line.200---300, 600
MCVLeinster.City of Dublin Steam Packet Co.250---300
MEOLeon XII.Transatlantica Espanola S. S. Co.---------
LPDLeopold II.Belgium Government.55---120
MBPLeopoldville.Cie Belce Maritime de Congo.---------
AALLevuka.Australasian United Steam Navigation Co.---------
QXLexington.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
ASLexington.Colonial Navigation Co.---------
QOLigonier.J. M. Guffey Petroleum Co.2001350
MALLiguria.Navigazione Générale Italiana.270300, 600
MYLimit, The.Whitney Bros. & Co.1001Variable.
UFULimon.United Fruit Co.---------
SLALituania.Russian-East Asiatic S. S. Co.450---500
ALLoftus Cuddy.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3500
MABLombardia.Navigazione Générale Italiana.270---300, 600
ULCLondon City.Denaby & Cadeby Main.1353300, 400
HSMLondonderry.Midland Railway Co.130---300, 400
MNLorne.Puget Sound Tugboat Co.3001200
MLLLorraine.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 400
XQLouise.Tolchester S. S. Co.1001300
MHULouisiane.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
JBHLounger II (yacht).J. B. Hammond.------300
GRVLovenorn.Danish Steamer.105---300, 600
UWCLuceric.Bank Line.3002300, 600
DLWLucile Woermann.Woermann Line.270---300, 600
INLucy Neff.C. L. Dimon Coast Transit Co.1501428
BLVLuis Vives.Spanish steamer.160---300, 600
U2Lurline.Matson Navigation Co.2703350
MAMLusiania.Lloyd Italiano Line.270---300, 600
MFALusitania.Cunard Line.215---110, 300, 600
MEWLusitania.Empreze Nactional de Navagacao.160---300, 450, 600
DLOLutzow.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
FZLydonia.Private yacht.---------
MGBLysistrata (private yacht).J. G. Bennett.200---400
NYM. F. Plant.Alaska Pacific S. S. Co.3001225
MMLMacedonia.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300, 600
MDTMacedonia.National Steam Navigation Co. of Genoa.---------
MMBMackay-Bennett.Commercial Cable Co.65---110, 300
HWMackinaw.Schubeck-Hamilton S. S. Co.---425
OGMadison.Old Dominion Line.2001535
MAQMadonna.Fabre Line.160---300, 600
RNDMagdalena.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.3002600
MEHMagnet.Eastern Extension Co.135---300, 600
DKIMain.North German Lloyd.160---300, 600
MAMaine.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
MGMMaitai.Union S. S. Co. of New Zealand.3002450
MMCMajestic.White Star Line.85---110, 300
MKUMakura.Canadian-Australian Royal Mail Line.3002450
MKMMaleja.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300, 600
MMDMalwa.      do.170---300, 600
UJQManaos.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501250
MDWManco.Booth Line.250---300, 600
WEManchuria.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.3005450
MNMManitou.Atlantic Transport Line.2001350
MNManitou.Northern Michigan Transportation Co.1001Variable.
MFEMantaro.Compania Peruvia de Vapores---------
MMEMantua.Peninsular & Oriental Co.170---300, 600
MEUManuel Calvo.Transatlantique Espanola.2702300
DMMaracaibo.Red D Line.3001460
MFZMaracus.Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co.---2---
MKMMarama.Canadian Australian Royal Mail Line.3002450
MGJMarathon.Aberdeen Line.250---300, 600
MHVMarechal Bugeand.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
UMOMarengo.Wilson Line.6002600
MHTMarie Henriette.Belgium Government.55---120
UHMMariette di Giorgio.Bluefields S. S. Co.3002400
MZSMarin Saenz.Spanish steamer.270---300, 450, 600
HKMariposa.Oceanic S. S. Co.250---300, 600
MMRMarmora.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300, 600
UJHMarnhao.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501400
UDWMarowijine.Royal Dutch West India Mail.3002380
MNQMarquette.Atlantic Transport Co.160---300, 600
B1Marquette & Bessemer
car ferry, No. 1.
Marquette & Bessemer D. & N. Co.1001Variable.
B2Marquette & Bessemer
car ferry, No. 2.
MUWMartha Washington.Austro-American Line.250---300
OWMascotte.Peninsular & Oriental S. S. Co.2001385
JMMassachusetts.Maine S. S. Co.2001503
MWMaurence (private yacht).Walter W. Massie.---¼---
MGAMauretania.Cunard Line.215---110, 300
GHMaverick.Standard Oil Co.3002400
MFRMayaro.Trinidad Shipping & Trading Co.------
SZMMecklenberg.Holland steamer.135---300, 500
MKKMedic.White Star Line.170---300, 600
MKPMedina.Peninsular & Oriental Line.250---300, 600
MZCMegantic.      do.170---300, 600
MZMMendi.British & African Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
MAFMendoza.Lloyd Italiano Line.270---300, 600
DHMMendoza.Hamburg-South American Line.250---300
MNEMenominee.Atlantic Transport Line.160---300, 600
MJMMerion.International Navigation Co.135---300, 600
QMMerrimac.Merchants & Miners Line.2001400
MWJMersey.White Star Line.250---300, 600
MMVMesaba.Atlantic Transport Line.190---300, 600
UFRMetapan.United Fruit Co.4002500
DMRMeteor.Hamburg-American Line.160---300, 450, 600
MWGMexico.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.2251300, 600
WXMexico.Ward Line.2001553
MHWMexico.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
OZMiami.Peninsular & Occidental S. S. Co.2001395
MGSMiguel M. Pinilles.Pinillos Line.270---300, 450, 600
MKMillinocket.A. H. Bull & Co.2002440
MGFMiltiades.Aberdeen Line.250---300, 600
MLFMilwaukee.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.85---110, 300
MOPMinas.Ligure Brasiliana.160---300, 600
UWNMinas Geraes.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.5002466
ANDMinda.Anglo-American Telegraph Co.250---300
XMMindora.The Fisheries Co.100---300
ANMMinia.Anglo-American Telegraph Co.85---300
MMNMinneapolis.Atlantic Transport Line.85---110, 300
MMAMinnehaha.      do.85---110, 300
MIMinnesota.Great Northern S. S. Co.3002450
MINMinnesota.Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co.1001Variable.
MMKMinnetonka.Atlantic Transport Line.85---300
MMWMinnewaska.      do.215---300
MTDMinto.Canadian Government.150---300
HNMissouri.Northern Michigan Transportation Co.1001Variable.
MKAMoana.Canadian-Australian Royal Mail Line.---------
PUMobilla.Munson Line.---------
MWWModjera.Compagnie de Nav. Maxte.---------
VMMohawk.Clyde S. S. Co.2001460
MOMohawk.New England Navigation Co.---------
MQMohegan.      do.---------
MMHMoldavia.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300
DIMMoltke.Hamburg-American Line.160---300
KMMomus.Southern Pacific Co.2501391
GTSMonarch.British steamer.100---300
WNMongolia.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.3005450
MMJMongolia.Peninsular & Oriental Co.250---300
MONMongolian.Allan Line.135---300
MGVMonmouth.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.85---300
OMMonroe.Old Dominion Line.2001252
MGMontauk.Montauk Steamboat Co.---------
MLDMontcalm.Canadian Government.150---300
MLZMontcalm.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.85---300
MPFMonteagle.      do.250---300
WYMonterey.Ward Line.2001414
MJPMontevideo.Transatlantica Espanola S. S. Co.---------
MLKMontezuma.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.85---300
MLWMontfort.      do.85---300
MLIMontreal.      do.85---300
MHZMontreal.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
MLJMontrose.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.85---300
MJOMontserrat.Transatlantica Espanola.1102300
MMMMooltan.Peninsular & Oriental S. S. Co.250---300
MGGMoravian.Aberdeen Line.---------
MMFMorea.Peninsular & Oriental S. S. Co.170---300
PMMorgan.---250---300, 600
WCMorro Castle.Ward Line.200---350
CMGMoses Taylor.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
DOAMoskwa.Russian Volunteer Fleet.---------
MLOMount Royal.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.85---300
MLQMount Temple.      do.85---300
PQMMunich.Great Eastern Ry. Co.150---300
MCQMunster.City of Dublin Steam Packet Co.250---300
RMUMustapha.French steamer.100---300
CMQN. A. Hanna.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
FPNacoochee.Ocean S. S. Co.3001410
BQNann Smith.C. A. Smith Lumber Co.3002400
QUNantucket.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
FGNaomi.Crosby Transportation Co.---------
MECNarragansett.Anglo-American Oil Co.85---110, 300
MENNavahoe.      do.85---110, 300
G2Navajo.California & Atlantic S. S. Co.---------
DNVNavarra.Hamburg-American Line.325---300, 450, 600
DKKNeckar.North German Lloyd.160---300, 600
ZUNederland.Maatsch Seeland.---------
DNANegada.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
DANNeubau.German-East African Line.---------
MHBNew Amsterdam.Holland-American Line.160120, 300, 600
NSNew Hampshire.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
MVNew Haven.      do.---¼---
NJNew Jersey.Sandy Hook Pilots Association.1001430
Q9New Orleans.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
NKNew York.Sandy Hook Pilots Association.1001389
MNKNew York.American Line.2502300
MIFNewfoundland.Harvey & Co.---------
N2Newport.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.---------
MSQNiagara.Cie Générale Transatlantique250---300, 600
MANNiagara (private yacht).Howard Gould.---2---
MZFNigeria.Elder Dempster Line.---------
RNJNile.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.3002600
TNPNippon Maru.Oriental S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
DNINitokris.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
MJSNoma (private yacht).J. J. Astor.---2---
SNNome City.Gray & Holt.3001350
MYHNonsuch.Bowles Bros.375---300, 600
MHANoordam.Holland-American Line.160---110, 300, 600
DNHNora.Hugo Stinnes Line.160---300, 450, 600
MVRNord America.La Veloce Line.2505300
MOMNorman.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MGHNorseman.Aberdeen Line.225---300, 600
MEGNorseman.Eastern Telegraph Cable Co.135---300, 600
NDNorthland.Northern S. S. Co.1001Variable.
NXNorthland.E. J. Dodge & Co.3001500
JDNorth Land.Maine S. S. Co.2001305
JSNorth Star.      do.2001374
NWNorthwest.Northern S. S. Co.1001Variable.
ANNorthwestern.Alaska S. S. Co.3002325
URGNoruega.Norway, Mexico & Gulf S. S. Co.2502480
SGNorwood.Sudden & Christenson.3001350
AHNueces.Mallory Line.3002362
MNNNumidian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
NENushagak.Alaska Packers Association.3001250
DMNyack.Crosby Navigation Co.---------
SKOceana.Bermuda & Atlantic S. S. Co.3002615
DSOOceana.Hamburg-American Line.260---300, 600
MVOOceania.La Veloce Line.4305300
MUOOceanic.Austro-American Line.250---300
MOCOceanic.White Star Line.85---110, 300
ZUOcmulgee.Brunswick S. S. Co.3501400
ZKOgeechee.      do.3501400
QBOklahoma.J. M. Guffey Petroleum Co.2001345
JOOld Colony.Maine S. S. Co.2001455
UKOleum.Union Oil Co.3002400
MJTOlinda.Munson S. S. Line.---2---
UJIOlinda.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501400
OVOlivette.Peninsular & Occidental S. S. Co.2001380
AWOlympia.Alaska S. S. Co.---425
MKCOlympic.White Star Line.340---300, 600
MOKOmrah.Orient Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
Q2Ontario.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
SEOOnward.South Eastern & Chatam Ry. Co.80---300
MRJOphir.Rotterdam Lloyd.300---160
MNOOranje.Nederland S. S. Co.160---300, 450, 600
SZUOranje Nassau.      do.160---300, 500
RNVOratava.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.3002600
MJBOravia.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.250300, 600
MJFOrcoma.      do.250300, 600
MJJOriana.      do.250300, 600
UJCOrion.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501400
RNOOrinoco.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.1602300
MJEOrissa.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.250300, 600
MJGOrita.      do.250300, 600
MJIOronsa.      do.250300, 600
MOZOrontes.Orient Line.250---300, 600
MJAOropesa.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.250300, 600
RNVOrotava.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.5002---
MJKOrtega.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.250300, 600
UWDOrteric.Bank Line.3002350
RNQOrtona.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.5002600
MOFOrsova.Orient Line.250---300, 600
RNUOruba.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.3002600
MOJOrvieto.Orient Line.250---300, 600
DOROscar II.Scandinavian-American Line.4502300, 450, 600
MWOOslo.Wilson Line.170---300, 600
ZBOssabow.Brunswick S. S. Co.3501400
MOYOsterley.Orient Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
MODOtranto.      do.250---300, 600
DOHOtto.Hugo Stinnes Line.100---300, 450, 600
MOHOtway.Orient Line.250---300, 600
MYEOxfordshire.Bibby Line.---------
MESP. de Satrustegui.Transatalntica Espanola.2505300
MFFPachitea.Companie Peruvia de Vapores.------
GDPPacifique (private yacht).M. Dufayel.160---300
DDQPallanza.Hamburg-American Line.300---300, 450, 600
RPPPampa.French steamer.270---300, 600
MHPanama.Panama R. R. Co.3002430
MWBPanama.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.225---300, 600
SPMPanama Maru.Osaka Mercantile S. S. Co.650---300
MDIPancras.Booth Line.250---300, 600
MNAPannonia.Cunard Line.85---110, 300
UJOPara.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2502400
YAParaguay.Sun Oil Co.200---300
RPRParana.French steamer.270---300, 600
BQParima.Quebec S. S. Co.3001560
MZNParisian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
UFDParismina.United Fruit Co.4002500
Q3Parthian.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
DDPPatricia.Hamburg-American Line.100---300
MPTPatris.National Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
MEMPatrol.Eastern Extension Co.135---300, 600
UWPectan.Union Oil Co.3002350
CMFPendenis White.Cleveland S. S. Co.---------
D1Pendleton Sisters.American schooner.---½---
V2Pennsylvania.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.---------
AHPennsylvania.Alaska S. S. Co.4002425
DDNPennsylvania.Hamburg-American Line.160¼300
PRRPennsylvania R. R.
barge 707.
Pennsylvania R. R. Co.---------
NKPequonock.New England Navigation Co.---------
PM5Pere Marquette No. 5.Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co.1001Variable.
15Pere Marquette No. 15.Pere Marquette R. R. Co.1001Variable.
17Pere Marquette No. 17.      do.1001Variable.
18Pere Marquette No. 18.      do.1001Variable.
19Pere Marquette No. 19.      do.1001Variable.
