In this short review, the individual serving as Secretary and Treasurer for the Oregon Telephone Herald is said to be "P. W. le Mown". However, in the 1913 Polks Portland City Directory, "F. M. Le Monn" is listed as the firm's Secretary and Treasurer, so there is some question about this individual's name.
Los Angeles Times, January 7, 1913, page II5:

    P. W. le Mown, secretary and treasurer of the Oregon Telephone Herald Company and owner of practically all of the western rights to the arrangement which by private 'phone transmits the news of the day, amusement of the theaters and harmony of the operas to the people in their own homes, is in the city. "This a wonderful mechanism was invented in Hungary, and for years a system has been in operation in Budapest and in other European metropolitan centers," he said. "Within the past five years it has had its first introduction in America, and during the last year more than 10,000 Portland residents have installed the service." Le Mown is staying at the Alexandria, registered from Portland.