Vancouver (British Columbia) World, March 6, 1913, page 27:

     Business  Chances     
TE LECTROPHONE, or combined talking newspaper and amusement purveyor, know as the TELEPHONE  HERALD  SYSTEM, has recently been patented in the United States and Canada and the territorial rights have been sold or associate companies are being organized for New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, Portland, Or.; Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane. Telephone Herald System is known in London as the ELECTROPHONE, in Paris as the THEATREPHONE, and in Budapest as TELEFON-Hirmondo, where it has been in successful operation for the past dozen years and is reported to be earning large dividends. Want a business man able to invest $5000 to $10,000 as a partner, or will sell outright Vancouver or British Columbia; Portland company contracted in three months over 5000 installations; San Francisco in six weeks contracted over 12,500 installations. Conservative business men of means by their investments are proving that Telephone Herald is a most attractive dividend-paying proposition. For particulars address F. M. LeMonn, Multnomah Hotel, Portland, Or.