20Pere Marquette No. 20.      do.1001Variable.
MLVPerou.Cie Générale Transatlantique.250---300, 600
MMQPersia.Peninsular & Oriental S. S. Co.250---300, 600
ULCPersia.Deneby & Cadely Collieries Mail.135---300, 600
WVPersia.Pacific S. S. Co.3005400
QRPersian.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
MQCPersic.White Star Line.250---300, 600
B2Peru.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.---------
MAWPerugia.Anchor Line.250---300, 600
DAPhiladelphia.Red "D" Line.3001398
MPHPhiladelphia.American Line.2502350
PDKPieter de Coninck.Belgian Government.55---120
GMPilgrim.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
MXSPio IX.Pinillos Line.270---300, 450, 600
DDFPisa.Hamburg-American Line.160---300, 450, 600
UFLPlaneta.Lloyd Braziliero S. S. Co.---------
MNJPlassy.Peninsular & Oriental Line.250---300, 600
RLAPlata.French steamer.500---300, 450, 600
I2Pleiades.California & Atlantic S. S. Co.---------
HYPlymouth.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
DPOPolynesia.French steamer.325---300, 450, 600
CPPonce.New York & Porto Rico S. S. Co.3001436
P3Portland.Alaska Coast Co.400425
BDPorter.Associated Oil Co.3002400
MHMPotsdam.Holland-American Line.160---300, 450, 600
QPPowhattan.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
RPPremier.Merritt & Chapman Wrecking Co.---1---
GWPresident.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3002350
DPTPresident.Hamburg-American Line.200---300, 450, 600
DDSPresident Grant.      do.160---300
DDIPresident Lincoln.      do.160---300
DHPPresidente de Mintre.Hamburg-South American Line.---------
DHQPresidente Quintana.      do.---------
UFBPreston.United Fruit Co.2502300
DDTPretoria.Hamburg-American Line.160---300, 600
MFNPretorian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
PALPrince Albert.Belgium Government.250---300
UPAPrince Albert.Grand Truck Pacific Co.3001250
MYUPrince Arthur.Dominion Atlantic Ry. & S. S. Co.250---300, 600
MYVPrince George.      do.250---300, 600
UPGPrince George.Grand Trunk Pacific Co.85---300, 600
BJPrince George.Bermuda-Atlantic S. S. Co.---------
UPJPrince John.Grand Trunk Pacific Co.85---300, 600
UPRPrince Rupert.      do.85---300
MPKPrincess Adelaide.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.250---300, 600
MGZPrincess Alice.      do.---------
OBPrincess Anne.Old Dominion Line.2001568
CPCPrincess Charlotte.Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.3002425
MPUPrincess Mary.      do.250---300, 600
CPMPrincess May.      do.3002425
CPRPrincess Royal.      do.3002425
CPVPrincess Victoria.      do.3002425
PCLPrincesse Clementine.Belgium Government.55---120
PLBPrincesse Elizabeth.      do.55---120
PHRPrincesse Henrietta.      do.55---120
PJSPrincesse Josephine.      do.55---120
MRPPrincipe di Piemonte.Lloyd Sabaudo.160---300, 600
MRVPrincipe di'Udine.      do.430300, 600
MRUPrincipe Umberto.Navigazione Generale Italiania.430---300, 600
MIOPrincipesa Iolanda.Lloyd Sabaudo.430---300, 600
MIMPrincipesa Mafalda.      do.54010300, 600
PAMPrincipesa Maria.Roumanian Government.270---600
SZHPrins Hendrik.Holland steamer.135---300, 600
SZAPrinses Juliana.North German Lloyd.135---300, 600
MNPPrinses Juliana.Nederland S. S. Co.160---300, 450
DPAPrinz Adalbert.Kiel-Korsor Line.55---300, 600
DDZPrinz Adalbert.Hamburg-American Line.135---300, 600
DSBPrinz August Wilhelm.      do.200---300
DSIPrinz Eitel Friedrich.      do.200---300
DPEPrinz Eitel Friedrich.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
DKFPrinz Friedrich Wilhelm.      do.160---120, 300, 600
DPBPrinz Hendrik.      do.135---300, 450, 600
DSPPrinz Joachim.Hamburg-American Line.2001300
DPLPrinz Ludwig.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
DDOPrinz Oskar.Hamburg-American Line.135---300
DPGPrinz Regent.German East African Line.330---300, 450, 600
DRLPrinz Regent Luitpold.North German Lloyd.---------
DSGPrinz Sigismund.Hamburg-American Line.200---300
DPSPrinz Sigismund.Kiel-Korsor Line.55---300
DPWPrinz Waldemar.      do.50---300
DKZPrinzess Alice.North German Lloyd.160---300, 600
DKEPrinzess Irene.      do.160---300, 600
DPNPrizessin.German East African Line.325---300, 425, 600
CAPriscilla.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
KPProteus.Southern Pacific S. S. Co.2501445
RPVProvence.French steamer.160---300
PVProvidence.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
UJSPrudente Moraes.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.---------
RNPuritan.New England Navigation Co.---¼---
SQPuritan.Graham & Morton Line.1001Variable.
CGSQuadra.Canadian Government.100¼300
QVQuantico.Merchants & Miners Line.2001400
MIIQuebec.Cie Générale Transatlantique.160---300, 600
GXQueen.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3001275
SEQQueen (The).South Eastern & Chatam Ry. Co.80---300
XQQuick Step.The Fisheries Co.100---300
MWKQuillota.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.225---300, 600
GORamona.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3001250
JARRagnvald Jarl.Norwegian steamer.160---300, 450, 600
MORRavenna.Societa di Navigazione Italia.160---300, 600
MEJRecorder.Eastern Extension Co.135---300, 600
SURedondo.C A. Smith Lumber Co.3001350
MRIRe d'Italia.Lloyd Sabauda.160---300, 600
CARRegele Carol I.Roumanian steamer.270---600
MRGRegina d'Italia.Lloyd Sabaudo.160---300, 600
MRERegina Elena.      do.430---300, 600
MEPRegina Maria Cristina.Transatlantic Espanola.---2300
RXRelay.Mexican cable ship.2001310
RJRelief (tug).Merritt & Chapman Wrecking Co.2001300
MNRRembrandt.Nederland S. S. Co.160---300
MKVRemuera.New Zealand Shipping Co.225---300, 600
RSRescue.Merritt & Chapman Wrecking Co.---1---
IBResolute.Tyee Co.3001200
MUPRe Umberto.Ligure Brasiliano.160---300, 600
MRORe Vittorio.Navigazione Generale Italiana.430---300, 600
MQBRewa.British India Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 600
DRERhaetia.Hamburg-American Line.325---300, 450, 600
DRHRhakotis.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
DKRRhein.North German Lloyd.160---300, 600
DIARhenania.Hamburg-American Line.200---300, 450, 600
DRSRhodopis.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
RPRichard Peck.New England Navigation Co.---------
MHYRijndam.Holland-American Line.---------
MRRRindjani.Rotterdam Lloyd.160---120, 300, 600
MOQRio Amazonas.Ligure Brasiliano.1601300, 600
AGRio Grande.Mallory S. S. Co.3001366
UWRRio de Janeiro.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.5002405
AARRiverina.Huddart, Parker & Co.3252600
AMRiverside.Chas. Nelson Co.3002350
AQRoanoke.North Pacific S. S. Co.3001250
XBRobert Fulton.Hudson River Day Line.---------
CMWRobert L. Fryer.------------
MIVRochambeau.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
DRARoda.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
MQARohilla.British India Steam Navigation Co.250---300, 300, 600
DRBRoland.German steamer.40---300, 450, 600
MRBRoma.Fabre Line.250---300, 600
UNRoma.Union Oil Co.3002400
ROMRomania.Romanian steamer.275---600
MNCRomanic.White Star Line.170---300, 600
DRNRoon.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
RKRoosevelt.John Arbuckle Co.2001414
SVRoosevelt.Indiana Transportation Co.1001Variable.
MZRRosalind.Bowring Line.170---300, 600
H2Rose City.San Francisco & Portland S. S. Co.---3---
BMRosecrans.Associated Oil Co.3002350
UWARoseric.Andrew Weir & Co.1351300, 600
TRRosina.Independent S.  S. Co.3002400
MKERotorua.New Zealand Shipping Co.250---300, 600
MHRRotterdam.Holland-American Line.215120, 300, 600
MERRoyal Edward.Canadian Northern S. S. Co.170---300, 600
MGRRoyal George.      do.170---300, 600
MKARoahine.New Zealand Shipping Co.250---300, 600
MKBRuapehu.      do.250---300, 600
DRURugia.Hamburg-American Line.250---300, 450, 600
MWCRunic.White Star Line.250---300, 600
BURupert City.Mackenzie Bros. S. S. Co.200425
SRNRussia.Russian-East Asiatic S. S. Co.325---300
RIORussie.French steamer.300---300
CMDS. M. Clement.Buffalo & Susquehanna S. S. Co.---3---
YAS. V. Luckenbach.Insular Line.2001490
ABSabine.Mallory S. S. Co.3001370
YSDSadu Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.300, 1,100---300
MMTSalsette.Peninsular & Oriental S. S. Co.250---300
SALSalvor.British Columbia Salvage Co.250---300
MYDSamland.Red Star Line.250---300, 600
MSHSan Giorgio.Sicula American Line.160---300, 600
MSISan Giovanni.      do.160---300, 600
MTFSan Gugliemo.      do.160---300, 600
ASSan Jacinto.Mallory S. S. Co.3001465
UFWSan Jose.United Fruit Co.4002650
O2San Jose.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.---------
J2San Juan.      do.---------
CJSan Juan.New York & Porto Rico S. S. Co.3001430
AKSan Marcos.Mallory S. S. Co.3001406
UWKSan Paulo.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.5002390
UJMSan Salvador.      do.2501400
MRLSannio.Navigazione Generale Italiana.160---300, 600
MSSSanta Ana.Febre Line.250---300, 600
AKSanta Clara.North Pacific S. S. Co.3001250
KSSanta Cruz.Puget Sound Wrecking Co.3001250
UMSanta Maria.Union Oil Co.3002400
UTYSanta Marta.United Fruit Co.4002500
USSanta Rita.Union Oil Co.3002350
WOSantiago.Ward Line.2001465
YSKSanuki Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
MHKSapphire (private yacht).Duke of Bedford.300---300, 600
UDKSaramacca.Royal Dutch West India Mail.3002475
WSSaratoga.Ward Line.2001580
MAPSardegna.Navigazione Generale Italiana.160---300
MDNSardinian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
DSMSarnia.Hamburg-American Atlas Line.135---300, 600
MKYSarnia.London & Southwestern Ry.250---300, 600
SATSatellite.A. Sorensen.---½---
UJESatellite.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.---------
ZMSatilla.Brunswick S. S. Co.3501400
MBFSaturnia.Donaldson Line.250---300, 600
UJPSaturno.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501400
HSSavage (tug).Consolidated Coal Co.2001300
MVFSavoia.La Veloce Line.270---300, 600
MQISaxon.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
MSASaxonia.Cunard Line.85---110, 300
DSAScharnhorst.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
DSWSchleswig.North German Lloyd.275---300, 450, 600
SNJSchoonmaker.Shenango S. S. Co.1001Variable.
DSLSchwalbe.German steamer.135---300, 450, 325
DSNSchwan.      do.135---300, 450, 600
KSAScotia.London & Northwestern Ry.175---300, 600
MJNScotian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
WYSea Otter (motor yacht).Hugh J. Willoughby.50------
MDZSeal.J. A. Farquhar & Co.250---300, 600
SSTSeattle Maru.Osaka Mercantile S. S. Co.650---300
DSESeeadler.German steamer.80---300, 450, 600
WGSeguranca.Ward Line.2001333
VJSeminole.Clyde S. S. Co.2001281
CSSeneca.New York & Porto Rico S. S. Co.---4---
GSSenator.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3002300
DSHSenator Holthusen.German steamer.45---300
DSRSenator Refardt.      do.45---300
DSSSenator Schafer.      do.80---300, 450, 600
DSDSenator von Berenberg Gossler.      do.80---300, 450, 600
DWSSenator Westphal.      do.105---300, 600
MFBSentinel.Eastern Telegraph Co.135---300, 600
UJBSergipe.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501462
AVSeward.Alaska S. S. Co.3001300
DSZSeydlitz.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450
MCSheboygen.Goodrich Transit Co.1001Variable.
QCShenango.J. M. Guffey Petroleum Co.2001400
SNAShenango.Shenango S. S. Co.---------
MFKSherard Osborn.Eastern Telegraph Co.135---300, 600
YSNShinano Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
MDShinnecock.Montauk Steamboat Co.---¼---
SSPShropshire.Federal Steam Navigation Co.350---300, 450, 600
WUSiberia.Pacific Mail S. S. Co.3005400
DSVSiberia.Hamburg-American Line.250---300
MACSicilia.Navigazione Generale Italiana.160---300, 600
MUNSicilian.Allan Line.135---300, 600
RSBSidi Brahim.French steamer.160---300, 600
MOESiena.Societa di Navigazione Italia.100---300, 600
CBJSierra.Tomlinson Line.---------
SMSierra.Oceanic S. S. Co.3002400
MRDSindoro.Rotterdam Lloyd.160---300, 450, 600
UJZSirio.Lloyd Brazileiro S. S. Co.2501400
UCXSixaola.United Fruit Co.4002500
OKHSofia Hohenberg.Austro-American Line.325---300, 365, 600
MIWSomali.Peninsular & Oriental Co.------300, 600
Q4Somerset.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
MNBSoudan.Peninsular & Oriental Line.250---300, 600
MOLSovereign.Fred Olsen Line.160---300, 450, 600
DSKSperber.German steamer.135---300, 450, 600
GESpokane.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3001275
NYSt. Helens.E. J. Dodge & Co.3001200
MIJSt. Laurent.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
MSLSt. Louis.American Line.250---300
MSPSt. Paul.      do.250---300
PQPSt. Petersburg.Great Eastern Ry. Co.100---300, 450, 600
USVSt. Vincent.Hull Steam Fishing and Ice Co.---------
GDStandard Oil barge No. 91.Standard Oil Co.3002375
P5Standard Oil barge No. 93.      do.3002375
GHStandard Oil barge No. 94.      do.1501260
GPStandard Oil barge No. 95.      do.3002375
STDStanley.Canadian Government.250---300
GLState of California.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3001275
MHSStatendam.Holland-American Line.160---120, 300, 600
DSCStephan.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
MDJStephan.Booth Line.250---300, 600
MOGSterling.Fred Olsen Line.160---300, 450, 600
MVSSud America.La Veloce Line.250---300
MJCSuevic.White Star Line.250---300, 600
UDSSun.Sun Oil Co.2001410
ZSRSunrise (private yacht).---225---300
UWESuveric.Bank Line.140---300, 600
QSSuwanee.Merchants & Miners Line.2501400
MRTTabanan.Rotterdam Lloyd.160---300, 450, 600
W2Tacoma.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.---------
STATacoma Maru.Osaka Mercantile S. S. Co.650---300
RNSTagus.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.3002600
MWFTainui.Shaw, Savill & Albion.250---300
MTSTaisei Maru.Shosen Gakko.650, 1,100---300
MEBTamarac.Anglo-American Oil Co.85---110, 300
YTBTamba Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
MRYTambora.Rotterdam Lloyd.160---300, 450, 600
YTGTango Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.120---300
MOTTaormina.Societa di Navigazione Italia.4305300, 600
MZTTarquah.Elder Dempster Line.160---300, 600
SCTasco.T. A. Scott Co.50¼280
MGTatoosh.Puget Sound Tug Boat Co.3001200
CPTTees (tug).Canadian Pacific R. R. Co.3001200
MCJTelconia.Telegraph Construction & Maintenance Co.250---300, 600
TNTennessee.Crawford Transportation Co.1001Variable.
