Syracuse (New York) Herald, March 30, 1919, page 17:
Pocket  Phone  a  Godsend  to  Friend  Hubby

Will  Soon  Be  Able  to  Announce  Delay  to  Dinner  From  Anywhere.

street illustration     Put your hand in your pocket and get a "Hello."
    They're going to have pocket telephones and you can put your hand in your pocket and tell your wife that you won't be home to dinner while you're running for a train.
    Godfrey Isaacs, managing director of the Marconi company, foresees the day of pocket telephones, wireless of course, for it wouldn't be nice to have to hitch yourself to a telephone pole with a wire.
    Mr. Isaacs expects to have a commercial service of wireless telephones in operation in New York and London by next year.
    He hopes to make arrangements with New York and London companies so British and American wireless phone subscribers can sit at their desks and "Hello, London" or "Hello, New York."
    But the pocket phone is the thing that is coming. When you're walking along the street and a bell rings in your pocket all you gotta do is take out the phone and here the wife say:
    "You'll be home early, dear, won't you?"
    And you phone back the old answer.

Godsend  To  The  Boss.

    And about the time you've shaken the office and think the boss won't bother you any more, the bell will ring in your pocket and you'll be called back for something, dern it.
    Mr. Isaacs is serious about this pocket phone plan and it promises to revolutionize business. You can conceive, yourself, how convenient and inconvenient it would be.
    It is expected that all airplanes will be compelled to carry wireless phone outfits and you may get a phone call in your pocket from some airplane, wherein your wife is out riding, telling you to put the potatoes on for dinner. Oh, it'll be a great age, the Pocket Phone age. It will indeedy.