New York Tribune, November 28, 1918, page 8:

The  Ad-Visor
        This department is engaged in separating the sheep of advertising, and of the service which backs up advertising, from the goats--and hanging a bell on the goats. It invites letters describing experiences--pleasant or unpleasant--with advertisers, whether they be manufacturers, retail stores or public service corporations. It will print those letters which seem to show most typically how an advertiser's deeds square with the words of his advertising. Only signed letters, giving the writer's address, will be read. The name will be printed or withheld, as preferred. Address: The Ad-Visor, The Tribune, New York.

    I have read with a great deal of interest your results of investigations upon request of readers of your valued newspaper, which is cetainly doing yeoman work in the world of advertising, and take this opportunity to ask of you a favor.
    About ten or more years ago I bought some stock from a newly organized company by the name of "United States Telephone Herald Company." I have repeatedly made efforts to locate it, but all in vain.
    What I would like to know is whether this company was merely a fake, or not, whether it now exists, and if so, where the present location of its office is in New York or vicinity, and the value, if any, of the stock issued by it. I would greatly appreciate a report in detail.
HARRY  WEISS.        

    The United States Telephone Herald Company, incorporated with an authorized capital of $1,000,000 at par value of $10, was organized for the purpose of establishing a phonographic telephone scheme. The scheme was impracticable and, in our opinion, the stock at this time is of no value.
25 shares of United States Telephone Herald stock