UVYTennyson.Lamport & Holt Line.5002520
TTYTenyo Maru.Oriental S. S. Co.650, 1,100---300
MTCTeutonic.White Star Line.85---110, 300
UXSTexas.Norway, Mexico & Gulf S. S. Co.2502480
YAThalia.Austrian-Lloyd S. S. Co.250---300
RNMThames.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.3002600
MTHThemistocles.Hellentic Transatlantic Line.250---300, 450
MGMThemistocles.Aberdeen Line.---------
DTEThessalia.Hamburg-American Line.325---300, 450, 600
BRThomas Barlow.Postal S. S. Co.---------
DTUThuringia.German steamer.325---300, 450, 600
MIYTimgad.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
CTATionesta.Anchor Line.---4---
DTGTitania.German steamer.---1450
MUCTitanic.White Star Line.250---350
UFITitives.United Fruit Co.---------
YDToledo.Sun Oil Co.2001410
MRSTomaso di Savoia.Lloyd Sabaudo.160300, 600
UFSTorbay Scout.Denaby & Cadeby Main Collieries.1001300
MTRTortona.Cunard Line.170---300, 600
MOSToscana.Societa di Navigazione Italia.160---300, 600
YTSTose Maru.Japan Mail S. S. Co.120---300
RNRTrent.Royal Mail Steam Packet Co.3002600
BDTrinidad.Quebec S. S. Co.5502366
MBJTritonia.Donaldson Line.250---300, 600
OATTufie Hohenberg.Austro-American Line.---------
MTNTunisian.Allan Line.85---110, 300
MKJTurakina.New Zealand Shipping Co.---------
UFKTurrialba.United Fruit Co.4002300, 600
Q7Tuscan.Merchants and Miners Line.2501400
A3Tyee.Puget Sound Tugboat Co.3001200
IATyee, jr.The Tyee Co.3001200
UCLUcayali.Peruvian Dock & S. S. Co.400300
AAUUlimaroa.Huddart, Parker & Co.3252600
MCWUlster.City of Dublin Steam Packet Co.250---300
MTAUltonia.Cunard Line.85---110, 300
GUUmatilla.Pacific Coast S. S. Co.3002300
MAUUmbria.Navigazione Generale Italiana.470---300, 600
SAUnited States.Indiana Transportation Co.1001Variable.
DUSUnited States.Scandinavian-American Line.2152300, 450, 600
UNUnomee.Private yacht.---------
MWUUranium.Uranium S. S. Co.---------
MFGUrumamba.Companie Peruvia de Vapores.------
MVDVaderland.Red Star Line.160---120, 300, 600
MSVValbanera.Pinillos Line.270---300, 450, 600
MVHValhalla (private yacht).W. G. Brokaw.200---300, 600
VDSVanadis (private yacht).C. K. S. Billings.------425
MKTVan Cloon.Holland steamer.---------
MJYVandyke.Lamport & Holt.225---300, 600
MKUVan Overstraten.      do.---------
UVRVasari.      do.1902300, 600
MJWVauban.      do.225---300, 600
MNZVectis.Peninsular & Oriental S. S. Co.250---300
MVZVenezia.Fabre Line.160---300, 600
UVDVerdi.Lamport & Holt S. S. Co.1902300, 600
MOVVerona.Societa di Navigazione Italia.4305300, 600
MJZVestris.Lamport & Holt.225---300, 600
MWDVictoria.Pacific Steam Navigation Co.225---300, 600
UKJVictoria.Lloyd Brazileiro S.  Co.---------
SEVVictoria.South Eastern & Chatham Ry. Co.150---150, 300
ADVictoria.Alaska S. S. Co.3002325
DDLVictoria Luise.Hamburg-American Line.---------
MVNVictorian.Allan Line.85---110, 300
PQVVienna.Great Eastern Ry. Co.150---300, 450
WVVigilancia.Ward Line.2001428
MVQViking.Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.65---300
MVKViking (The).Polytechnic Touring Co.250---300, 600
BREVillarreal.Spanish steamer.200---300, 600
VDVVille de Douvres.Belgium Government.55---120
MIQVille d'Alger.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
BRDVincente Puchol.      do.200---300, 600
BRGVincente Sra. Roda.      do.200---300, 600
MAHVirginia.Lloyd Italiano Line.270---300, 600
BCVirginia.Goodrich Transportation Co.1001Variable.
XKVirginia.Baltimore Steam Packet Co.1501350
BVAVirginia (private yacht).------------
MGNVirginian.Allan Line.85---110, 300
MIRVirginie.Cie Générale Transatlantique.---------
UVLVoltaire.Lamport & Holt Line.5002600
MVUVolturno.Uranium S. S. Co.---------
MNVVondel.Nederland S. S. Co.160---300, 450, 600
WBW. B. Davock.Vulcan S. S. Co.1001Variable.
NFW. F. Herrin.Associated Transportation Co.3002450
CMIW. H. Gratwick.Cleveland S. S. Co.---------
MFDW. H. Gratwick.Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co.1001Variable.
BDW. S. Porter.Associated Oil Co.---425
MQHWalmer Castle.Union Castle Line.250---300, 600
WDWalter Adams.The Fisheries Co.100---300
CMKWalter Scranton.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
DWAWard Ames.Acme S. S. Co.1001Variable.
MYOWarwickshire.Bibby Line.---------
UGWashtenaw.Union S. S. Co of California.3002400
P8Watson.Alaska Pacific S. S. Co.3001300
WSWestern States.Detroit & Buffalo S. S. Co.1001Variable.
UNWhittier.Union Oil Co.3002350
DWIWiegand.Roland Line.3251300, 450, 600
NRWilhemina.Matson Navigation Co.3003350
MRWWilis.Rotterdam Lloyd.160---300, 450, 600
DWHWillehad.North German Lloyd.225---300, 450, 600
SWWilliamette.Chas R. McCormick & Co.---------
SNWWilpen.Shenango S. S. Co.1001Variable.
DWKWindhuk.Hamburg-American Line.200---600, 300, 450
QWWinifred.J. M. Guffey Petroleum Co.2001356
MFLWinifredian.Leyland Line.125---300, 600
DWDWittekind.North German Lloyd.200---300, 450, 600
CMPWm. E. Reis.Cleveland S. S. Co.---3---
WHMWm. Henry Mack.Jenkins S. S. Co.---------
SNDWm. P. Snyder.Shenango S. S. Co.1001Variable.
MYNWorcestershire.Bibby Line.---------
MJWyandotte.Montauk Steamboat Co.---------
RYYale.Pacific Navigation Co.3002400
DYKYorck.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
JCYoro.Independent S. S. Co.3002400
UEBYoro.Emerald S. S. Co.135---300, 600
SYYosemite.Char. R. McCormick Co.3001350
DYAYpiranga.Hamburg-American Line.190---300, 450, 600
AGYucatan.North Pacific S. S. Co.3001275
UFZZacapa.United Fruit Co.4002500
MKZZealandia.Koninkliji Hollandische Lloyd.135---300, 450, 600
MZAZelandia.Huddart, Parker & Co.------300
MZDZealand.Red Star Line.85---110, 300
DZNZieten.North German Lloyd.325---300, 450, 600
DZZulia.Red D Line.3001425


AAASydney, Australia.
AABS. S. Bombala.
AACS. S. Cooma.
AAKS. S. Kyarra.
AALS. S. Levuka.
AANS. S. Kawowna.
AARS. S. Riverina.
AAUS. S. Ulimaroa.
ABS. S. Alabama.
ABS. S. Sabine.
ABS. S. Chicago.
ABDS. S. Aberdeen.
ACS. S. Concho.
ADS. S. Denver.
ADS. S. Victoria.
ADS. S. Eastland.
ADMAmsterdam, Holland.
ADNU. S. Artillery harbor tug Anderson.
AFS. S. Concord.
AFS. S. Colorado.
AGS. S. Rio Grande.
AGS. S. Yucatan.
AHS. S. Nueces.
AHS. S. Pennsylvania.
AIS. S. La Touche.
AJAGerman pilot steamer Jade.
AKS. S. San Marcos.
AKS. S. Santa Clara.
ALS. S. Loftus Cuddy.
ALGAlgiers, Algeria.
ALMAlmeria, Spain.
AMS. S. America.
AMS. S. Comal.
AMS. S. Riverside.
AMKuanakakai, Molokai, Hawaiian Islands.
AMHS. Y. Atmah.
AMHS. Y. Amphitrate.
AMLAmaralina, Brazil.
ANS. S. Northwestern.
ANAntivari, Montenegro.
ANDS. S. Minda.
ANMS. S. Minia.
APS. S. Lampasas.
APCS. Y. Apache.
AQS. S. City of Benton Harbor.
AQS. S. Roanoke.
ARBAruba, Dutch West Indies.
ASS. S. Lexington.
ASS. S. San Jacinto.
ASS. S. Admiral Sampson.
ASAldershot, England.
ASManistique, Mich.
ASDAmsterdam (navy yard), Holland.
ASFU. S. Artillery harbor tug James Fornance.
ATS. S. Dora.
ATBU. S. Army transport Buford.
ATCU. S. Army transport Cook.
ATDU. S. Army transport Dix.
ATHU. S. Army transport Sumner.
ATKU. S. Army transport Kilpatrick.
ATLU. S. Army transport Logan.
ATMU. S. Army transport Liscum.
ATRU. S. Army transport Sherman.
ATSU. S. Army transport Sheridan.
ATUU. S. Army transport Thomas.
ATWU. S. Army transport Warren.
AUS. S. Dolphin.
AUChatham, Mass.
AVS. S. Seward.
AWS. S. Olympia.
AXS. S. Kansas City.
AXAtlantic City, N. J.
AYS. S. Geo. W. Elder.
AZS. S. Brazos.
A2S. S. Acapulca.
A2Avalon, Catalina Island, Cal.
A3Tug Tyee.
BSparrows Point, Md.
BBaracoa, Cuba.
BBocas del Toro, Panama.
BAS. S. Bermudian.
BACS. Y. Bacchante.
BAOAbo, Russia.
BBFS. S. Batavier IV.
BBSS. S. Batavier II.
BBTS. S. Batavier III.
BBVS. S. Batavier V.
BCS. S. Virginia.
BDS. S. W. S. Porter.
BDS. S. Trinidad.
BDNew York, N. Y.
BERBerbera, British Somaliland.
BFBuffalo, N. Y.
BFPhiladelphia, Pa.
BGS. S. Iroquois.
BGS. S. Guinea.
BGFHelsingfors, Finland.
BHS. S. Chippewa.
BHBenton Harbor, Mich.
BHBlaavands Huk, Denmark.
BIS. S. Indianapolis.
BIS. S. Joseph Pulitzer.
BJS. S. Prince George.
BJS. S. John J. Barlum.
BLHLekhte, Russia.
BLWLibau, Russia.
BMS. S. Rosecrans.
BNS. S. Korona.
BNS. S. Boston.
BNHarbor Beach, Mich.
BNChNikoalistadt, Russia.
BNRBonaire, Dutch West Indies.
BPS. S. Hermosa.
BPSPreste, Russia.
BQS. S. Parima.
BQS. S. Nann Smith.
BRS. S. Thomas Smith.
BRBritz, Germany.
BRBS. S. J. J. Sister.
BRBROvertoom, Holland.
BRCS. S. Barcelo.
BRDS. S. Vincente Puchol.
BRES. S. Villarreal.
BRFS. S. Cabanal.
BRGS. S. Vincente Str. Reda.
BRWReval, Russia.
BSWashington, D. C. (Bureau of Standards).
BSPhiladelphia, Pa. (Bellevue-Stratford).
BSU. S. Army cable ship Burnside.
BSPSevastopol, Russia.
BTS. S. Hyades.
BTLButt of Lewis, Scotland.
BTPSt. Petersburg, Russia.
BUS. S. Rupert City.
BUBukoba, German East Africa.
BVS. S. Cabrillo.
BVAS. Y. Virginia.
BWS. S. Alliance.
BWCeiba, Honduras.
BWTVladivostok, Siberia.
BXS. S. City of South Haven.
BYShoeburyness, England.
BYNBabylonia, Brazil.
BYRBombay, India.
B1Marquette & Bessemer car ferry No. 1.
B2Marquette & Bessemer car ferry No. 2.
B2S. S. Peru.
B3Tug Goliah.
CCamaguey, Cuba.
CAS. S. City of Alpena.
CAS. S. Coamo.
CAS. S. Priscilla.
CACambridge, England.
CADDead Tree Point, Charlotte Islands, British Columbia.
CANSaginaw, Mich.
CARS. S. Ashtabula.
CARS. S. Regele Carol I.
CASFort Monroe, Va. (Coast Artillery School).
CBS. S. Carolina.
CBBuffalo, N. Y.
CBBoca del Colorado, Costa Rico.
CBCheribon, Dutch East Indies.
CBJS. S. Sierra.
CDS. S. City of Detroit.
CDS. S. Dorothy Bradford.
CDDuluth, Minn.
CDNClifden, Ireland.
CFDetroit, Mich.
CFS. S. City of Buffalo.
CGChicago, Ill.
CGS. S. City of St. Ignace.
CGCharlottenburg, Germany.
CGSS. S. Quadra.
