Telephony, April 13, 1912, page 482:
A  Telephone  Float  in  an  Industrial  Parade.
    Recently the merchants of Wilmington, Delaware, celebrated the installation of a new tungsten street lighting system in which the old wooden poles and arc lamps were replaced with ornamental iron posts to support the tungten clusters.
    As part of the celebration, a parade was arranged by the Wilmington & Philadelphia Traction Co. in co-operation with the merchant's association. The Wilmington Automatic Telephone Co., which is owned and controlled by the traction company, was represented in the parade by the float which is shown in the illustration. Along the route of the parade, demonstrations were given on the float of the automatic telephone and the Telmusici services. In Wilmington music is furnished over the telephone wires from a central station by the Telmusici company. It is said to be the only city in which this service can be had.
Tel-Musici Float