Oakland Tribune, November 18, 1913, page 18:


    The acquisition of the rights and territory of the entire western half of the United States, and the greater part of southwestern Canada, by the Pacific Telephone Herald Company, 1741 Franklin streets, means that this city is to be the headquarters of one of the largest corporations in the country.
    By this business deal, the company becomes the parent company of Western American.
    The "telephone herald" is the invention of a Hungarian electrical engineer and transmits to the subscribers by special wires, news of the world in brief, concerts, operatic performances and solos by the artists of the world, in the natural voice of the speaker or singer.
    By the signing of contracts today, the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company has agreed to lease wires and other facilities to the new company.
    J. W. Gilkyson, division commercial superintendent of the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company, and E. A. von Hasslocher, vice-president, and J. B. Lanktree, secretary, of the telephone herald company, signed the contracts, which become effective at once.