CHPort Huron, Mich.
CHChamartin, Spain.
CHAS. S. Harmonic.
CHCWilliamstad, Curaçao.
CHNS. S. Huronic.
CIErie, Pa.
CJSault Ste. Marie, Mich.
CJS. S. San Juan.
CJAS. S. Juanita.
CJLDetroit, Mich. (Detroit Journal).
CLSS. S. Charlois.
CMCalumet, Mich.
CMMilwaukee, Wis.
CMBuenos Aires, Argentine Republic.
CMAS. S. Hugh Kennedy.
CMBS. S. Jos. Sellewood.
CMDS. S. S. M. Clement.
CMFS. S. Pendenis White.
CMGS. S. Moses Taylor.
CMHS. S. James Gayley.
CMIS. S. W. H. Gratwick.
CMJS. S. J. J. Albright.
CMKS. S. Walter Scranton.
CMNS. S. E. A. S. Clarke.
CMPS. S. Wm. E. Reis.
CMQS. S. N. A. Hanna.
CMRS. S. H. S. Houlden.
CMSS. S. Lagonda.
CMUS. S. J. J. McWilliams.
CMVS. S. Major.
CMWS. S. Robert L. Fryer.
CNCleveland, Ohio.
COAshtabula, Ohio.
COCayo Criso, Cuba.
COCoruna, Italy.
CORCorvo, Azores.
CPS. S. Ponce.
CPAPort Arthur, Ontario.
CPCS. S. Princess Charlotte.
CPMS. S. Princess May.
CPRS. S. Princess Royal.
CPTTug Tees.
CPVS. S. Princess Victoria.
CQMarquette, Mich.
CRCWilliamstad, Curaçao.
CSS. S. Seneca.
CSS. S. Eastern States.
CSTSt. Thomas, Ontario.
CTS. S. Canada.
CTToledo, Ohio.
CTAS. S. Tionesta.
CTDS. S. Canada.
CTNCapetown, Cape Colony.
CVS. S. Currier.
CWS. S. Commonwealth.
CWS. S. Western States.
CWDetroit, Mich.
CXCleveland, Ohio.
CYBay City, Mich.
CYS. Y. Gypsy III.
DASanta Clara, Cuba.
DAS. S. Philadelphia.
DAAS. S. Altai.
DABS. S. Augustus B. Wolvin.
DABS. S. Albinginia.
DACS. S. Dacia.
DADS. S. Adler.
DAHS. S. Adeline.
DAIS. S. Annie.
DALS. S. Admiral.
DAMS. S. Allemannia.
DAMS. S. James H. Hoyt.
DANS. S. Frank H. Peavey.
DANS. S. Neubau.
DATS. S. Atto.
DAWS. S. Adolf Woermann.
DAYS. S. Alleghany.
DBS. S. Caracas.
DBAS. S. Barcelona.
DBBSchooner Dorothy B. Barrett.
DBDS. S. Berthold.
DBES. S. Berengar.
DBFS. S. Birkenfels.
DBGS. S. Brandenburg.
DBMS. S. Burgomaster.
DBNDurban, Natal.
DBOS. S. H. P. Bope.
DBRS. S. Bremen.
DBUS. S. Breslau.
DBWS. S. Bulow.
DCS. S. Iowa.
DCAS. S. Cap Arcona.
DCBS. S. Cap Blanco.
DCCS. S. Cassel.
DCES. S. Cap Verde.
DCFS. S. C. F. Tietgen.
DCGS. S. Coburg.
DCIS. S. Kronprinzessin Cecile.
DCLS. S. Clara Blumenfeld.
DCNS. S. Cap Finisterre.
DCOS. S. Cap Ortegal.
DCRS. S. Cap Roca.
DCSS. S. Clare.
DCVS. S. Cap Vilano.
DDAS. S. Kaiserin Augusta Victoria.
DDBS. S. Blucher.
DDCS. S. Cincinnati.
DDES. S. Deutchland.
DDFS. S. Pisa.
DDGS. S. Bulgaria.
DDHS. S. Hamburg.
DDIS. S. President Lincoln.
DDJS. S. Batavia.
DDKS. S. Konig Wilhelm II.
DDLS. S. Victoria Luise.
DDMS. S. Moltke.
DDNS. S. Pennsylvania.
DDOS. S. Prinz Oscar.
DDPS. S. Patricia.
DDQS. S. Pallanza.
DDRS. S. Amerika.
DDSS. S. President Grant.
DDTS. S. Pretoria.
DDVS. S. Cleveland.
DDWS. S. Graf Waldersee.
DDZS. S. Prinz Adalbert.
DEBS. S. Elkab.
DEHS. S. Edmund.
DEIS. S. Elsenbach.
DERS. S. Derfflinger.
DEWS. S. Elonore Woermann.
DFConey Island, N. Y.
DFVancouver, British Columbia.
DFBS. S. Furst Bismarck.
DFBS. S. Fred B. Wells.
DFHS. S. Fritz.
DFLS. S. Field Marshall.
DFRS. S. Konig Friedrich August.
DFTS. S. Frankfort.
DGAS. S. Ganelon.
DGHS. S. Grete.
DGIS. S. Giessen.
DGKS. S. D. G. Kerr.
DGLS. S. General.
DGNS. S. Goeben.
DGOS. S. Grosserog von Oldenburg.
DGTS. S. Gotha.
DGUS. S. Gneisenai.
DGWS. S. Gertrude Woermann.
DHS. S. Kingfisher.
DHAS. S. Haimon.
DHBS. S. Helene Blumenfeld.
DHCS. S. Camerones.
DHES. S. Heluan.
DHGS. S. Hapsburg.
DHHS. S. Heinrich.
DHIS. S. Hilde.
DHLS. S. Holstein.
DHMS. S. Mendoza.
DHNS. S. Hohenstauffen.
DHNS. S. Frank T. Heffelinger.
DHOS. S. Hellig Olav.
DHPS. S. Presidente de Mintre.
DHQS. S. Presidente Quintana.
DHRS. S. Holger.
DHVS. S. Hannover.
DHWS. S. Henny Woermann.
DIS. S. Kingsway.
DIAS. S. Rhenania.
DIRS. S. Imperator.
DJCS. S. James C. Wallace.
DJRS. S. James H. Reed.
DKAS. S. Kronprinzessin Cecile.
DKBS. S. Berlin.
DKCS. S. Kohn.
DKDS. S. Friederich der Grosse.
DKDIkeda Head, Charlotte Islands, British Columbia.
DKES. S. Prinzess Irene.
DKFS. S. Prinz Friedrich.
DKGS. S. Grosser Kurfurst.
DKIS. S. Main.
DKKS. S. Neckar.
DKLS. S. Konigen Luise.
DKMS. S. Kaiser Wilhelm II.
DKNS. S. George Washington.
DKOS. S. Konig Albert.
DKPS. S. Kronprinz Wilhelm.
DKRS. S. Rhein.
DKSS. S. Barbarossa.
DKWS. S. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse.
DKZS. S. Prinzess Alice.
DLLe Crois, Morocco.
DLOS. S. Lutzow.
DLWS. S. Lucile Woermann.
DMDuluth, Minn.
DMS. S. Maracaibow.
DMS. S. Nyack.
DMADemerara, Georgetown, British Guiana.
DMRS. S. Meteor.
DNSan Luis Obispo, Cal.
DNDrognden, Denmark.
DNAS. S. Negada.
DNHS. S. Nora.
DNIS. S. Nitokris.
DNVS. S. Navarra.
DOAS. S. Moskwa.
DOHS. S. Otto.
DORS. S. Oscar II.
DPDieppe, France.
DPAS. S. Prinz Adalbert.
DPBS. S. Prinz Heinrich.
DPES. S. Prinz Eitel Friedrich.
DPGS. S. Prinz Regent.
DPLS. S. Prinz Ludwig.
DPNS. S. Prinzessin.
DPOS. S. Polynesia.
DPSS. S. Prinz Sigismund.
DPTS. S. President.
DPWS. S. Prinz Waldemar.
DPZS. S. Kronprinz.
DRDetroit, Mich.
DRAS. S. Roda.
DRADakar, Senegal.
DRBS. S. Roland.
DRCS. S. Corcovado.
DRDS. S. Druid.
DRES. S. Rhaetia.
DRHS. S. Rhakotis.
DRLS. S. Prinz Regent Luitpold.
DRNS. S. Roon.
DRSS. S. Rhodopis.
DRUS. S. Rugia.
DSSouth Haven, Mich.
DSAS. S. Scharnhorst.
DSBS. S. Prinz August Wilhelm.
DSCS. S. Stephan.
DSDS. S. Senator von Berenberg Gossler.
DSES. S. Seeadler.
DSGS. S. Prinz Sigismund.
DSHS. S. Senator Holthusen.
DSIS. S. Prinz Eitel Friedrich.
DSKS. S. Sperber.
DSLS. S. Schwalbe.
DSMS. S. Sarnia.
DSNS. S. Schwan.
DSOS. S. Oceana.
DSPS. S. Prinz Joachim.
DSRS. S. Senator Refardt.
DSSS. S. Senator Schafer.
DSTS. S. Kleist.
DSVS. S. Siberia.
DSWS. S. Schleswug.
DSZS. S. Seyditz.
DTDS. S. Diedrich.
DTES. S. Thessalia.
DTGS. S. Titania.
DTUS. S. Thuringia.
DUJuneau, Alaska.
DUFS. S. Geo. W. Peavey.
DUNS. S. Kumerun.
DUSS. S. United States.
DWAS. S. Ward Ames.
DWHS. S. Willehad.
DWIS. S. Wiegand.
DWKS. S. Windhuk.
DWSS. S. Senator Westphal.
DXToledo, Ohio.
DXWS. S. Alexander Woermann.
DYAS. S. Ypiranga.
DYKS. S. Yorck.
DZLansing, Mich.
DZS. S. Zulia.
DZNS. S. Ziethan.
D1Schoooner Pendleton Sisters.
EKS. S. Breakwater.
ENS. S. El Norte.
ESS. S. Easton.
FAU. S. Army cable boat Field.
FAS. S. City of Columbus.
FAMalabang, P. I.
FAFAmrunbank Lightship, Germany.
FAGAdlergrund Lightship, Germany.
FALFayal, Azores.
FAUOuter Jade Lightship, Germany.
FBS. S. City of Atlanta.
FBFairbanks, Alaska.
FBNBoston, Mass. (Board of Trade Building).
FBOBrant Rock, Mass.
FBRBorkum Reef Lightship, Germany.
FBSS. S. F. B. Squire
FCFort Andrews, Mass.
FCS. S. City of Macon.
FDFort Wood, N. Y.
FDS. S. City of Memphis.
FDNome, Alaska.
FEFerrol, Spain.
FEKotlik, Alaska.
FEFElbe Lightship, Germany.
FGS. S. Naomi.
FGFort Gibbon, Alaska.
FHS. S. City of Savannah.
FHCorregidor Island, P. I.
FIFEider lightship, Germany.
FJS. S. City of Augusta.
FJFort Stevens, Oreg.
FKCircle City, Alaska.
FLFort Leavenworth, Kans.
FLEiffel Tower, Paris.
FLKMachrihanish Bay, Scotland.
FLKFlekkero, Norway.
FLOFlores, Azores.
FMS. S. E. G. Crosby.
FMFort Morgan, Ala.
FMFort St. Michael, Alaska.
FMFaro Mogotes, Argentine Republic.
FMZamboanga, P. I.
FNFort Hancock, N. J.
FNKNew York, N. Y.
FNLFlannon Isle, Scotland.
FNRFernando de Noronha, Brazil.
FNTFastnet, Ireland.
FOFort Monroe, Va.
FOS. S. Chattahoochee.
FPS. S. Nacoochee.
FPPetersburg, Alaska.
FQFort Egbert, Alaska.
FRU. S. Army Cable Ship Joseph Henry.
FSFort Omaha, Nebr.
FSJolo, P. I.
FTFort Totten, N. Y.
FUNulato, Alaska.
FVFort Levitt, Me.
FVGVillegaigon, Brazil.
FWFort H. G. Wright, N. Y.
FWWrangell, Alaska.
FWFWesser lightship, Germany.
FXS. S. City of St. Louis.
FXFort Worden, Wash.
FYS. S. City of Montgomery.
FYU. S. Artillery harbor tug, General R. B. Ayers.
FZYacht Lydonia.
FZFort Riley, Kans.
GAS. S. City of Seattle.
GBS. S. Capt. A. F. Lucas.
GBCape Breton, Glace Bay, Nova Scotia.
GBABolt Head, England.
GCS. S. Georgia.
GCS. S. Curacao.
GCKBrow Head, Ireland.
GCSCaister, England.
GDStandard Oil barge No. 91.
GDGraadyb lightship, Denmark.
GDPS. Y. Pacifique.
GES. S. Spokane.
GFS. S. City of Everett.
GFS. S. Falcon.
GHS. S. Maverick.
GHGrand Haven, Mich.
GHStandard Oil barge 94.
GJGjedser, Denmark.
GKS. S. Cottage City.
GLS. S. State of California.
GLDThe Lizard, England.
GLVSeaforth, Liverpool, England.
GMGrand Marias, Minn.
GMS. S. Ascunsion.
GMS. S. Pilgrim.
GMHMain Head, Ireland.
GNS. S. Atlas.
GNFNorth Foreland, England.
GNINiton, England.
GOChicago, Ill. (Congress Hotel).
GOS. S. Ramona.
GPStandard Oil barge No. 95.
GQS. S. City of Pueblo.
GRACopenhagen, Denmark.
GRLRosslare, Ireland.
GRTGuaratiba, Brazil.
GRVS. S. Lovenorn.
GSTug Astral.
GSS. S. Senator.
GSGGoteborg, Sweden.
GSKKarlskrona, Sweden.
GTSS. S. Monarch.
GUS. S. Umatilla.
GUGuernsey, England.
GUGuadalajara, Spain.
GVGalveston, Tex.
GVS. S. Governor.
GWGrand Island, La.
GWS. S. President.
GXS. S. Queen.
GYS. S. City of Topeka.
GZDS. S. Duitschland.
GZES. S. Engeland.
G2Los Angeles, Cal.
G2S. S. Navajo.
HHorten, Norway.
HACape Hatteras, N. C.
HAKarluk, Alaska.
HARS. S. Antrim.
HBNew Orleans, La.
HBU. S. Army Artillery harbor tug Gen. Harvey Brown.
HBKogginunk, Alaska.
HBRHeysham, England.
HCS. S. Arizona.
HCChignik, Alaska.
