Journal of the Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Chicago, Illinois, Volume 76:

Regular Meeting, Monday, October 5, 1914


CHICAGO, October 5, 1914.
To the Honorable Carter E. Harrison, Mayor, and the Aldermen in City Council Assembled:
    GENTLEMEN--I take pleasure in submitting herewith a report of the Telephone Bureau of the Department of Public Service, showing its purposes, a general survey of the work accomplished since its establishment and a discussion of the work now on hand.
Respectfully  submitted,            
(Signed)                         M. FERRY,    
Commissioner of Public Service.

Page 1467 (in the Annual Report of the Department of Gas and Electricity, City of Chicago, this information appeared under the heading "Chicago Musolophone Company"):
    The question as to whether the Illinois Telephone & Telegraph Co. is violating the terms of its franchise by allowing music service to be transmitted over their wires by allowing an improved transmitting attachment to be used in connection therewith was brought up in a complaint made by a prominent news bureau which protested that the music interferred with the news service. After carefully ascertaining the facts and obtaining legal opinions from both parties, the matter was submitted to the Corporation Counsel who has held that there is no violation. The company, however, discontinued the music service.