HCCarlobago, Austria-Hungary.
HDS. S. Alameda.
HDGS. S. Donegal.
HDRHelder, Holland.
HFNushagak, Alaska.
HFFiume, Austria-Hungary.
HGProvidence, R. I.
HGClarks Point, Alaska.
HJS. S. Julia.
HKS. S. Mariposa.
HKNew Orleans, La. (Hotel Grunewald).
HKCape d'Aguilar, Hongkong.
HKSHaaks Lightship, Holland.
HMS. S. Jefferson.
HNS. S. Hanalia.
HNS. S. Chester W. Chapin.
HNS. S. Missouri.
HNUHunstanton, England.
HOS. S. Corwin.
HOS. S. Chicago.
HOS. Y. Hohenzollern.
HOKHoek van Holland.
HQMackinac Island, Mich.
HRBacochibampo, Mexico.
HRHorns Reef lightship, Denmark.
HSTug Savage.
HSMS. S. Londonderry.
HTNak Nek, Alaska.
HVHavana, Cuba (Vedado).
HVS. S. Grant.
HWS. S. Mackinaw.
HXLudington, Mich.
HXS. S. Humboldt.
HYS. S. Plymouth.
HYCuban revenue cutter Hatuey.
HYAmesbury, Mass.
HZZengg, Austria-Hungary.
H2S. S. Rose City.
IATug Tyee, jr.
IBS. S. Resolute.
IBFBrest, France (arsenal).
ICLIlha das Cobras, Brazil.
IDS. S. Fearless.
IHInistrahull, Ireland.
INS. S. Lucy Neff.
ITFToulon, France.
ITRS. S. Imperatul Traian.
IVFPort Vendres, France.
I2S. S. Pleiades.
JARS. S. Ragnvald Jarl.
JBS. S. Bunker Hill.
JBHS. Y. Lounger II.
JBLS. S. Jan Bredel.
JCS. S. City of Racine.
JCS. S. Yoro.
JCABowden, Jamaica.
JCSChoshi, Simosa, Japan.
JDS. S. North Land.
JEJersey, England.
JFKS. S. Fukikaku, Formosa.
JHS. S. Horatio Hall.
JKRJask, Persia.
JMS. S. Massachusetts.
JMS. S. Manhattan.
JOS. S. Old Colony.
JOIOtchishi, Japan.
JOSOse Saki, Japan.
JSS. S. North Star.
JSMShiomizaki, Japan.
JTSTsunoshima, Japan.
JWS. S. James Whalen.
JXJacksonville, Fla.
J2S. S. San Juan.
KAS. S. Antilles.
KAKawaikae, Hawaiian Islands.
KACArcona, Germany.
KANAngaur, Caroline Islands.
KBHBremerhaven, Lloyd Hall, Germany.
KBKBulk, Germany.
KBMBorkum, Germany.
KBRBrunsbuttelkoog, Germany.
KCS. S. Christopher Columbus.
KCS. S. Chalmette.
KCXCuxhaven, Germany.
KDS. S. Comus.
KDS. S. A. G. Lindsay.
KDGDanzig, Germany.
KGHS. S. King Harold.
KHGHeligoland, Germany.
KJAYap, Caroline Islands.
KMS. S. Momus.
KMRMarienleuchte, Germany.
KNDNorddeich, Germany.
KOS. S. Excelsior.
KPS. S. Proteus.
KPDPachena, British Columbia.
KRS. S. Creole.
KSS. S. Santa Cruz.
KSAS. S. Scotia.
KSBS. S. Anglia.
KSCS. S. Hibernia.
KSDS. S. Cambria.
KSMS. Y. Kismet.
KSTConstanza, Roumania.
KSWSwinemunde, Germany.
KTSTsinghau, China.
KYS. S. Kentucky.
KYS. S. Arundell.
LFLS. S. La Flandre.
LHLahaina, Maui, Hawaiian Islands.
LHALighthouse Tender Kukui.
LMSMaas Lightship, Holland.
LNSCullercoats, England.
LOIsla Leonco, Argentine Republic.
LPDS. S. Leopold II.
LPDPort Said, Egypt.
LPKPort Tewfik, Egypt.
LRCCastelneuvo, Austria-Hungary.
LRDS. S. Lady Laurier.
LRPPola, Austria-Hungary.
LRSSebenico, Austria-Hungary.
LSGLoch Boisdale, Scotland.
LULussin, Austria-Hungary.
L2S. S. Leelanaw.
MHavana, Cuba (Morro Castle).
MMessina, Italy.
MAS. S. Allianca.
MAS. S. Maine.
MAAS. S. Carmania.
MABS. S. Lombardia.
MACS. S. Sicilia.
MADS. S. Duca Degli Abruzzi.
MAES. S. Duca di Genova.
MAFS. S. Mendoza.
MAGS. S. Cordova.
MAHS. S. Virginia.
MAIS. S. Caledonia.
MAJS. S. Calabria.
MAKS. S. Indiana.
MALS. S. Liguria.
MALAdelie Land, The Antarctic.
MAMS. S. Lusiania.
MANS. Y. Niagara.
MAOS. S. Duca d'Aosta.
MAPS. S. Sardegna.
MAQS. S. Madonna.
MARS. S. Italia.
MASAsinara, Sardinia, Italy.
MATAmerican Tickle, Labrador.
MATS. Y. Atalanta.
MAUS. S. Umbria.
MAVS. S. Alva.
MAVS. S. Florida.
MAWS. S. Perugia.
MAYS. S. Antony.
MAZS. S. L'Avenor.
MBMobile, Ala.
MBAS. S. Athenia.
MBBS. S. Asturias.
MBCS. S. Baltic.
MBDBardera, Italian Somaliland.
MBECape Bear, Prince Edward Island.
MBFS. S. Saturnia.
MBGS. S. Araguaya.
MBHBattle Harbor, Labrador.
MBIBelle Isle, Newfoundland.
MBJS. S. Tritonia.
MBKBalleric Islands.
MBLBernal, Argentine Republic.
MBMS. S. Danube.
MBNS. S. Arragon.
MBOS. S. Avon.
MBPS. S. Leopoldville.
MBQS. S. Ben-my-Chree.
MBRBroomfield, England.
MBSPalm Beach, Fla.
MBTS. S. Elizabethville.
MBUS. S. Bruxellsville.
MBVIsola Chixosa, Italy.
MBWBrava, Italian Somaliland.
MBYBarcelona, Spain.
MBZS. S. Amazon.
MCS. S. Sheboygen.
MCMonte Entrance, Argentine Republic.
MCAS. S. Campania.
MCBChateau Bay, Labrador.
MCCCape Cod, Mass. (Commercial.)
MCECape Race, Newfoundland.
MCFS. S. Canada.
MCGS. S. Cambria.
MCGMocangue, Brazil.
MCHPoint Rich, Nova Scotia.
MCIS. S. California.
MCIS. S. Chili.
MCJS. S. Telconia.
MCKClarke City, Seven Islands, Canada.
MCLS. S. Colonia.
MCMCape Mele, Liguria, Italy.
MCNS. S. Corsican.
MCOS. S. Chaco.
MCPCadiz, Spain.
MCQS. S. Munster.
MCRCape Ray, Newfoundland.
MCSS. S. Cadiz.
MCTS. S. Buccaneer.
MCUS. S. Connaught.
MCVS. S. Leinster.
MCWS. S. Ulster.
MCYCape May, N. J.
MCZCozzo Spadaro, Cape Passaro, Sicily.
MDS. S. Cristobal.
MDS. S. Shinnecock.
MDAS. S. Cearsense.
MDBS. S. Clement.
MDCS. S. Cedric.
MDDS. S. Christopher.
MDES. S. Denis.
MDFS. S. Dominion.
MDGS. S. Francis.
MDHS. S. Hubert.
MDIS. S. Pancras.
MDJS. S. Stephan.
MDKS. S. Anselm.
MDLS. S. Devonian.
MDMS. S. Hildebrand.
MDNS. S. Sardinian.
MDODomino Island, Labrador.
MDPS. S. Hilary.
MDQMadrid, Spain.
MDRS. S. Ambrose.
MDSS. S. Lanfranc.
MDTS. S. Macedonia.
MDUS. S. Atahualpa.
MDVS. S. Huatna.
MDWS. S. Manco.
MDYS. S. Stephano.
MDZS. S. Seal.
MES. Y. Electra.
MEAS. S. Franconia.
MEBS. S. Tamarac.
MECS. S. Narragansett.
MEDS. S. Cassandra.
MEES. S. Electra.
MEFS. S. John Pender.
MEGS. S. Norseman.
MEHS. S. Magnet.
MEIS. S. Iroquois.
MEJS. S. Recorder.
MEKMerka, Italian Somaliland.
MELS. S. Bohemian.
MELMelilla, Morocco.
MEMS. S. Patrol.
MENS. S. Navahoe.
MEPS. S. Regina Maria Cristina.
MEQS. S. Empress Queen.
MERS. S. Royal Edward.
MESS. S. P. de Satrustegui.
METS. S. Alfonse XIII.
MEUS. S. Manuel Calvo.
MEVS. S. Africa.
MEWS. S. Lusitania. (Portuguese steamer).
MEYS. S. Beira.
MEZS. S. Antonio Lopez.
MFS. S. Finance.
MFAS. S. Lusitania.
MFBS. S. Sentinel.
MFCS. S. Arabic.
MFDS. S. Finland.
MFDS. S. W. H. Gratwick.
MFES. S. Mantao.
MFFS. S. Pachitea.
MFGS. S. Urabamba.
MFHFraserburgh, Scotland.
MFIS. S. Furnessia.
MFJS. S. Cormorant.
MFKS. S. Sherard Osborn.
MFLS. S. Winifredian.
MFMS. S. Aidan.
MFNS. S. Pretorian.
MFPFame Point, Quebec.
MFRS. S. Mayaro.
MFSFort Spuria, Messina, Italy.
MFTS. S. Augustine.
MFUS. S. Aeneas.
MFVS. S. Ascanius.
MFWS. S. Anchises.
MFYS. S. Grenada.
MFZS. S. Maracus.
MGS. S. Montauk.
MGTug Tatoosh.
MGAS. S. Mauretania.
MGAS. S. Aorangi.
MGBS. Y. Lysistrata.
MGCS. S. Cymric.
MGDMogadiscio, Italian Somaliland.
MGES. S. Germania.
MGFS. S. Miltiades.
MGGS. S. Moravian.
MGHS. S. Norseman.
MGIGross Isle, Quebec.
MGJS. S. Marathon.
MGKS. S. Demosthenes.
MGLS. S. Canadian.
MGMS. S. Maitai.
MGMS. S. Themistocles.
MGNS. S. Virginian.
MGOGiumbo, Italian Somaliland.
MGPCape Gato, Spain.
MGRS. S. Royal George.
MGSS. S. Miguel M. Pinilles.
MGTS. S. British Sun.
MGUS. S. Campanello.
MGVS. S. Monmouth.
MGXS. S. Prinzess Alice.
MHS. S. Panama.
MHAS. S. Noordam.
MHBS. S. New Amsterdam.
MHCS. S. Adriatic.
MHDS. S. Gothland.
MHEPhiladelphia, Pa. (Wanamaker's).
MHFS. S. Abdel Kader.
MHGS. S. Californie.
MHHHaven, England.
MHINew York, N. Y. (Wanamaker's).
MHJS. S. Caravelle.
MHKS. Y. Sapphire.
MHLS. S. Cestrian.
MHMS. S. Potsdam.
MHNS. S. Carthaginian.
MHOS. S. Duc de Bragance.
MHPHeath Point, Anticosti Island, Canada.
MHQS. S. Eugene Periere.
MHRS. S. Rotterdam.
MHSS. S. Statendam.
MHSS. S. Hudson.
MHTS. S. Marie Henriette.
MHUS. S. Louisiane.
MHVS. S. Marschal Bugeand.
MHWS. S. Mexico.
MHXCamperdown, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
MHYS. S. Rijndam.
MHZS. S. Montreal.
MIS. S. Minnesota.
MIAS. S. Ivernia.
MIBS. S. Bonadventure.
MICS. S. Laurentic.
MIDS. S. Inanda.
MIES. S. Beladventure.
MIFS. S. Newfoundland.
MIHS. S. Adventure.
MIIS. S. Quebec.
MIJS. S. Laurent.
MIKS. S. Inkosi.
MILS. Y. Iolanda .
MIMS. S. Principesa Mafalda.
MINS. S. Ionian.
MIOS. S. Principesa Iolanda.
MIOS. S. Cameronia.
MIPS. S. Intaba.
MIQS. S. Ville d'Alger.
MIRS. S. Virginia.
MISS. S. Catalina.
MITItala, Italian Somaliland.
MIUS. S. Andorinha.
MIVS. S. Rochambeau.
MIWS. S. Somali.
MIYS. S. Timgad.
MIZS. S. Balmeo.
MJS. S. Wyandotte.
MJAS. S. Oropesa.
MJBS. S. Oravia.
MJCS. S. Suevia.
MJDS. S. Lapland.
MJES. S. Orissa.
MJFS. S. Orcoma.
MJGS. S. Orita.
MJHS. S. Haverford.
MJIS. S. Oronsa.
MJJS. S. Oriana.
MJKS. S. Ortega.
MJLS. S. Antillian.
MJMS. S. Merion.
MJNS. S. Scotian.
MJOS. S. Montserrat.
MJPS. S. Montevideo.
MJQS. S. Buenos Aires.
MJSS. Y. Noma.
MJTS. S. Olinda.
MJUS. S. Curityba.
MJVS. S. Lagazpi.
MJWS. S. Vauban.
MJYS. S. Vandyke.
MJZS. S. Vestris.
MKS. S. Millinocket.
MKMilwaukee, Wis.
MKAS. S. Roahine.
MKAS. S. Moana.
MKBS. S. Ruapehu.
MKCS. S. Olympic.
MKDS. S. Kroonland.
MKES. S. Rotorua.
MKFS. S. Frisia.
MKGS. S. Delta.
MKHS. S. Hollandia.
MKICocos Islands.
MKJS. S. Turakina.
MKKS. S. Medic.
MKLS. S. Asian.
MKMS. S. Maleja.
MKMS. S. Marama.
MKNS. S. Corinthian.
MKOS. S. Drumcraig.
MKPS. S. Medina.
MKQS. S. Ballarat.
MKRS. S. Bendigo.
MKSS. S. Barcelona.
MKTS. S. Van Cloon.
MKUS. S. Van Overstraten.
MKUS. S. Makura.
MKVS. S. Remuera.
MKYS. S. Sarnia.
MKZS. S. Zealandia.
MLAS. S. Guadeloupe.
MLBS. S. La Bretagne.
MLCS. S. Celtic.
MLDS. S. Montcalm.
MLES. S. Lake Erie.
MLFS. S. Milwaukee.
MLGS. S. La Gascoyne.
MLHS. S. Lake Michigan.
MLIS. S. Montreal.
MLJS. S. Montrose.
MLKS. S. Montezuma.
MLLS. S. La Lorraine.
MLMS. S. Lake Manitoba.
MLNS. S. Lake Champlain.
MLOS. S. Mount Royal.
MLPS. S. La Provence.
MLQS. S. Mount Temple.
MLRS. S. La Navarre.
MLSS. S. La Savoie.
MLTS. S. La Touraine.
MLUS. S. La Champagne.
MLULugh, Italian Somaliland.
MLVS. S. Perou.
MLWS. S. Montfort.
MLYS. S. Chicago.
MLZS. S. Montcalm.
MMAS. S. Minnehaha.
MMBS. S. Mackay-Bennett.
MMCS. S. Majestic.
MMDS. S. Malwa.
MMES. S. Mantua.
MMFS. S. Morea.
MMGS. S. Egypt.
MMHS. S. Moldavia.
MMIS. S. Charles Roux.
MMJS. S. Mongolia.
MMKS. S. Minnetonka.
MMLS. S. Macedonia.
MMMS. S. Mooltan.
MMNS. S. Minneapolis.
MMOPunta del Este, Uruguay.
MMPMonte Capuccini, Ancona, Italy.
MMQS. S. Persia.
MMRS. S. Marmora.
MMSSan Guiliano di Trapani, Italy.
MMTS. S. Salsette.
MMUS. S. China.
MMVS. S. Mesaba.
MMWS. S. Minnewaska.
MMYS. S. India.
MMZS. S. Arabia.
MNTug Lorne.
MNS. S. Manitou.
MNAS. S. Pannonia.
MNBS. S. Soudan.
MNCS. S. Romanic.
MNDNorth Sydney, Nova Scotia.
MNES. S. Menominee.
MNGS. S. Grotius.
MNHS. S. Dongola.
MNIS. S. Delhi.
MNJS. S. Plassy.
MNKS. S. New York.
MNLS. S. Konigin der Nederlader.
MNMS. S. Manitou.
MNNS. S. Numidian.
MNOS. S. Oranje.
MNPS. S. Prinses Juliana.
MNQS. S. Marquette.
MNRS. S. Rembrandt.
MNRIndian Harbor, Labrador.
MNSNaples, Italy.
MNTS. S. Konig Wilhelm III.
MNUS. S. Caledonia.
MNVS. S. Vondel.
MNWS. S. Konig Wilhelm I.
MNYS. S. Himalaya.
MNZS. S. Vectis.
MOS. S. Mohawk.
MOAS. S. Ancona.
MOBS. S. Bologna.
MOCS. S. Oceanic.
MODS. S. Otrato.
MOES. S. Siena.
MOFS. S. Orsova.
MOGS. S. Sterling.
MOHS. S. Otway.
MOIS. S. Columbia.
MOJS. S. Orvieto.
MOKS. S. Omrah.
MOLS. S. Sovereign.
MOMS. S. Norman.
MONS. S. Mongolian.
MOOS. S. Assaye.
MOPS. S. Minas.
MOQS. S. Rio Amazonas.
MORS. S. Ravenna.
MOSS. S. Toscana.
MOTS. S. Taormina.
MOUS. S. Devanha.
MOVS. S. Verona.
MOWS. S. Carisbrook Castle.
MOYS. S. Osterley.
MOZS. S. Orontes.
MPAS. S. Carpathia.
MPBS. S. Empress of Britain.
MPCS. S. Canopic.
MPCS. S. Princess Clementine.
MPDPoldhu, England.
MPES. S. Princess Elizabeth.
MPELas Palmas, Canary Islands.
MPFS. S. Monteagle.
MPGS. S. Empress of China.
MPHS. S. Philadelphia.
MPIS. S. Empress of India.
MPJS. S. Empress of Japan.
MPKS. S. Princess Adelaide.
MPLS. S. Empress of Ireland.
MPMPalmaria, Italy.
MPNCapo Sperone, Sardinia, Italy.
MPOCagliari, Italy.
MPPPalmero, Italy.
MPQS. S. Dunvegan Castle.
MPRPoint Amour, Labrador.
MPSPonza Island, Italy.
MPTS. S. Patris.
MPUS. S. Princess Mary.
MPVS. S. Haakon VII.
MPWS. S. Balmoral Castle.
MPYS. S. Galway Castle.
MQS. S. Mohegan.
MQAS. S. Rohilla.
MQBS. S. Rewa.
MQCS. S. Persic.
MQDS. S. Guelph.
MQES. S. Edinburgh Castle.
MQFS. S. Kenilworth Castle.
MQGS. S. Armadale Castle.
MQHS. S. Walmer Castle.
MQIS. S. Saxon.
MQIMacquarie Island.
MQJS. S. Briton.
MQKS. S. Kildonan Castle.
MQLS. S. Kinfauns Castle.
MQMS. S. Dover Castle.
MQNS. S. Durham Castle.
MQOS. S. Dunluce Castle.
MQPS. S. Garth Castle.
MQQS. S. Grantully Castle.
MQRS. S. Galeka.
MQSS. S. German.
MQTS. S. Galician.
MQUS. S. Gaika.
MQVS. S. Gascon.
MQWS. S. Goorkja.
MQYS. S. Goth.
MQZS. S. Gloucester Castle.
MRAS. S. Caronia.
MRBS. S. Roma.
MRCS. S. Cretic.
MRDS. S. Sindoro.
MRES. S. Regina Elena.
MRGS. S. Regina d'Italia.
MRHS. S. Campania.
MRIS. S. Re d'Italia.
MRJS. S. Ophir.
MRKS. S. Kawi.
MRLS. S. Sannio.
MRMMonte Mario, Rome, Italy.
MRNS. S. Grampian.
MROS. S. Re Vittorio.
MRPS. S. Principe di Piemonte.
MRQS. S. Goentoer.
MRRS. S. Rindjani.
MRSS. S. Tomaso di Savoia.
MRTS. S. Tabanan.
MRUPictou, Canada.
MRUS. S. Principe Umberto.
MRVS. S. Principe di'Udine.
MRWS. S. Wilis.
MRYS. S. Tambora.
MRZS. S. Lazio.
MSS. S. Ancon.
MSAS. S. Saxonia.
MSBCape Sable, Nova Scotia.
MSCSiasconsett, Mass.
MSCBari, Italy.
MSDSable Island, Nova Scotia.
MSESea Gate, N. Y.
MSFFernandina, Fla.
MSGS. S. Ucayali.
MSHS. S. San Giorgio.
MSIS. S. San Giovanni.
MSJSt. John, Partridge Island, New Brunswick.
MSKSagaponack, N. Y.
MSLSanta Maria di Leuca, Italy.
MSLS. S. St. Louis.
MSMS. S. Espagne.
MSNS. S. Hesperian.
MSOS. S. Caroline.
MSPS. S. St. Paul.
MSQS. S. Niagara.
MSRS. S. Floride.
MSSS. S. Santa Ana.
MSUS. S. Carthage.
MSVS. S. Valbanera.
MSWSouth Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Mass.
MSYVirginia Beach, Va.
MSZS. S. Caesarea.
MTAS. S. Ultonia.
MTCS. S. Teutonic.
MTDS. S. Minto.
MTETeneriffe, Canary Islands.
MTFS. S. San Gugliemo.
MTGS. S. Albania.
MTHS. S. Themistocles.
MTIS. S. Athinai.
MTJS. Y. Karina.
MTKS. Y. Florence.
MTLMontreal, Quebec.
MTMS. S. Piemonte.
MTNS. S. Tunisian.
MTOTaranto, Italy.
MTPTerre Piloti di Malamocco, Italy.
MTQS. S. Albania.
MTRS. S. Ansonia.
MTRS. S. Tortona.
MTSS. S. Taisei Maru.
MTUS. S. Ascania.
MUChelsea, Mass.
MUMusil, Austria-Hungary.
MUMuansa, German East Africa.
MUAFather Point, Quebec.
MUBPictou, Nova Scotia.
MUCS. S. Titanic.
MUCThree Rivers, Quebec.
MUDGrindstone, Magdalen Islands, Quebec.
MUGS. S. Argentina.
MUGPort Arthur, Ontario.
MULS. S. Alice.
MUNS. S. Sicilian.
MUOS. S. Oceania.
MUPS. S. Re Umberto.
MUQS. S. Laura.
MUUS. S. Eugenia.
MUWS. S. Martha Washington.
MVS. S. Advance.
MVS. S. New Haven.
MVAS. S. Argentina.
MVBS. S. Bresile.
MVCS. S. Italia.
MVDS. S. Vaderland.
MVDMontevideo, Uruguay.
MVES. S. Europa.
MVFS. S. Savoia.
MVGVilano, Spain.
MVHS. Y. Valhalla.
MVIVenison Island, Labrador.
MVKS. Y. The Viking.
MVLS. S. Atlantian.
MVMS. S. Citta di Milano.
MVNS. S. Victorian.
MVOS. S. Oceania.
MVPS. S. Citti di Torino.
MVQS. S. Viking.
MVRS. S. Nord America.
MVSS. S. Sud America.
MVTViesti, Mount Gargano, Italy.
MVUS. S. Volturno.
MVYS. S. Karoola.
MVZS. S. Venezia.
MWS. S. Maurence.
MWManitowoc, Wis.
MWWilhelmshaven, Germany.
MWVladivostok, Siberia.
MWAS. S. Aaro.
MWBS. S. Panama.
MWCS. S. Runic.
MWDS. S. Victoria.
MWES. S. Arawa.
MWFS. S. Tainui.
MWGS. S. Mexico.
MWHS. S. California.
MWIS. S. Ionic.
MWJSailing Ship Mersey.
MWKS. S. Quillota.
MWLS. S. Californian.
MWMS. S. Guatemala.
MWNS. S. Athenic.
MWOS. S. Oslo.
MWRHarrington, Quebec.
MWSWithernsea, England.
MWTS. S. Corinthic.
MWUS. S. Uranium.
MWVS. S. La Marsa.
MWWS. S. Modjera.
MXS. S. Colon.
MXBS. S. Beothic.
MXCS. S. Medic.
MXIPort Arthur, Tex.
MXLS. S. Colonian.
MXSS. S. Pio IX.
MYS. S. The Limit.
MYAS. S. Herefordshire.
MYBS. S. Derbyshire.
MYCS. S. Afric.
MYDS. S. Samland.
MYES. S. Oxfordshire.
MYGS. S. Gloucestershire.
MYHS. S. Nonsuch.
MYLS. S. Leicestershire.
MYNS. S. Worcestershire.
MYOS. S. Warwickshire.
MYSS. S. Conde Wifredo.
MYTS. S. Boston.
MYUS. S. Prince Arthur.
MYVS. S. Prince George.
MYZS. S. Palmas.
MZMazatlan, Mexico.
MZAS. S. Zealandia.
MZBS. S. Bornu.
MZCS. S. Megantic.
MZDS. S. Zeeland.
MZES. S. Akobo.
MZFS. Y. Nigeria.
MZIS. S. Elmina.
MZJS. S. Karina.
MZKS. S. Falaba.
MZLS. S. Florizel.
MZMS. S. Mendi.
MZNS. S. Parisian.
MZOS. S. Gromtala.
MZPS. S. Koombana.
MZRS. S. Rosalind.
MZSS. S. Marin Saenz.
MZTS. S. Tarquah.
MZUS. S. Burutu.
MZVVenice, Italy (arsenal).
M2S. S. City of Panama.
NGjedser Reef Lightship, Denmark.
NAS. S. Chehalis.
NABCape Elizabeth, Me. (naval station).
NACPortsmouth, N. H. (navy yard).
NADBoston, Mass. (navy yard).
NAECape Cod, Highland Light, Mass. (naval station).
NAFNewport, R. I. (naval station).
NAGFire Island, N. Y. (naval station).
NAHBrooklyn, N. Y. (navy yard).
NAIPhiladelphia, Pa. (navy yard).
NAJCape Henlopen, Lewes, Del. (naval station).
NAKAnnapolis, Md. (Naval Academy).
NALWashington, D. C. (navy yard).
NAMNorfolk, Va. (navy yard).
NANBeaufort, N. C. (naval station).
NAOCharleston, S. C. (navy yard).
NAPSt. Augustine, Fla. (naval station).
NAQJupiter, Neptune, Fla. (naval station).
NARKey West, Fla. (naval station).
NASPensacola, Fla. (navy yard).
NATNew Orleans, La. (naval station).
NAUSan Juan, P. R. (naval station).
NAUNauen, Germany.
NAVArlington, Va. (naval station).
NAWGuantanamo, Cuba. (U. S. naval station).
NAXColon, Isthmian Canal Zone. (U. S. naval station).
NAYPorto Bello, Panama (U. S. naval station).
NBAU. S. S. Abarenda.
NBGU. S. S. Aileen.
NBHU. S. S. Ajax.
NBIU. S. S. Alabama.
NBJU. S. S. Albany.
NBLU. S. S. Alert.
NBMU. S. S. Alexander.
NBPU. S. S. Ammen.
NBRU. S. S. Annapolis.
NBUU. S. S. Arethusa.
NBVU. S. S. Arkansas.
NCS. S. Carolina.
NCS. S. Carlos.
NCFU. S. S. Bailey.
NCGU. S. S. Bainbridge.
NCHU. S. S. Baltimore.
NCKU. S. S. Barry.
NCLU. S. S. Beale.
NCNU. S. S. Birmingham.
NCQU. S. S. Boston.
NCSU. S. S. Brooklyn.
NCTU. S. S. Brutus.
NCUU. S. S. Buffalo.
NCVU. S. S. Burrows.
NCYU. S. S. Caesar.
NCZU. S. S. California.
NDS. S. Northland.
NDAU. S. S. Castine.
NDBU. S. S. Celtic.
NDCU. S. S. Charleston.
NDEU. S. S. Chattanooga.
NDFU. S. S. Chauncey.
NDGU. S. S. Chester.
NDHU. S. S. Cheyenne.
NDIU. S. S. Chicago.
NDLU. S. S. Cincinnati.
NDMU. S. S. Cleveland.
NDNU. S. S. Colorado.
NDQU. S. S. Connecticut.
NDUU. S. S. Culgoa.
NDYU. S. S. Cyclops.
NEHU. S. S. Dale.
NEJU. S. S. Decatur.
NEKU. S. S. Delaware.
NEMU. S. S. Denver.
NENU. S. S. Des Moines.
NEPU. S. S. Dixie.
NEQU. S. S. Dolphin.
NERU. S. S. Don Juan de Austria.
NESU. S. S. Dorothea.
NETU. S. S. Drayton.
NEUU. S. S. Dubuque.
NEWs. S. Turakina.
NFNorfolk, Va.
NFS. S. Fifield.
NFS. S. W. F. Herrin.
NFCU. S. S. Eagle.
NFEU. S. S. Elcano.
NFJU. S. S. Essex.
NFMU. S. S. Fanning.
NFPU. S. S. Farragut.
NFPU. S. S. Farragut.
NFRU. S. S. Florida.
NFSU. S. S. Flusser.
NGDU. S. S. Galveston.
NGFU. S. S. Georgia.
NGHU. S. S. Glacier.
NGIU. S. S. Gloucester.
NGJU. S. S. Goldsborough.
NGKU. S. S. Gopher.
NGUU. S. S. Hannibal.
NGVU. S. S. Hartford.
NGWU. S. S. Hawk.
NGXU. S. S. Hector.
NGYU. S. S. Helena.
NHS. S. Wilhelmina.
NHCU. S. S. Hopkins.
NHEU. S. S. Hull.
NHNU. S. S. Idaho.
NHOU. S. S. Illinois.
NHQU. S. S. Indiana.
NHTU. S. S. Iowa.
NHUU. S. S. Iris.
NHVU. S. S. Iroquios.
NHWU. S. S. Isla de Cuba.
NIS. S. Klamath.
NIBU. S. S. Jarvis.
NICU. S. S. Jason.
NIDU. S. S. Jenkins.
NIEU. S. S. Jouett.
NIFU. S. S. Jupiter.
NIGU. S. S. Justin.
NIOU. S. S. Kansas.
NIPU. S. S. Kearsarge.
NIQU. S. S. Kentucky.
NIWU. S. S. Lamson.
NIYU. S. S. Lawrence.
NIZU. S. S. Lebanon.
NJS. S. New Jersey.
NJAU. S. S. Leonidas.
NJBU. S. S. Louisiana.
NJHU. S. S. Macdonough.
NJIU. S. S. Machias.
NJLU. S. S. Maine.
NJOU. S. S. Marblehead.
NJQU. S. S. Marietta.
NJRU. S. S. Mars.
NJSU. S. S. Maryland.
NJTU. S. S. Massachusetts.
NJUU. S. S. Mayrant.
NJVU. S. S. Mayflower.
NJWU. S. S. McCall.
NJZU. S. S. Michigan.
NKS. S. New York.
NKS. S. Pequonock.
NKAU. S. S. Milwaukee.
NKDU. S. S. Minnesota.
NKEU. S. S. Mississippi.
NKFU. S. S. Missouri.
NKJU. S. S. Monadnock.
NKLU. S. S. Monaghan.
NKMU. S. S. Montana.
NKNU. S. S. Monterey.
NKOU. S. S. Montgomery.
NKPNicolaiewsk, Russia.
NKVU. S. S. Nanshan.
NKYU. S. S. Nashville.
NKZU. S. S. Navajo.
NLS. S. Diamond Head.
NLANantucket Shoals Lightship.
NLBDiamond Shoals Lightship.
NLCFrying Pan Shoals Lightship.
NMAU. S. S. Nebraska.
NMBU. S. S. Nero.
NMEU. S. S. New Hampshire.
NMFU. S. S. New Jersey.
NMGU. S. S. New Orleans.
NMHNew York Nautical Schoolship Newport.
NMIU. S. S. Saratoga.
NMKU. S. S. New York.
NMNU. S. S. North Carolina.
NMOU. S. S. North Dakota.
NMSU. S. S. Neptune.
NMWU. S. S. Ohio.
NMXU. S. S. Olympia.
NMZU. S. S. Oregon.
NONonendamm, Germany.
NOAU. S. S. Osceola.
NOBU. S. S. Ozark .
NOGU. S. S. Paducah.
NOJU. S. S. Panther.
NOKU. S. S. Patterson.
NOLU. S. S. Patapsco.
NOMU. S. S. Patuxent.
NONU. S. S. Paulding.
NOPU. S. S. Paul Jones.
NOTU. S. S. Pennsylvania.
NOXU. S. S. Perkins.
NOYU. S. S. Perry.
NOZU. S. S. Petrel.
NPACordova, Alaska (naval station).
NPBSitka, Alaska (naval station).
NPCBremerton, Wash. (navy yard).
NPDTatoosh Island, Wash. (naval station).
NPENorth Head, Wash. (naval station).
NPFCape Blanco, Oreg. (naval station).
NPGTable Bluff, Cal. (naval station).
NPGNorth Post, Trinidad.
NPHMare Island, Cal. (navy yard).
NPIFarallon Islands, Cal. (naval station).
NPJYerba Buena Island, Cal. (naval station).
NPKPoint Arguello, Cal. (naval station).
NPLPoint Loma, Cal. (naval station).
NPMHonolulu, Hawaii. (naval station).
NPNGuam, Marianas. (naval station).
NPOCavite, P. I. (naval station).
NPQPribilof Islands, Alaska (naval station).
NPRUnalaska, Alaska (naval station).
NPSKodiak, Alaska (naval station).
NPTOlongapo, P. I. (naval station)
NPTNieuport, Belgium.
NPVUnalga Island, Alaska (naval station).
NQS. S. Holland.
NQFU. S. S. Pompey.
NQMU. S. S. Prairie.
NQNU. S. S. Preble.
NQOU. S. S. Preston.
NQPU. S. S. Princeton.
NQRU. S. S. Prometheus.
NRS. S. Coronado.
NRAU. S. S. Rainbow.
NRBU. S. S. Raleigh.
NRCMassachusetts Nautical Schoolship Ranger.
NREU. S. S. Reid.
NRIU. S. S. Rhode Island.
NRMU. S. S. Roe.
NRZU. S. S. Salem.
NSS. S. New Hampshire.
NSS. S. Kvichak.
NSDU. S. S. Sandoval.
NSEU. S. S. San Francisco.
NSFU. S. S. Saturn.
NSGU. S. S. Scorpion.
NSJU. S. S. Severn.
NSQU. S. S. Smith.
NSTU. S. S. Solace.
NSWU. S. S. South Carolina.
NSXU. S. S. South Dakota.
NTAU. S. S. Sterling.
NTBU. S. S. Sterrett.
NTCU. S. S. Stewart.
NTFU. S. S. St. Louis.
NTGU. S. S. Stockton.
NTIU. S. S. Stringham.
NTKU. S. S. Supply.
NUS. S. J. S. Chanslor.
NUAU. S. S. Tacoma.
NUCU. S. S. Tallahassee.
NUGU. S. S. Tennessee.
NUIU. S. S. Terry.
NUJU. S. S. Texas.
NUNU. S. S. Tonopah.
NUQU. S. S. Trippe.
NUSU. S. S. Truxtun.
NVS. S. Charles S. Nelson.
NVDU. S. S. Uncas.
NVEU. S. S. Utah.
NVKU. S. S. Vermont.
NVLU. S. S. Vestal.
NVMU. S. S. Vesuvius.
NVNU. S. S. Vicksburg.
NVRU. S. S. Virginia.
NVSU. S. S. Vixen.
NVTU. S. S. Vulcan.
NWS. S. Northwest.
NWS. S. Honolulan.
NWNawiliwili, Kauai, Hawaiian Islands.
NWDU. S. S. Warrington.
NWEU. S. S. Washington.
NWGU. S. S. West Virginia.
NWHU. S. S. Wheeling.
NWIU. S. S. Whipple.
NWKU. S. S. Wilmington.
NWLU. S. S. Walke.
NWMU. S. S. Wisconsin.
NWNU. S. S. Wolverine.
NWPU. S. S. Worden.
NWQU. S. S. Wyoming.
NXS. S. Northland.
NXBU. S. S. Yankton.
NXCU. S. S. Yantic.
NXDU. S. S. Yorktown.
NYNew York, N. Y. (42 Broadway).
NYS. S. M. F. Plant.
NYS. S. St. Helens.
NZWWellington, New Zealand.
N2Tug Fearless.
OAS. S. Hamilton.
OAHS. S. Sophia Hohenberg.
OATS. S. Tufie Hohenberg.
OBS. S. Princess Anne.
OCS. S. Jamestown.
ODS. S. Jefferson.
OGS. S. Madison.
OHXNew York City. (Herald ship news office).
OKAS. S. Atlanta.
OKCS. S. Columbia.
OKFS. S. Francesca.
OKYS. S. Kayo Maru.
OLDOlinda, Pernambuco, Brazil.
OMS. S. Monroe.
OPS. S. A. W. Perry.
ORU. S. Artillery harbor tug Gen. A. M. Randol.
OSS. S. Eastern States.
OVS. S. Olivette.
OWS. S. Mascotte.
OWS. S. Eastern.
OWBerlin, Germany.
OXS. S. Halifax.
OXOxford, Germany.
OZS. S. Miami.
O2S. S. San Jose.
PNew York City. (Hotel Plaza).
PIsle of Pines, Cuba.
PALS. S. Prince Albert.
PAMS. S. Principesa Maria.
PBKetchikan, Alaska.
PCAstoria, Oreg.
PCLS. S. Princesse Clementine.
PDTampa, Fla.
PDFriday Harbor, Wash.
PDPunta Delgada, Argentine Republic.
PDKS. S. Peter de Conick.
PGPayo Obispo, Mexico.
PGDPoint Grey, British Columbia.
PHSan Francisco, Cal.
PHRS. S. Princess Henrietta.
PIAvalon, Catalina Island, Cal.
PIIsla Pinguin, Argentine Republic.
PIAFort Frank, P. I.
PIBFort Drumm, P. I.
PICFort Wint, P. I.
PIDFort William McKinley, P. I.
PJPoint Judith, R. I.
PJLos Angeles, Cal. (Examiner).
PJSan Pedro, Cal.
PJSS. S. Princess Josephine.
PKPorthcuno, Cornwall, England.
PKPeking, China (Italian embassy).
PLBS. S. Princess Elizabeth.
PMEureka, Cal.
PMS. S. Morgan.
PMPuerto Militar, Argentine Republic.
PMBPemba, Zanzibar.
PM5Pere Marquette car ferry No. 5.
PNAlpena, Mich.
PNKatalla, Alaska.
PNManila, P. I.
PNAPonta Negra, Brazil.
POFFremantle, West Australia.
POPPennant Hills, Sydney, Australia.
PPZKronstadt (Fort Menschikoff), Russia.
PQS. S. City of Chicago.
PQAS. S. Amsterdam.
PQBS. S. Brussels.
PQCS. S. Copenhagen.
PQDS. S. Dresden.
PQHS. S. Chelmsford.
PQLParkeston Quay, England.
PQMS. S. Munich.
PQOS. S. Colchester.
PQPS. S. St. Petersburg.
PQVS. S. Vienna.
PRNorth Vancouver, British Columbia.
PRDPrince Rupert, British Columbia.
PRKPetropavlovsk, Siberia.
PRRPennsylvania R. R. barge No. 707.
PSSan Francisco, Cal. (Presidio).
PSPort of Spain, Trinidad.
PTBSt. Petersburg, Russia.
PUS. S. Mobilla.
PVS. S. Providence.
PWVictoria, British Columbia.
P1S. S. Enterprise.
P2S. S. Hilonian.
P3S. S. Portland.
P4S. S. Col. E. L. Drake.
P5Standard Oil barge No. 93.
P7S. S. Buckman.
P8S. S. Watson.
P9S. S. Bertha.
QBluefields, Nicaragua.
QS. S. City of Taunton.
QAS. S. Larimer.
QBS. S. Oklahoma.
QBMWhitehall, London.
QBVAberdeen, England.
QCBarge Shenango.
QDS. S. Dorchester.
QDHAlderney, England.
QES. S. Essex.
QFS. S. J. M. Guffey.
QGS. S. Grecian.
QHS. S. Berkshire.
QIS. S. Itasca.
QJS. S. Howard.
QKS. S. Fredrick.
QKWashington, D. C.
QLS. S. Kershaw.
QMS. S. Merrimac.
QNS. S. Juanita.
QOS. S. Ligonier.
QPS. S. Powhatan.
QRAntwerp, Belgium.
QRS. S. Persian.
QSS. S. Suwanee.
QUS. S. Nantucket.
QVS. S. Quantico.
QWS. S. Winifred.
QXS. S. Lexington.
QZS. S. Cretan.
Q1S. S. Indian.
Q2S. S. Ontario.
Q3S. S. Parthian.
Q4S. S. Somerset.
Q5S. S. Alleghany.
Q7S. S. Tuscan.
Q9S. S. New Orleans.
RReggio, Italy.
RACS. S. Algerie.
RBS. S. Governor Cobb.
RCS. S. Camden.
RCLightship Recalada, La Plata River, Argentine Republic.
RCAU. S. revenue cutter Algonquin.
RCBU. S. revenue cutter Bear.
RCDU. S. revenue cutter Androscoggin.
RCEU. S. revenue cutter Seneca.
RCFU. S. revenue cutter Snohomish.
RCGU. S. revenue cutter Gresham.
RCHU. S. revenue cutter McCulloch.
RCIU. S. revenue cutter Itasca.
RCJU. S. revenue cutter Woodbury.
RCKU. S. revenue cutter Tahoma.
RCLU. S. revenue cutter Tuscarora.
RCMU. S. revenue cutter Mohawk.
RCNU. S. revenue cutter Manning.
RCOU. S. revenue cutter Onondaga.
RCPU. S. revenue cutter Apache.
RCRU. S. revenue cutter Rush.
RCSU. S. revenue cutter Seminole.
RCTU. S. revenue cutter Thetis.
RCUU. S. revenue cutter Acushnet.
RCWU. S. revenue cutter Windom.
RCYU. S. revenue cutter Yamacraw.
RDS. S. Belfast.
RFARufisque, Senegal.
RFRS. S. France.
RFSS. S. Formosa.
RGRio Grande, Argentine Republic.
RGDS. S. Earl Gray.
RHS. S. Harvard.
RIFS. S. Ile-de-France.
RIOS. S. Russie.
RITS. S. Italio.
RJTug Relief.
RJRio de Janeiro, Brazil.
RJDCleethorpes, Brazil.
RJIRijo, Brazil.
RKS. S. Roosevelt.
RKBS. S. Ashtabula.
RLAS. S. Plata.
RLVS. S. Luis Vives.
RMFColon, Panama.
RMUS. S. Mustapha.
RNS. S. Puritan.
RNS. S. Calvin Austin.
RNAS. S. Atrato.
RNDS. S. Magdalena.
RNHNew Haven, England.
RNJS. S. Nile.
RNKS. S. Clyde.
RNMS. S. Thames.
RNOS. S. Orinoco.
RNQS. S. Ortona.
RNRS. S. Trent.
RNUS. S. Oruba.
RNXS. S. Berbice.
ROIsle Royal, Mich.
ROBBassein, India.
ROCRio Branco, Brazil.
ROCCalcutta, India.
RODDiamond Island, Burma.
ROGMergui, India.
ROITable Island, Andaman Islands.
ROMS. S. Romania.
ROPPort Blair, Burma.
ROSSandheads, India.
ROTVictoria Point, Burma.
RPS. S. Premier.
RPS. S. Richard Peck.
RPDS. S. La Rapide.
RPPS. S. Pampa.
RPVS. S. Provence.
RQS. S. I. J. Merritt.
RQNCulver Cliff, England.
RQWDover, England.
RRXRixhoft, Germany.
RSS. S. Rescue.
RSPinar del Rio, Cuba.
RSBS. S. Sidi Brahim.
RSNS. S. Espagne.
RSTRost, Norway.
RUPort Arthur, Tex.
RVS. S. Governor Dingley.
RWU. S. Artillery harbor tug Capt. Rowell.
RXMexican cable ship Relay.
RYS. S. Yale.
RZARaza Island, Brazil.
R2S. S. City of Para.
SAS. S. United States.
SAFort Sam Houston, Tex.
SABSabang, Sumatra.
SAGS. S. Argyllshire.
SALS. S. Salvor.
SATS. S. Satellite.
SBAS. S. Birma.
SCS. S. Indiana.
SCS. S. Tasco.
SCS. S. J. B. Stetson.
SCWashington, D. C. (Signal Corps Laboratory).
SCCS. S. Chicago Maru.
SCDS. S. Canada Maru.
SCFS. S. J. F. Tietgen.
SCHScheveningen, Holland.
SCQFelixstowe, England.
SDSanto Domingo City, Santo Domingo.
SDS. S. Centralia.
SEAS. S. Esthonie.
SEES. S. Empress.
SEIS. S. Invicta.
SEOS. S. Onward.
SEQS. S. The Queen.
SEVS. S. Victoria.
SFSan Francisco, Cal.
SGS. S. Norwood.
SHSault Ste. Marie, Mich.
SKS. S. Kilburn.
SKS. S. Oceana.
SKDCape Lazo, British Columbia.
SKESkegness, England.
SKTS. S. Kasato Maru.
SLAS. S. Litunia.
SMS. S. Sierra.
SMSan Martin, Argentine Republic.
SMDSenna Madureira, Brazil.
SMGPonta Delgado, San Miguel, Azores.
SMPWindmill Hill, Gibraltar.
SMXS. S. Mexico Maru.
SNSantiago de Cuba, Cuba.
SNS. S. Nome City.
SNABarge Shenango.
SNDS. S. Wm. P. Snyder.
SNGShanghai, China.
SNJS. S. Schoonmaker.
SNWS. S. Wilpen.
SOESorvaagen, Norway.
SORS. S. King Oscar II.
SOSDistress call.
SPCabo San Pio, Argentine Republic.
SPCHorsea, England.
SPMS. S. Panama Maru.
SQS. S. Puritan.
SRNS. S. Russia.
SRTMonte Serrat, Brazil.
SSPS. S. Shropshire.
SSTS. S. Seattle Maru.
STS. S. Fort Bragg.
STAS. S. Tacoma Maru.
STDS. S. Stanley.
STFS. S. Foam.
STMSanta Maria, Azores.
SUS. S. Redondo.
SVSavannah, Ga.
SVS. S. Roosevelt.
SVASuva, Figi Islands.
SWBurrwood, Southwest Pass, La.
SWS. S. Williamette.
SYS. S. Yosemite.
SZAS. S. Prinses Juliana.
SZHS. S. Prins Hendrick.
SZMS. S. Mecklenberg.
SZRS. S. Konigin Regentes.
SZUS. S. Oranje Nassau.
SZWS. S. Konigin Wilhelmina.
S2S. S. City of Sydney.
S2Seattle, Wash.
TACS. S. America Maru.
TAFAjaccio, Corsica.
TAVTaveuni, Figi Islands.
TBS. S. Ceiba.
TBNIpswich, England.
TBSLa Valetta, Malta.
TBYS. S. Bayo Maru.
TCFCherbourg, France.
TCYS. S. Chiyo Maru.
TDFDunkerque, France.
TFPRabat, Morocco.
THDPembroke, England.
THMTobermory, Scotland.
THNS. S. Hongkong Maru.
TKQPortland Bill, England.
TLDTriangle Island, British Columbia.
TLFLorient, France.
TLKPort Patrick, England.
TMCS. S. America Maru.
TMOTjomo, Norway.
TMPRame Head, England.
TNS. S. Tennessee.
TNTientsin, China.
TNFToulon, Mourilon, France.
TNPS. S. Nippon Maru.
TOFOran, Algeria.
TOGSouth coast of Tobago.
TPPCasablanca, Morocco.
TQFBrest, France.
TQMRosyth, England.
TRS. S. Rosina.
TRFRochefort, France.
TTYS. S. Tenyo Maru.
TUBerlin, Germany.
TVS. S. Joseph Vacarro.
TVKKiel, Germany (torpedo station).
TVPScilly Islands, England.
TWPTangier, Morocco.
TWQPortland, England.
TWTNew York, N. Y. (111 Broadway).
TYPMogador, Morocco.
TZFBizerta, Tunis.
T2Tacoma, Wash.
UBLBoulogne, France.
UBMS. S. Berwindmoor.
UBOS. S. Bayardo.
UBVS. S. Berwindvale.
UCFBelize, British Honduras.
UCGPuerto Barrios, Guatemala.
UCJSanta Marta, Columbia.
UCLS. S. Ucayali.
UCOS. S. Calypso.
UCXS. S. Sixaola.
UDS. S. Lansing.
UDCS. S. Coppename.
UDSS. S. Sun.
UDWS. S. Marowijine.
UERama, Nicaragua.
UEAS. S. Ceiba.
UEBS. S. Yoro.
UFAS. S. Ellis.
UFBS. S. Preston.
UFCGeneral call for United Fruit Co. stations.
UFDS. S. Parismina.
UFFS. S. Abangarez.
UFGS. S. Cartago.
UFHS. S. Heredia.
UFIS. S. Titives.
UFJS. S. Carrillo.
UFKS. S. Turrialba.
UFLS. S. Esparta.
UFLS. S. Planeta.
UFMS. S. Atenas.
UFNS. S. Almirante.
UFOFort d'Eau, Algeria.
UFOS. S. Francisco.
UFRS. S. Metapan.
UFSS. S. Torbay Scout.
UFUS. S. Limon.
UFWS. S. San Jose.
UFYS. S. Santa Marta.
UFZS. S. Zacapa.
UGS. S. Admiral Schley.
UGS. S. Washtenaw.
UGOS. S. Galileo.
UHUsuaia, Argentine Republic.
UHBS. S. Highland Brae.
UHCS. S. Highland Corrie.
UHCS. S. Imperator.
UHDS. S. Dictator.
UHFS. S. Herman Frasch.
UHGS. S. I. D. Fletcher.
UHGS. S. Highland Glen.
UHIS. S. Highland Pipe.
UHKS. S. Highland Loch.
UHLS. S. Highland Laddie.
UHMS. S. Mariette di Giorgio.
UHPS. S. Highland Pride.
UHRS. S. Highland Rover.
UHSS. S. Highland Scot.
UHWS. S. Highland Warrior.
UHWS. S. Esconidido.
UIOS. S. Idaho.
UJCape San Antonio, Cuba.
UJAS. S. Johan Bryde.
UJAS. S. Acre.
UJBS. S. Sergipe.
UJCS. S. Orion.
UJDS. S. Aymore.
UJES. S. Satellite.
UJFS. S. Javarz.
UJGS. S. Bahia.
UJHS. S. Marnhao.
UJIS. S. Olinda.
UJKS. S. Brazil.
UJMS. S. San Salvadore.
UJNS. S. Goyaz.
UJOS. S. Para.
UJOS. S. Axopock.
UJPS. S. Saturno.
UJQS. S. Manaos.
UJRS. S. Jupiter.
UJSS. S. Prudente Moraes.
UJVS. S. Cearea.
UJWS. S. Florianapolis.
UJXS. S. Ixis.
UJYS. S. Alagoas.
UJZS. S. Sirio.
UKS. S. Oleum.
UKJS. S. Victoria.
ULAS. S. Huallaga.
ULBRio de Janeiro, Brazil.
ULCS. S. Persia.
ULOS. S. Buffalo.
UMS. S. Guantanamo
UMS. S. Santa Maria.
UMDS. S. Druid.
UMOS. S. Marengo.
UNS. S. Roma.
UNS. S. Whittier.
UNS. Y. Unomee.
UNICros de Cagnes, France.
UOSOuissant, France.
UPAS. S. Prince Albert.
UPGS. S. Prince George.
UPJS. S. Prince John.
UPQPorquerolles, France.
UPRS. S. Prince Rupert.
UQCPorto Barrios, Guatemala.
URDSanta Marta, Columbia.
URGS. S. Noruega.
USSwan Island, off Honduras.
USS. S. Santa Rita.
USDEstevan, British Columbia.
USKS. S. Eskimo.
USMSt. Marie de la Mer, France.
USVS. S. St. Vincent.
UVS. S. Admiral Dewey.
UVS. S. Argyll.
UVDS. S. Verdi.
UVLS. S. Voltaire.
UVRS. S. Vasari.
UVXS. S. Byron.
UVYS. S. Tennyson.
UWS. S. Admiral Farragut.
UWS. S. Pectan.
UWAS. S. Roseric.
UWBS. S. Kumeric.
UWCS. S. Luceric.
UWDS. S. Orteric.
UWES. S. Suveric.
UWKS. S. San Paulo.
UWNS. S. Minas Geraes.
UWRS. S. Rio de Janeiro.
UXSS. S. Texas.
U2S. S. Lurline.
VSan Giovanni, Italy.
VAS. S. Apache.
VBS. S. Arapahoe.
VCS. S. Comanche.
VDSS. Y. Vanadis.
VDVS. S. Ville de Douvres.
VFS. S. Iroquois.
VFMSheerness, England.
VGS. S. Algonquin.
VIS. S. Seminole.
VKS. S. Cherokee.
VLWyl Lightship, Denmark.
VMS. S. Mohawk.
VNS. S. Huron.
VSDVictoria, B. C.
V2Victoria, B. C.
V2S. S. Pennsylvania.
WAS. S. China.
WANAno Neuvo, New Year's Island, Argentine Republic.
WBS. S. W. B. Davock.
WBS. S. Beaver.
WBS. S. Persia.
WBWiborg, Russia.
WBABuenos Aires, Argentine Republic.
WCS. S. Morro Castle.
WCVCabo Virgines, Argentine Republic.
WDS. S. Bear.
WDBayonne, N. J.
WDS. S. Walter Adams.
WES. S. City of Lowell.
WES. S. Manchuria.
WENValparaiso, Chile (naval station).
WFAFormosa, Argentine Republic.
WFTValparaiso, Chile (Playa Ancha).
WGS. S. Seguranca.
WHS. S. Havana.
WHMS. S. Wm. Henry Mack.
WKS. S. Korea.
WLSLas Salinas, Chile.
WNS. S. Mongolia.
WNWilsons Point, Conn.
WNWellington, New Zealand.
WOS. S. Santiago.
WPS. S. Antilla.
WPMPuerto Militar, Bahia Blanca, Argentine Republic.
WQEastport, Me.
WQS. S. City of Traverse.
WRSRio Santiago, Argentine Republic.
WSNew London, Conn.
WSS. S. Western States.
WSS. S. Saratoga.
WTS. S. Asia.
WTATalacahuano, Chile.
WUS. S. Camaguey.
WUS. S. Siberia.
WUHUsuaia, Argentine Republic.
WVS. S. Persia.
WVS. S. Vigilancia.
WXS. S. Mexico.
WYS. S. Monterey.
WYMotor yacht Sea Otter.
WZS. S. Esperanza.
W2S. S. Tacoma.
XU. S. Artillery harbor tug Reno.
XPort Limon, Costa Rico.
XAS. S. Hendrick Hudson.
XAS. S. Arizona.
XAS. S. City of Philadelphia.
XBS. S. City of Wilmington.
XBS. S. Robert Fulton.
XCS. S. C. W. Morse.
XCS. S. Columbia.
XDS. S. Adirondack.
XEYCerritoa de Sinaloa, Mexico.
XFS. S. Florida.
XGS. S. Alabama.
XKS. S. Virginia.
XKS. S. Alaska.
XMS. S. Mindora.
XNS. S. J. L. Lawrence.
XNS. S. City of Norfolk.
XOS. S. City of Baltimore.
XPXcalac, Mexico.
XQS. S. Louise.
XQS. S. Quick Step.
XRHSan Rosalie de la Baja, Mexico.
XSJSan Jose del Cabo, Mexico.
XWS. S. Jos. Wharton.
X2S. S. Aztec.
YAS. S. S. V. Luckenbach.
YAS. S. Paraguay.
YAS. S. Thalia.
YAKS. S. Aki Maru.
YAWS. S. Awa Maru.
YDS. S. Toledo.
YIBS. S. Inaba Maru.
YIYS. S. Iyo Maru.
YKGS. S. Kaga Maru.
YKMS. S. Kamakura Maru.
YNS. S. Illinois.
YSDS. S. Sado Maru.
YSKS. S. Sanuki Maru.
YSNS. S. Shinano Maru.
YTBS. S. Tamba Maru.
YTGS. S. Tango Maru.
YTSS. S. Toso Maru.
ZBS. S. Ossabow.
ZKS. S. Ogeechee.
ZMS. S. Satilla.
ZQS. S. Altamaha.
ZSRS. Y. Sunrise.
ZUS. S. Ocmulgee.
ZUS. S. Nederland.
15Pere Marquette No. 15.
17Pere Marquette No. 17.
18Pere Marquette No. 18.
19Pere Marquette No. 19.
20Pere Marquette No. 20.